This page provides you with the answers to the most common questions buyers and publishers may have while using Adsy. Please check them and contact our support team at contact@adsy.com if you can’t find the answer you need.

Buyer's Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

If you are interested in your website promotion, you need to sign up first. As soon as you do that, you will land on the "Search for publishers" section. There you can choose a publisher who will either place your content on their website or create content in compliance with all your requirements and then place it.

You will also be notified about your $15 welcome bonus at Adsy which you can get by topping up your balance within 4 hours after the registration.

You can find the detailed instructions on how to work with Adsy in this tutorial.

What is a buyer bonus?

Buyers can get a $15 bonus if they top up their account within four hours after registration. The bonus works as a $15 discount for your future orders.

Please note that you cannot withdraw this $15 from your account.

How do I choose a publisher?

Use filters to get a list of the most relevant websites. There are thirteen handy filters to help you with this goal.

Start from metrics like DA and DR to ensure you are getting backlinks from authority sources. Continue with filters like monthly traffic, and links. Set your GEO preferences by picking a language and country.

Decide what service type you need - content placement or content creation and placement. After this, choose if you want your posts to be marked as sponsored or not. Also, you can select a precise price range you are interested in.

To see detailed information about every website, press the three dots on your right.

How do a mini-post, an article, and a long article differ?

Those are the content types available to order from publishers:

  • Mini-post has up to 300 words and 1 hyperlink. Use it if you want to involve your target audience in discussion. Though it's good for social engagement, a big number of short posts may be bad for search engine rankings. That is why try not to make too many of them.
  • Article has from 300 to 1000 words and up to 2 hyperlinks. These middle-sized posts usually generate more shares on social media. It is also the perfect size to get more backlinks.
  • Long article has more than 1000 words and up to 3 hyperlinks. As a rule, this type of content gets higher rankings on search engines and generates more organic traffic. Such articles are considered authoritative because they contain in-depth information with thorough analysis.
What is the completion rate?

The completion rate is a special metric that is calculated for publishers. It’s a percentage that ranges from 0% to 100%.

The completion rate is calculated for a year (12 months). We will divide each year into quarters (that do not necessarily match the accounting quarters) and multiply each by the special coefficient. The closer the quarter to the current date is, the more important (or weighty) it is.

Completion rate = Tasks completion in the Q1*Q1 Coefficient+Tasks completion in the Q2*Q2 Coefficient+Tasks completion in the Q3*Q3 Coefficient+Tasks completion in the Q4*Q4 Coefficient

What’s essential, the completion rate is calculated separately for each site. That said, if a publisher has five sites, it won’t be an average number for all their sites. We will do the math for each source.

Also, you can notice that there are two completion rate numbers next to each site (e.g., 50%-78%). That shows the lowest and the highest measure for the particular site.

The completion rate is not affected by the following:

  • tasks declined by the buyer before they moved to the “In Progress” status,
  • tasks declined by the publisher with a reason marked as "Task falls into a forbidden category: gambling, casino, betting, ICO, etc."

Also, we will calculate an average completion rate. It will be counted as an average completion rate for each site in the publisher's account (publisher basis). This metric will be available to view in the publisher's account when you click the performer's name during the "Available performers for your task on" choice.

How do I create a task?

After you have chosen the site(s), click the "Buy Post" button. If there are more than one publisher ready to take on your order, you can pick one of them before you create your task.

You will be asked to create a task specifying all the necessary information. The moment you send it, the task is delivered to a publisher who can accept and start working on it or reject it. Task payment is transferred from your main balance to your reserved balance once you send the task.

What is TAT?

TAT stands for the turn around time. It shows an average time from the moment a publisher receives the task until it is sent for the buyer’s review. The metric is calculated as an average value from all the publisher’s tasks received for a specific site.

How are prices set?

All prices are set by publishers. Publishers themselves decide what types of service they are going to provide and set prices for them, and Adsy cannot influence them.

Please note that all prices are listed in Adsy credits. 1 credit equals 1 USD. You can purchase credits using any available payment method. Once Adsy credits are purchased, Adsy services are considered provided.

What does each task status mean?

Task status indicates the work stage of your task. To work with tasks and see task details, please click the "Details" button. At different stages of the work, your task's status will change. Here is what each status name means:

  • Draft:

    The task has been created but hasn't been sent to Publisher due to the lack of money on your Balance. As soon as you get enough funds, you'll be able to send the task to Publisher.

