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Every blogger, at least once in a while, wonders: “How do I earn money from my blog?” or even “Can you earn money from a blog at all”? After all, you spend a lot of time trying to not only write a post but make it engaging and entertaining. You look for media content, answer people’s questions, put your soul into your writing. Something like this screams “MONETIZATION” (yeah, in all caps)! So, any ideas on how to earn money from your blog?

We know how to monetize your writing in at least 7 ways. Not all of them are quick and simple, especially if you’re a beginner. But nobody said the way to glory was all roses. Prepare for a couple of thorns, but after learning our answer to “How can you get money from your blog?”, you’ll minimize their amount.

Eventually, we’ll choose a winner of the 7 best ways to earn money from a blog. Each way is good but has some cons. The ultimate one, on the other hand, has to be:

  • Effective;
  • Convenient;
  • Quick;
  • Well-paid.

This doesn’t mean you can’t create a complex of actions and collaborations to get the biggest revenue. Combine all 7 if you want. But for now, stick around while we share some money-making experience!

How to Earn Money from a Free Blog: 7 Proven Methods

There are many how-to articles promoting free ways to get to the top overnight. We really hope you understand that’s rarely the case. The best way is to always look for possibilities on WordPress and beyond and be consistent. Repeat it like a mantra.

Now, you could go online and look for “the best way to make money from my free blog”, but the search for the ultimate solution would take a really long time. Here, we have a selection of the most effective ways to monetize your writing relatively quickly and easily. It’s not difficult to earn money online; it’s time to remove the correlation “money = difficult” from our heads. Let this be your first step.

Done? Then, shall we?

✨1. Use Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money from Your Blog

The most popular technique lately is signing up for an affiliate program. Usually, it works like this:

  1. You insert links into your posts, making an offer to consider a product, service, etc.;
  2. A portion of people decide to find out more and click the link (not to the website directly but your referral link);
  3. They get redirected to the page with the product or service;
  4. This redirecting is done to calculate how many people click on your personal referral link;
  5. You get money for every purchase.

This works just like those “bring a friend” programs in banks and private companies. You bring another person, they become a customer, and you get a discount, a bonus card, etc.

The beauty of this method is that there are websites offering affiliate programs in every niche of every industry. Are you writing about flowers? No problem, there are flower delivery companies that will gladly pay you for every bouquet ordered using your link.

Are you an investment specialist? No problem, multiple trading and investment services will offer you a considerable commission for every new client, depending on the size of their deposits.

The widest affiliate program is, of course, from Amazon. You can find thousands of websites writing reviews on Amazon products, linking to referral links that will then redirect potential customers to the needed page. Sounds easy, isn’t it?

✨2. Become a Thought Leader and Attend Events

How to earn money from a free blog by making yourself popular?

First of all, just be a good blogger with a clear content plan, useful info, and a promotional campaign in mind. But it’s also great to build a personal brand as a thought leader or an influencer. 

If you have vast experience in your area or some useful skills, establish yourself as an authority. You can do it through proper blogging and targeted promotion.

After some time, you’ll be invited to small gigs. Improve your public speaking and communication skills, and soon enough larger events will list you as a guest.

This will bring lots of traffic to your blog with most people highly interested in your opinion and recommendations. And then, any affiliate program will make you tons of money because people will trust you. (Make sure you don’t destroy this trust with products of poor quality, though).

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Become a true expert in your niche;
  • Post consistently, answer people’s questions daily;
  • Let everyone know you’re looking for opportunities;
  • Apply for events yourself.

✨3. Sell Ad Space on Your Blog

You can openly sell advertisements directly to the clients. Google AdSense is a great option because it’s easy to use. However, you have a limit on the earnings, plus every click may be priced differently. While it’s a great additional option, there are better alternatives.

Many people who want to promote their products or services are looking for direct cooperation with publishers. You can negotiate the best terms for both sides and earn much more.

Keep in mind that there are two types of payments:

  • CPC. This stands for Cost Per Click. You’re paid for every click on the banner. The number of impressions doesn’t matter at this point. The number of people clicking on links has been a sign of authority and popularity since the very beginning of Internet advertising.
  • CPM. This stands for Cost Per Mille. It means cost per thousand impressions. You earn money for the number of times your visitors saw the banner on the website. This is a great way for brands to showcase their products. The goal is usually brand awareness rather than sales.

There’s another type most bloggers use nowadays. Calculating an adequate flat rate will help you earn more money without CPC and CPM confusion.

