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Computers Gadgets Technology
last active 01.28.2018
DA: 60; DR: 60
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 93,055
Country: United States
Price: $35.71
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Business Career and Employment Culture
last active 07.06.2020
DA: 54; DR: 53
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 2,506
Country: United States
Price: $1142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
last active 03.07.2017
DA: 55; DR: 45
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 77,073
Country: United States
Price: $85.71
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Computers Internet Mobile
last active 02.28.2017
DA: 52; DR: 53
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 58,411
Country: United States
Price: $142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Food Home and Family Travelling
last active 03.15.2017
DA: 49; DR: 44
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 82,702
Country: United States
Price: $1428.57
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Business Finance Technology
last active 06.19.2021
DA: 59; DR: 48
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 434
Country: United States
Price: $14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden 
For Сhildren Home and Family Travelling
last active 06.17.2021
DA: 51; DR: 9
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 395
Country: United States
Price: $14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden 
last active 06.08.2021
DA: 66; DR: 43
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 19,069
Country: India
Price: $71.43
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Gadgets Internet Technology
last active 01.29.2020
DA: 60; DR: 47
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 52,077
Country: United States
Price: $142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Entertainment Fashion For Women
last active 05.21.2021
DA: 49; DR: 32
Language: Spanish
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 31,051
Country: Mexico
Price: $20.00

Professional link building is a process of referencing, accumulating multiple external links to promote a web resource. In many cases, you can find SEO link building services provided by professionals. However, you should bear in mind that link building is not simply a reference mass increase. Buying external links or SEO link building services on exchanges is not link building.

Link building has a wider meaning. Link building is a whole strategy of getting backlinks from quality resources and, if possible, from those that have not previously worked with SEO link building experts. This is why this process requires agility, patience, creativity, and consistency in execution. 

Let's say a webmaster simply builds up the reference mass by buying links on the exchange. As a result, it can show some inconsistencies between links and the domains from which the links are leading. Then the search engine itself can «deal» with such links simply not allowing such sites on their top result page. Link building, in this case, gives more guarantees of promotion, although it is more labor-intensive.

Link building is an integral part of business promotion and customer growth. The correct promotion of the site with links leading to certain websites can launch the web pages to the top and improve the company’s image. Our specialists know where to buy eternal links for quality promotion of your web resource.

Why can SEO link building service be useful for your business?

Linkbuilding is the build-up of a reference mass to improve the rating of a website in search engines. Reference promotion is the basis of a qualitative and stable result. It allows you to arrange search engines and provide relevant, voluminous, cheap, and constant traffic.

Any qualified SEO specialist will say with confidence that backward links to the site are necessary if you want to get to the top. Website positions are still heavily influenced by content and backlinks. Therefore, SEO link building service cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Of course, today, you can’t just buy thousands of links cheaply without paying attention to the quality of the sources. You only need to select the sites that will give you the relevant traffic. Which means potential customers. Leading a link building campaign that search engines would accept is not easy, but the task is achievable if you stick to proven methods.

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Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about
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Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic
as well as referral traffic.
Increased number
of customers
Direct sales and expanded target audience thanks to
creating and placing content on relevant resources.
Boosted amount
of referral traffic
Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about
your company on the most relevant websites.
on sites with traffic
Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic
as well as referral traffic.

Link building: what it is, strategies, examples, and methods

External optimization is a proven marketing tactic to increase brand recognition, which increases the probability that a website will have a high rating online.

Using an SEO link building service is considered one of the most effective SEO optimization methods. A link building specialist should be knowledgeable about content, programming, sales, and marketing.

Link building is helpful for:

  • Young brands with little recognition;
  • Companies operating in niches with high competition;
  • To improve recognition and search for ways to increase traffic for brands.

The view that the purchase of links on exchanges is equated with link-building is mistaken. Unlike purchasing external data, link enhancement is a routine and time-consuming process, as providers are selected manually. SEO link building on unsolicited, authoritative resources does not lead to search engine sanctions, as it mimics natural references to the business.

What makes link building successful:

  • Understanding the target audience and its needs;
  • Analysis of competitors' activities;
  • A sound promotion strategy;
  • Step-by-step progress;
  • Affordable selection of sites of authority;
  • Use of manual links.

The tactics of link building

First of all, it is essential to note that there is no single overall strategy for a successful link building SEO company. Because it is a creative process, linguistics combines several tactics. Each webmaster is free to choose their combination. Some of the tactics are:

1. Directories

Directories have an impact on link building, as it is still important to create backlinks to the site. A list of SEO catalogs and their requirements will be useful.

2. Top of competition

This is a very practical and, at the same time, difficult tactics of link building. Its essence is to get a link to a web resource from search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Google) on each page of the top. Webmasters call the owners of websites or send letters with offers to exchange links.

3. Reference mass augmentation phases

Do not try to increase the local SEO link building by simply buying links on exchanges. This approach will not produce tangible results, because it is not only the number of links but also their quality that matters. On the contrary, mass procurement is actively filtered by search engines, and with this strategy, you can be sanctioned by search engines. Promotion with perpetual links written manually on an authoritative resource using correctly selected anchors is the optimal way to increase the quality reference mass.

4. Referencing

This is the oldest and best tactic. It uses Google/Yahoo to find relevant pages. Employ this tactic if you want to find a page to which you can add a link.

5. Forums and blogs

The forum can be a valuable tool for link building if appropriately used. It should not be forgotten that the search engine can often recognize a link to a forum as cheap spam. When participating in the discussions, the optimizer can leave links in the correct thematic environment.

Why should you choose our link building SEO company?