  • Publisher’s Acceptance:

    It is a new task pending the Publisher’s acceptance. It may take Publisher up to 3 working days to consider your offer. Once the task is sent to Publisher, task payment is transferred from your main balance to your reserved balance. Until the task is accepted you can reject it and then find it in the Rejected status.

  • In Progress:

    Task is in progress now. Starting from this stage you can communicate with the Publisher via messages to specify all the task details and solve all the work issues that may arise. To access the messages section please click the “envelope” icon near the "Details" button.

    You have the right to contact Adsy client support with a request to reject an assigned Publisher as a task performer if all the following conditions are met:

    • the task has been in progress for over 10 calendar days
    • Publisher does not respond to your messages
    • there are no signs that Publisher is working on the task
  • Your Approval:

    Task has been performed and sent for your approval. Please check it within 7 calendar days. Otherwise, it will be automatically approved by Adsy (if it meets all quality requirements). You can return the task to Publisher for improvement up to 3 times. After the third time, you are able to open a dispute. It means that the task will go for Adsy Administration arbitration.

  • Improvement:

    Task is being revised by Publisher. It may take Publisher up to 3 days to improve it.

  • Completed:

    Task was successfully completed. Task payment has been transferred from your reserved balance to Publisher’s main balance.

  • Rejected:

    Task has been rejected by you or by Publisher.

In addition, you can see the list of all your tasks by choosing the "All" tab in the status line.

Can I communicate with publishers?

Yes, you can communicate with publishers via messages after your task moves to the "In Progress" stage.

What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee you that the content is placed on Publisher's website with no alterations, and the URL you provided is present in the content.

What payment methods are available?

There are four payment methods available right now. The minimum amount of money you can add to your balance is 25 USD.

1. Make a top-up with credit cards

2. Make a top-up with PayPal

After the first payment with PayPal, a PayPal Express Checkout subscription is created. It will allow you to make payments without logging in to your PayPal account every time.

3. Make a top-up with cryptocurrencies

You can also pay manually using any of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ether (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • USD Digital (USD-D)

Note: We do not store any of your sensitive credit card information on our servers; it stays with our merchant processor, authorized by VISA and Mastercard.

If I am not satisfied with a task performed by a publisher, can I get a refund?

All purchases are final and non-refundable. Please try to find common ground with a publisher by sending your task back for improvement with your comments.

If you have done that, but your task is still performed improperly, you can request a dispute and ask for a refund. We will examine the situation, and if dispute is resolved in your favor, a refund will be made to your Buyer’s balance to be spent within the Adsy system.

What do different balance categories mean?

Main balance: Funds you have added through available payment methods.

Reserved balance: Funds that have been reserved as a task payment.

Bonus balance: Extra funds that may be added for social network shares or during promotion campaigns.

Can I order content only?

Yes, you can! If you require quality content only, refer to Adsy’s article writing service.

If you are a registered member, log in to your account and press the "Content purchase" tab. Hit the “Order Article” button to get started.

Adsy provides an easy content purchase opportunity thanks to the intuitive interface. Complete all the required fields (marked with asterisks). Offer further information by completing other fields. That lets the writer create top-notch content for you.

After you send the task to the copywriter, you can monitor the progress on the “Content purchase” tab.

If I want to monetize my website at Adsy, can I switch to the publisher role?

Yes, you can easily switch between Buyer and Publisher interfaces within one user account.

How can I manage my notification settings?

In order to manage your notification settings please go to your Account settings and click the "Notification settings" tab. There you can set your preferences regarding the notifications you get via email and phone.

What is a customized order?

Customized order has been designed for the situation when you can't find any suitable publishers in our inventory. In that case, all you need to do is to specify the characteristics of websites you are looking for in your customized order. And our expert will manually find websites that are not available in our inventory.

What do the “Content purchase” statuses mean?

Content purchase statuses indicate the work stage of your content order.

  • Draft - the task for content creation was created but not sent to a copywriter.

  • Copywriter’s Acceptance - Your article is pending the copywriter’s acceptance in this status.

  • In Progress - This status means the copywriter accepted your content purchase task. Copywriters can work up to five working days on your order. Then they send an article for your approval.

  • Your Approval - Here, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can accept the article if you enjoy everything you see. That moves the task to the “Completed” status. Secondly, you can ask for an article revision. You have five calendar days after you receive the article to send it for revision. There is one free revision option available. That moves the order to the “Improvement” status. Thirdly, you can reject the order. To learn more about the procedure, refer to the T&C’s title 4.18.3.