✨4. Write Reviews of High-Quality Products and Services for Money

On any blog, there should be at least a couple of publications with recommendations and reviews. You’re an expert, after all! But what if you could recommend stuff for money?

Choose the product(s) or service(s) that offer an opportunity for paid reviews. Make sure you recommend high-quality stuff to your readers. You don’t want to lose their trust to make a couple of bucks. 

This is how people become influencers. You offer to try a product or service for free and then write a review if it was good. Now you have not only money but free stuff as well!

How to get such offers? Approach brands yourself, showing statistics of traffic flow on your blog. Or you can use services that help you find proper brands to collaborate with.

✨5. Create a Paid Part of Your Blog with Members-Only Content

After building your personal brand, you’ll definitely realize there’s a group of people reacting to your every article. They comment, ask questions. These are your potential buyers. Providing useful information is great, but sooner or later, you’ll want to charge for it. 

Every bit of knowledge is worth sharing for money. It's an energy exchange where you provide value and get a monetary benefit. It’s natural and necessary.

Here’s a test algorithm:

  1. Write an article about your breakthroughs and what you have achieved since the beginning of your blog;
  2. You can start earlier and write about your childhood and how you’ve become who you are now. Make sure the articles are concise enough not to be boring. Learn storytelling for this (just a kind tip);
  3. Prepare a webinar, taking the problem your product will solve as the core topic;
  4. Promote it, tell your readers that at the end, a surprise is waiting for them;
  5. Prepare well, host a webinar, provide valuable information, but not all the solutions;
  6. Connect to the audience, communicate with them, answer questions after presenting the topic;
  7. Then, say that it’s time to bring your expertise to a new level and charge for it;
  8. Present this closed section of your blog. Talk about the value it will bring, the information and practices that will be there;
  9. Provide a bonus, a discount, or one free week in the section to everyone who will remain with you till the end of the webinar.

✨6. Create Your Own Consulting Service with Your Blog as a Demo Version

By that time, you’ll have lots of high-quality expert content on the website. When 5 people ask you about your journey and how you reached this level, you answer them with all enthusiasm. When it’s 50 people, it’s getting difficult to reply to everyone personally.

So, why not hold consultations?

Choose a test group of your most loyal followers, offer them low rates, and see how you can improve those test consultations. Create a product, run a launch and sale funnels, and there you go.

If you think there are too many experts like you, don’t worry. Every individual has their own unique experience. Your people will come to listen to you personally.

✨7. Write Sponsored Articles Relevant to Your Blog Topic

If AdSense is too easy for you already and launching your own product seems too big of a change, consider something in the middle. Writing sponsored blog posts doesn’t put too much pressure on you and provides considerable earnings.

It’s quite effort-intensive if you want to look for blogs and websites to promote yourself. No worries, the gods of new business ideas are here to offer solutions. Use services like Adsy for publishers that become a chainlink between you and those who want you to write about them.

As a result, you:

  • Have full control over the content placed on your website (unlike AdSense ads);
  • Don’t have a burden of concerns on the topic of “Am I good enough to launch my own product?”;
  • Improve writing skills;
  • Discover new topics related to your niche.

The Best of All the Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

As you can see, all the ways are 100% real. But which one is the winner?

Affiliate marketing is good and all but you have to get people to click the links. As an addition, it’s great, but maybe not as the main monetization method.

Creating a paid platform is a wonderful idea when you have a huge following so that at least 10% agree to pay for extra information. But this approach needs a lot of time and launch funnels. So no, it’s not a universal way.

Well, how to get money from blog writing? We say the winner is Adsy for publishers.

Basically, here’s what it is:

  1. You add your platform to the library of one of the most reliable services with projects running for 10+ years;
  2. You get offers from buyers for content creation and publishing (relative topics, don’t worry);
  3. You create content and publish it;
  4. You check your balance and feel happy because you finally know how to monetize what you love to do the most - creating content.

Doesn’t this sound great? And the most convenient thing about such collaboration is that Adsy has connections with thousands of buyers around the world!

As a result, you will:

  • Improve your blogging skills;
  • Start monetizing your blog;
  • Upscale it to a totally new level;
  • Improve your Google ratings with high-quality articles, etc.

The benefits are plenty. It’s a shame not to try such a financially fruitful option.

How to do it? Sign up, contact the company if you have questions, and start making money!

In combination with other monetizing techniques we’ve presented above, your WordPress or another blog will become a business. Make monetization easy even if your source is free. Learn techniques, find your best way to promote and increase traffic on your blog, and get to the next level.

There’s always a level above, even if you don’t know about it yet. Adsy for publishers will help you get there faster!

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