When forming a strategy, you need to choose the person to do it, whether it is you or an SEO agency, web-master, or a donor resource directly. It is also necessary to prepare interesting content that is relevant for your site that the user who has visited the publisher's site will read and want to click the link.

And, of course, you have to choose the publishers that will help your site become more popular and increase traffic.

All this you can get on We use an effective strategy of link building:

  • We analyze the reference profiles of your competitors.
  • We analyze the base of relevant, affordable publishers according to the parameters you choose.
  • We do not work according to templates but create a custom strategy to purchase links specifically for your site and business.
  • We write and post links to selected publishers.

Our team is staffed by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. We have been creating and promoting websites for more than seven years. During that time, we successfully developed a considerable number of projects. Our specialists use the most effective marketing tools that allow achieving the necessary results quickly.

In the process of promotion, we always aim to increase the profitability of the business. Throughout our activity, we have managed to develop and implement dozens of different effective marketing strategies for small, medium, and extensive business projects.

Our specialists invest all their experience and knowledge in each project, which allows to achieve good results. After all the work is complete, each customer is provided with a report detailing the manipulations performed and the strategies employed. We do not use automatic promotion methods and carry out only "white hat" promotion. We know what to do when it comes to link building for SEO or similar tasks.

The work to increase the reference mass starts with a detailed audit of the resource. At this stage, priority is given to regions, and a project profile is drawn up. The next step is to compile a list of suitable sites for the placement of links. The original reference mass build-up then begins.

Upon all work is done, our specialists submit to the customers a necessary report describing all applied marketing tools and a list of the tasks completed. Placing natural links will help to solve a lot of problems:

  • Increasing the visibility of the site for search engines;
  • Obtaining additional targeted traffic for the website;
  • Increased company recognition and consumer engagement with the product;
  • Acceleration of indexing and increase of growth of organic traffic;
  • Formation of an optimal reference profile of an online resource (from the SEO point of view).

Important criteria for publishing sites

1. Authority of the resource

The link from The New York Times website will be more important than one from a no-name blog. The more reliable the publisher, the better it is for the job.

2. The relevance of the platform

The work on link building needs to be carried out on sites that fit your niche.

3. Link location

References in the footer and sidebar fields are considered less relevant than ones in the main content of the page.

4. Authorship

Editorial links are placed by the admin (webmaster). This reference is much more valuable than posting when a link is left in a comment or profile. Their placement without the involvement of an editor or a responsible executive may be regarded as a violation of rules.

5. Anchor text

This is a small part of the text where you anchor the link to your site. Such a hyperlink can lead to another resource where the topic is explained in detail. Google views the text of the anchor as a ranking signal. Too many keys can be considered as spam.

6. Loose text

It gives an idea of the page's content, so Google considers it as additional anchor text. The uniqueness, coherence, and structure of the texts themselves are important for the general acceptance of the text.

7. Nofollow (closed) and dofollow (open) links

In SEO, open links (dofollow) transmitting "page weight" are more profitable, and nofollow is necessary for «diluting» the reference profile, so do not neglect placement in social networks, question-answer services, and abstracts. Search engines like a variety of donors.

Our specialists offer the best strategies in link building

You should keep in mind some points when starting a new link building strategy or maintaining an existing one. The following are the items that should be taken into account when developing a link building strategy to make it work for your business, help achieve success, and maximize impact. 


First, you must set goals and determine what you consider a successful SEO campaign. Understanding the goals will help you decide on the types of links you will try to get in the future.

Study your project’s backlinks

Before starting the SEO campaign, it is important to determine which links to your site are already in place. This will help to understand what further work needs to be done.

What to pay attention to:

  1. Quantity ratio of the brand and other anchors;
  2. Diversity of referencing domains (100 links from one domain are worse than 100 links from 100 domains);
  3. Diversity of the list (it is unlikely that 1,000 links with the same text will look natural to the search engine);
  4. Reference types.

All of these items are important: they will help you develop a more successful strategy with the most natural looking references, based on the goals and objectives outlined.

Look at competitors’ websites

The first step is to find out which strategies work best in your industry. The better you have studied the subject, the easier it will be to post links to your site in profile blogs, forums, websites, etc. Depending on the topic, posting links on some sites may be more profitable than on others. For example, if your site is dedicated to automobiles or some other technology industry, it will be more advantageous to maintain activity on forums, as opposed to websites belonging to the fashion industry, conveniently placed in popular blogs.

It’s also important to identify your competitors online. This will help to identify their strengths and weaknesses and assess their own capabilities. Since online activities are hard to hide, you can easily learn about your competitors’ and see what works well for them. 

Study your consumer

Another part of the puzzle is to thoroughly understand consumers and where and how they shop. This will help you find the blogs and social media most popular among your clients. This may be the place to work.

Every social media platform has its audience, and you need to be most active where your clients are most active. The activity in these social media makes your site more accessible and contributes to the diversity of your references. Knowing the user profile, you can create content that will be distributed on social media by bringing links and target visitors to the site.

You should know what your client loves

A clear understanding of your client's needs allows you to create content for effective link building, which can range from video and blog posts to infographics. A combination of all kinds of content will make your resource more interesting and useful in the eyes of users. Thus, content designed for humans rather than robots becomes top-ranked and increases the audience outreach through social media distribution. 

Follow vs. nofollow

Search engines may or may not transmit weight by links. This can be specified in HTML code, as follow the transfer of weight from one page to another, nofollow directive recommends not to transfer weight by reference.

Although nofollow links do not convey weight, they also have value within SEO and are useful because any reference profile must have a natural combination of follow and nofollow links.

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