  • Improvement - This status means your article is sent to a copywriter to improve some points you’ve stated. The copywriter has three working days to amend your article.

  • Completed - In this status, you can find all successfully completed articles.

  • Rejected - In this status, you can see the articles rejected by you or by the copywriter.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can. Please go to your Account settings and click the “pencil” icon. After that, enter your current password and your new password. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot password?” hyperlink on the client authorization page.

Can I temporarily stop my open offer?

Yes, you can do that if you don’t need any more bids from publishers. The fastest way is to find the offer in the "Open Offers" section and click the “Pause” button next to the offer information. Similarly, you can review the offer by clicking the “More” button and pause the offer when reviewing it.

Can I use one open offer for several of my sites?

No, unfortunately, at the moment you can provide only one promoted URL in one open offer. Please create a separate open offer for a different website.

Can I choose several publishers for one open offer?

Yes, you can choose as many publishers as you want to work on the offer.

How do I follow the progress of my open offer?

When logged in, you can view the list of all your offers in the "Open Offers" section. Use filters to sort the offers, click the “More” button or the bids number to review the offer, see all the bids received for it, and act on them.

How can I create an open offer?

To create an open offer you need to go to the "Open Offers" section by using the left-side menu in your client panel and click the “Create open offer” button. On the “Create an open offer” page you need to specify the main requirements for this new offer.

  • First, decide whether you want the offer to be available to all the publishers at Adsy. Otherwise, choose the important parameters: DA, Category, Country, Language, etc.
  • Then, choose the price you are ready to pay for the task (use the “Approximate price” field for that) or agree to consider any prices suggested by publishers (using the respective field “Totally open for publishers’ offers”). Think of a name for your open offer to find it later, provide the URL of the site you are promoting, and choose the type of service (as usual, you can order content placement or content creation and placement).
  • Lastly, provide some main requirements for the offer, but avoid sending your content here, you’ll have an opportunity to attach it after having chosen the publishers. At this stage, you only need to shortly explain the work you expect publishers to perform.

You have an option to make the offer active immediately if you have a minimum of $25 on your balance and start receiving bids from publishers. Or you can put it off by unchecking the box at the bottom of the page. This way the offer will be created, but won’t be visible to publishers until you decide so.

What is an open offer?

Open offer is an offer you create for publishers who are ready to perform sponsored content services and match your criteria. It allows you to save time searching for relevant publishers, and, instead, to start getting sponsored content services on a regular basis. Once you create an open offer, you’ll start receiving publishers’ bids for it and will be able to choose those who suggest the most appropriate sites at the most appropriate prices.

What is a Security deposit?

Security deposit shows that a publisher is ready to reimburse a buyer if their guest post is edited or deleted after their approval.

If you see a publisher with a green shield sign, that means this performer has secured a minimum of $100 on the deposit balance.

Thanks to this, you can be sure you don’t lose your money in case the link is deleted.

What are Packages?

Packages allow you to build quality backlinks and spend minimum time and effort.

You have two main options to choose from - either pick “Based on DA/Traffic” or “Based on link type” packages.

In the first case, notice that you can select only ONE option. This way, you can use the DA priority tab in the package menu OR the Traffic priority tab. Set the metrics and type your requirements. After this, your dedicated manager will choose the best-fitting sites and confirm them with you.

You can also choose packages based on the link time. In this case, we can build various backlinks for you - from forums to Quora ones.

That said, you don’t need to spend your precious time looking for sites and communicating with performers. All you have to do is to give some main requirements and then receive & enjoy the result.

What is the Tasks with Initial Domain rate?

The metric “Tasks with initial domain” shows how often the posts are placed on the original domains publishers have assigned to the tasks.

The rate is calculated in percentages from 0% to 100%. The higher the percentage is the more trustworthy the publisher is.

“Tasks with initial domain” with a rate under 70% are in the red zone. Metrics with a rate that equals to or more than 70% and below 90% are in the orange zone. Metrics with a rate that equals to or more than 90% and equal to or below 100% are in the green zone.

Choose publishers whose metric is in the green zone.

Publisher's Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my website?

You have several options when it comes to adding a website. Follow these instructions to make the process hassle-free.

After you add a site you become a contributor. You can stay in this role and don’t confirm the site’s ownership - it won’t influence the site’s moderation process. Yet, if you want to confirm that you are a site owner, you can do this via two ways: 1) by adding a special file to your site’s root directory, or 2) by including a special code in the source code on your site’s main page (if the site’s ownership wasn’t confirmed by another publisher).

You can add one website or a list of sites.

If you proceed with a list, you MUST add every site’s URL on a new line. Otherwise, our system will be unable to check your sites correctly.

If you add a site’s list, you won’t see all the websites in the control panel immediately. That’s because we take the list for a review first. Based on the number of sites in the list the review process may take from a couple of minutes to a couple of days. Your sites will appear in the control panel one after another after passing a check. Once per day you’ll receive a letter with a number of the checked sites.

You will be able to add any amount of sites in a contributor role. Yet, only 100 of them will be visible to buyers. If you have added more, they will be on hold until you confirm your trustworthiness (by performing the tasks you receive from buyers).

To be available for a buyer to order, a site must be in the Approved and Active status. All the information regarding the site must be filled in as well.

As you add a site, you can fill in all the fields only if you are the first one to submit this website. Another possibility to do this is when you are confirming your ownership. In all other cases, the site will be pre-filled with some information shared by a contributor who first added the site or the site’s owner. And you won’t be able to edit this information.

What types of platforms can be added?

You can add websites or blogs to Adsy inventory. To do it, go to My platforms - My websites. Read “How to work with this page?” to learn more about this feature.

Additionally, you can add social media accounts by going to My platforms - My social media. Check “How it works” to learn more about this feature.

What are the requirements to websites?

Please note that we moderate all the websites manually so make sure your website meets all the requirements before adding it. Here is a list of requirements websites must meet:

  • Number of website pages indexed by Google must be no less than 50.
  • Age of domain must be no less than 6 months.
  • Domain Authority must be no less than 15.
  • The MOZ Spam Score of a website can be no more than 30%.
  • Free web-hosting is forbidden.
  • Website must have unique, readable and frequently updated content.
  • Only limited amount of website space can be covered with advertising, and it must not disturb website visitors. Website must not have any intrusive advertising, pop-ups, pop-unders, click-unders, etc.
  • Websites that violate the laws of the USA are forbidden.
  • Websites that violate copyrights are forbidden.
  • Websites that do not conform to the public moral and ethical standards are forbidden.
  • Forbidden website categories:
    • Adult
    • Dating
    • Gambling
    • Sports betting
    • Competitive to Adsy services
    • Marketplaces
    • Binary options
    • Hacking, warez, cheat codes, unlicensed software
    • Occult and magical services
    • Sale of fakes
    • Smoking, cigarettes, tobacco, etc.
    • Alcohol
    • Weapon, arms, armament
    • Forums
    • Announcement marketplaces
    • Fraudulent activities
    • Financial pyramids
    • Forex trading
    • Medical websites without valid licences provided
    • Pharmaceutical goods, including, but not limited to dietary supplements, drugs, herbs, vitamins, sports nutrition, etc.

Moderation decision can be changed by Administration after website has been approved or rejected. Website can be rejected after previous approval if its quality has deteriorated, and it is no longer in conformity with existing moderation rules.

What do sites' statuses mean?

Pending specification - this means you need to provide more information about your site. You can do this by pressing the “Edit” button,

Pending moderation - while in this status, the site is awaiting to be reviewed for the compliance with Adsy's site requirements. (according to the clause # 5.21 of T&C),

Approved - this status means your site is visible to buyers and ready to get tasks from them,

Rejected - your sites appear here if they don’t meet the quality requirements,

On hold - that’s where your sites go when you surpass the 100 sites’ limit. This limit refers to the sites added in the contributor’s role. Hold will be gradually lifted when the contributor proves their ability to complete tasks and publish content on the added sites.

What should I do to confirm my website ownership?

There are two options to verify your website. The first one is to download a file and add it to your website root directory. The second one is to include our code in the source code anywhere on the main page of your website.

What types of services can I provide?

You can choose among 2 service types or provide both of them:

  • Content placement:

    Choose this service type if you are not ready to create content by yourself and you want to place buyer’s content on your website.

  • Content creation and placement:

    Choose it if you are eager to write articles according to buyer’ requirements and place them on your website. You can also determine what content types you are going to create:

    • Mini-post (up to 300 words and 1 hyperlink)
    • Article (from 300 to 1000 words and up to 2 hyperlinks)
    • Long article (more than 1000 words and up to 3 hyperlinks)
Who sets prices?

You are the one who sets prices for the services you provide. Please set reasonable prices taking into account all the important quality characteristics of your website such as DA, Alexa Traffic Rank, monthly website traffic, etc.

What are the differences between the contributor and site owner roles?

Contributor is a role you automatically get after you add a site or a list of sites. The websites’ number is not limited. Yet, only the first 100 of them will become available to buyers if you are in the contributor role. We will check and gradually lift the limit when you prove your ability to complete the tasks (by publishing content on the added sites).

You can also edit information about the sites you’ve added. Yet, notice that you will have limited access to this function. If the site was added before you or has an owner, you won’t be able to make some changes.

Site owner is a role that you need to select on your own. As soon as you add sites, you get the contributor role. To change it, go to “My platforms” and see the confirmation status - it will say “Contributor.” Click the link and follow the instructions that will appear in the new window.

Please note, if the site has a confirmed owner, the website ownership verification option will be closed.

After you confirm the site’s ownership, you get extended rights over the site. You will be able to make any edits to it. Also, buyers have more trust when they are working with site owners. So, this role gives you better chances to get tasks or win the bids in the “Open offers.”

What does each task status mean?

Task status indicates the work stage of your task. To work with tasks and see task details please click the "Details" button. While being worked on, your task moves from one status to another. Here is the explanation of each status name:

  • Your Acceptance:

    Task offer is pending your acceptance. Please accept or reject it within 3 working days. Task payment is added to your reserved balance at this stage.

  • In progress:

    Task is in progress. Please perform it and send it for the Buyer’s approval within 10 calendar days. Once the task is performed, please click the "For approval" button. You will be asked to insert the URL of your website page where you have placed the content from the task. Without providing the correct URL you will not be able to send the task for approval.

  • Buyer’s Approval:

    Task is pending Buyer’s approval. You have the right to contact Adsy client support with a request to approve the task in case if:

    • Buyer returns the task for improvement more than 3 times
    • Buyer fails to send you improvement details in more than 7 calendar days
  • Improvement:

    Task has been sent back to be revised by you. Please improve it within 3 days. The buyer can return you the task for improvement up to 3 times. After the third time, you will be able to request a dispute. It means that the task will go for Adsy Administration arbitration.

  • Completed:

    Task was successfully completed. Task payment has been transferred from your reserved balance to your main balance.

  • Rejected:

    Task has been rejected by you or by Buyer.

In addition, you can see the list of all your tasks by choosing the "All" tab in the status line.

Can I communicate with buyers?

Yes, you can communicate with buyers via messages. However, such an opportunity opens when your tasks move to the "In Progress" status.

How can I withdraw my money?

Withdrawals can be made to your PayPal account, Webmoney wallet or USDT (TRC20) address. Please note that withdrawals can be requested only for tasks with the "Completed" status (i.e. task that has been approved by Buyer).

Minimum payout is 60 USD.

Payments are usually made from the 1st to the 7th day of the current month or from the 15th to the 22nd day of the current month. Make sure to request your payment by the 1st* of the next month (to get your payment during the 1st-7th) or by the 15th* (to get your payment during the 15th-22nd).

*not including these dates

The following commissions apply when you make a withdrawal request:


You need to pay a 7.9% commission when you make a withdrawal request via PayPal. It consists of two parts:

  • 4% - this commission compensates your PayPal fee, which varies between 2.9%-6.4% and sometimes, even more, depending on the sum you withdraw. To save you at least part of these fees, Adsy will pay this fee during the payment process.

    Please note that PayPal states its fees to range between 2.9%-6.4%. In fact, after cross-border fees, flat-rate fees, and extra charges, it may rise to 4.5% and higher. The same 4% commission applies to all the other methods of withdrawal to cover the transaction fee.

  • 3.9% - the commission that ensures Adsy’s growth and improvement. Though your withdrawal sum is deducted by 7.9%, we receive only a part of it (as we pay 4% straight to PayPal).

    To maintain quality services at Adsy and develop the platform we have to introduce this small fee. Let’s imagine you’ve earned $100 with Adsy. Our commission will be only $100*3.9%=$3.9. And for this tiny charge, you get effective communication with buyers. Moreover, you save lots of time you waste on correspondence and arrangement adjustments when you work on your own.

    This is your investment into a more successful and efficient promotion of your business. Thank you for being with us.


  • 5.45% - this transaction commission applies if you decide to withdraw to your USDT address.

  • 3.9% - the fee for Adsy services will still be applied, if applicable.

The 3.9% commission applies to the publishers who’ve joined Adsy after August 1 (including) 2018. Those joining before that time only have an applicable commission (based on the chosen payment method) to cover the transaction fees.

What do different balance categories mean?

Main balance: Funds you have earned for completed tasks.

Reserved balance: Funds that have been reserved as a task payment.

Bonus balance: Extra funds that may be added for social network shares or during promotion campaigns.

If I want to promote my website at Adsy, can I switch to the buyer role?

Yes, you can easily switch between Buyer and Publisher interfaces within one user account.

How can I manage my notification settings?

In order to manage your notification settings please go to your Account settings and click the "Notification settings" tab. There you can set your preferences regarding the notifications you get via email and phone.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in your website monetization, you need to sign up first. After that, when a window asking you to choose between Buyer’s interface or Publisher’s interface pops up, click the "Publisher" button. You will land on the "Tasks" section.

However, you will not have any tasks from buyers unless you add at least one website. In order to do that please go to the "My Platforms" section and click the "Add website" button.

Get more information about how to get started in the tutorial.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can. Please go to your Account settings and click the “pencil” icon. After that, enter your current password and your new password. If you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot password?” hyperlink on the client authorization page.

What is a bid?

A bid is your intention to do the job specified in the open offer. Your bid always includes the site you will be using to perform an open offer and the price you request for the job.

Can I submit several of my sites for one open offer?

Yes, you can. If you have several sites that match buyer’s criteria, you’ll be able to bid for the offer with each of them.

How do I set my asking price correctly?

When bidding for an open offer you have two options. If a buyer sets an approximate price, you can bid a price that is close to it. And when a buyer is open to publishers’ offers, you can bid the price you think is appropriate. Keep in mind that a buyer will look for the best value for his money, so avoid setting too high prices if your site doesn’t show high-quality parameters.

What is an open offer?

Open offer is an offer created by Buyer that all publishers can see, and bid for it if they have qualified websites. An open offer is a bit different from a standard task at Adsy, as it allows you not to wait for buyers to send tasks directly to you, but to actively search for job opportunities.

How can I get my first (or more) orders?

First of all, we want to say that only buyers decide with what publishers to work. We cannot influence their decision and make them choose you as a performer for their tasks.

Yet, there are some ways to increase your chances of getting your first order or more orders:

    Add more sites. That will grow your chances of getting orders for at least one of your sites.
    Use the Open offers option. Then place your bid for an offer. The bid should be more beneficial than from other performers.
    Work on your completion rate. If you have a 70% or more rate, we will show your site in the Verified publishers section. The higher your completion rate is, the more attractive you are to buyers.
    Add your name and show great results. Fill in the form with your name as this helps you look more credible in buyers’ eyes. Also, make sure to perform your tasks timely and be polite when communicating with buyers as this ensures you get high ranking and great feedback.
    Improve your site’s metrics. Work on your site or blog to improve main metrics like DA or DR. Also, try growing the amount of monthly traffic you get.
    Revise your prices. Ensure your prices fit the metrics your site has.
    Add security deposit.This deposit shows buyers that you are ready to reimburse them if their links get edited or deleted. So, you become more attractive in buyers' eyes.

Do your best to show impressive performance. That will make you more attractive to buyers as, after all, it’s only up to them with whom to work.

When do I get my payment? I sent my request but still didn’t receive my money.

As you know, Adsy lets you withdraw money twice per month. You can find the mechanics and all the fees here.

Yet, we want to make everything as clear as possible. So, let’s give some examples. Imagine, it’s August now. That means there are two pay-out periods from the 1st to the 7th of August and from the 15th to the 22nd of August.

    You want to receive your payment from the 1st to the 7th of August. In this case, send us the withdrawal request from the 23rd to the 31st of July.
    You want to receive your payment from the 15th to the 22nd of August. In this case, send us the withdrawal request from the 8th to the 14th of August.

Send your request ONE TIME only for the chosen payment period. Your payment will arrive within the chosen period.

Even if you don’t see your payment exactly on the 15th day of the month, for example, do not worry. It can arrive on any date from the 15th to the 22nd day of the month.

Why was money from my balance deducted?

You noticed that the sum you earned for a certain task(s) was withdrawn from your balance. Firstly, check your inbox. Most probably, you received a letter that explains why we deducted money from your account.

The reason for deduction was that our system noticed that the URL(s) and/or anchors for your task(s) are missing on the provided task placement URL(s). As you can see, we ask you to restore the links within seven calendar days. You can also suggest site replacement if you cannot return the post or link live. Yet, do this via the “Offer replacements” option.

Please notice that we deduct the money from your balance temporarily. If you manage to restore the link(s) within the given time, you will receive your money back. If you fail to do this, the sum will be permanently transferred to the buyer’s balance.

Why should you improve your compilation rate?

The completion rate shows the percentage of your performed tasks. Here’s a detailed explanation of the completion rate meaning and peculiarities.

But why should you grow your rate? A high rate shows buyers that you responsibly perform all tasks. This way, they are sure you complete the task, keep all texts and links on the declared pages, and do everything timely.

Moreover, as soon as your completion rate becomes 70% and higher, you get to the “Verified publishers” list. It is Adsy’s list of the most trusted performers, and we recommend such publishers to buyers. That’s a chance for you to be a part of an elite club and receive more tasks from buyers.

When can I get money from the Reserved balance?

You can get your funds transferred from the Reserved to the Main balance as soon as you finish your task. With that said, perform your tasks timely and qualitatively to get them transferred to your Main balance as fast as possible.

As you have a minimum of $60 on your Main balance you can request a withdrawal.

What is a Security deposit?

Security deposit is a special fund you make to show buyers that you are ready to reimburse them if the guest post is edited or deleted after the buyer’s approval.

This deposit shows buyers you are a trustworthy performer. With its help, you become more attractive and have more chances to get a bigger number of tasks.

Moreover, we will add a special shield mark to show that you’ve made the “Security deposit” - so you stand out from other performers.

The minimum deposit amount is $100. You can make it by clicking the “Security deposit” button in the top right corner. Or you can go to the “Balance” tab on the menu and click the “Make the deposit” button.

*Please be aware that we will first deduct money from your main balance in case the link or a page is missing for the Task placement URL. The sum can be partially deducted from the security deposit only if you have insufficient funds. Refer to the "Security deposit" as 'frozen funds' that show your reliability to buyers. Anyway, if you decide to stop being our publisher we will return this deposit to you after we assure the links and content stays on the Task placement URL for at least three months.

Why was my account restricted?

If you see a message stating that “Your account has been temporarily restricted due to suspicious activity and/or ToS infringement (see clause 5.23)...,” most probably you run multiple accounts.

Adsy prohibits the use of more than one account attached to a publisher. Please notice that we only restrict the new incoming tasks. You still can work on the existing tasks and request withdrawals (if needed).

To avoid any possible restrictions, we kindly ask you to choose one account you’d like to work with and delete others. After this, your account will be resumed.

Why I didn't pass the moderation (why I don't see my site(s) in the inventory)

Your account hasn't passed moderation (in case your site doesn't have confirmed ownership):

  • Your site doesn't meet the requirements (clause 5.21 - 11 of Terms&Conditions)
  • Your site is deactivated
  • You haven't stated the price for your services
  • Your site's or account's metrics are: Tasks with Initial Domain & Price equal or lower than 50 OR Average Lifetime of Links equals or lower than 70 OR Completion Rate is lower than 20
  • Your account is on pause
What is the Contribution status?

As you submit your sites to Adsy your primary contribution status is a site owner. That means you need to confirm the site ownership. If you only have the right to publish content on a certain site you need to pass moderation to get the contributor status.

When you go to My platforms - My websites, you will see the Contributor status in the right upper corner. There will be a couple of possible options there:

  • Contributor status - Requires moderation. This status shows if you require moderation. If you have confirmed the site ownership, you don’t need one. If you want to continue working as a contributor, you need to pass moderation.
  • Contributor status - Successful. This status means you have successfully passed moderation and your site(s) will be added to the inventory.
  • Contributor status - Rejected. In this case, your sites won’t be shown in the inventory. See possible rejection reasons in FAQ.
  • Contributor status - In progress. Your account is being moderated. The moderation process might take up to five business days. You will receive an email notification once your status changes.

We advise you to fill in the moderation form very carefully and with full information to have a higher chance of successful moderation.

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