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Are you still in doubt about how content distribution can be beneficial for your website and brand in general? In this case, amazing discoveries await you: it is difficult to imagine a more reliable and truly working method of driving traffic and boosting SEO, and this applies not only to blog content distribution. By creating high-quality, useful, and unique articles and posting them on relevant content distribution platforms, you reach a much larger audience than you would if you only worked with your blog. Another thing is how to understand exactly where it is best to implement posting, and how to build a content distribution network to get results, and not replenish the collection of useless content that is relegated to oblivion.

Well, Adsy is already here to answer all these questions. Sit back and get ready to discover the exciting opportunities that await you.

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Let the leading and the most relevant media talk about your business
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  • rewards for loyalty, etc.

Blog Content Distribution as a Starting Point

Every self-respecting business has a blog on its website: this is a must-have for anyone who has something to tell their customers and readers, except for direct product selling. Your blog is your castle and your territory: here you have the right to express your opinion on any particular issue, talk about your experiences, ups and downs, and discuss different topics. The above listed methods can be implemented as ways to persuade the reader to become an advocate for your brand. The latter is the ideal scenario.

Of course, a blog is not a toy. It needs a systematic approach, regular publications, convenient categorization, and, of course, unique and useful content, the creation of which is a difficult and challenging task in itself. But all the efforts will pay off if you are really serious about your blog and are willing to constantly develop and maintain it. The benefits of a blog are undeniable, multifactorial, and impossible to deny:

  1. Attracting the target audience. Interesting articles that answer popular questions and solve pressing problems quickly become favorites of readers. The more readers like the content, the higher the likelihood that they will share it on social networks, forums, and thematic communities. The appearance of external links improves the position of the resource in the search results.
  2. Increasing brand awareness. By increasing the level of awareness of customers about a product, service, or company, you subconsciously indicate to customers the right choice in advance when several approximately identical options open before them. Remembering that it was you who provided useful information on the desired topic, the client will make a choice in your favor. And a blog provides an excellent opportunity to share all the crucial details about your product and its usefulness in solving specific problems.
  3. Building reader loyalty. Related to the previous point, this one means the degree of consumer support for a particular brand or product, which usually comes as a result of customer satisfaction with the goods or services. Audience loyalty is characterized by the presence of a stable brand image, the desire to make purchases again, and the insensitivity of a competitor’s actions. Publishing content that is interesting to users, as well as helps to solve their problems, has a great effect on loyalty. In turn, it will inspire buyers to purchase new products from the company as they become available, even in the case of these products being non-essential and before people have any further information on them. 
  4. Creating an expert image in your niche. You can only offer a good product if you are completely familiar with the topic. To prove your competence, you can skillfully use content marketing, in our case - a blog. By publishing good articles, you establish yourself as an expert in your field, so be ready to answer any user questions, give advice, help in choosing the best products, and so on. There are a lot of different pieces of information on the Internet, which often contradict each other. Fix that within your field, thus getting your readers to trust you and not your competitors or other third parties.
  5. Forming your community. This is usually discussed in the context of social media, but a blog story will work just as well. Regularly adding new interesting articles will help build a loyal audience. Give users the ability to comment on articles, share experiences, conduct polls, contests, and more. And always provide feedback. This is how you form a thematic community, which gives you a competitive advantage: the presence of unique characteristics that will favorably distinguish you from others. Having found something of value for themselves at least once, visitors will not only return, but also bring a friend, who they will find interested in such a valuable source of information. Moreover, each article is an opportunity to share a link to your product or service: here the possibilities are truly inexhaustible.

Above we’ve laid out the benefits of blogging for business owners. However, if you want to accelerate the blog’s recognition by the audience and increase its reach, it makes sense to consider blog content distribution and start with it.

The reasons for distributing content are partially the same as those described above:

  • attracting a new audience that has not previously had a touch with your brand;
  • increasing expertise in the eyes of the target audience;
  • improving SEO and site positions due to external links.

It is important to understand that you should not distribute the article immediately after publication. First, you have to wait until your page is indexed correctly and the search engines remember it as the main source. For Google, indexing usually takes about one week. Then you can proceed to blog content distribution.

Each business has its list of ways to distribute articles, supported by a content marketing strategy. Usually, it is about the same for all companies. Let's consider the most famous and effective options.

Social Media and Messengers

With your pages on social media, you are free to regularly link to your new blog posts. Moreover, there are different groups where you can also talk about your articles, provided that it fits organically the thematic context of the selected community. Blog content distribution shouldn’t be intrusive, or it will do more harm than good to your brand.

Messengers can be used in the same way. You can create a channel, gain loyal readers, and periodically give them links to your articles. Another option to use instant messengers is to contact owners of different channels. Some of them grow their audiences to subsequently sell ads through their channels. But to attract readers, the author needs digital content. And sometimes it is not possible to create it regularly. You can offer the author your article. If it is relevant to the topic, the channel owner will be happy to post it.

Email Marketing

This method has survived all the attacks and the suggestion of its imaginary death and continues to work effectively. Only if properly implemented, of course.

The primary function of mailing is retention practices: a reminder of yourself to people who have previously contacted your site and blog, and a call to return for a new portion of fresh articles. Such content distribution will be especially relevant for readers since they already know about you and, perhaps, even wait for updates from the blog.

In addition to returning, you can use mailings as a separate channel of communication with the user or as a partner option. Everything is simple here: you choose the authors of mailing lists that are close to you in terms of topics and agree on mutual PR. Your partner publishes links to your articles in their mailing list, whilst you do the same. This gives you access to an audience that will be interested in your content.

Q&A Platforms

Few have not heard of Quora and Reddit, the platforms where people ask and answer questions. With many millions of visitors browsing the threads of interest every day, these platforms are great options for distributed content delivery.

It is important to take into account the specifics of these resources: they are visited by ordinary people looking for answers to their questions, and not advertising or a call to simply go to the site and read the article. Your link should be impeccably embedded into the text of the answer to the question so that the reader does not have any doubts about the need to follow it. Therefore, you need to be responsible in creating responses, as they will determine your authority and let people know if it makes sense to listen to you.

These are the main ways to promote your blog articles. There are also many ad options, but it makes sense to try out the classic free methods first they work great too. And don't forget to analyze the effectiveness of content distribution: you should stay tuned for any valuable statistics updates.

How It Works
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How To Find Effective Content Distribution Platforms?

The next evolutionary step after promoting your blog is creating unique posts for specific sites. This activity is called guest posting posting materials or articles on third-party resources to get backlinks to your site.

It is best to publish guest posts on blogs and websites within the frames of your topic. This will allow:

  • attracting relevant traffic and interested visitors to your website.
  • getting thematic links;
  • increasing the likelihood of the text being approved by blog owners.

In turn, the owners of the sites where you are going to post will benefit from your potential partnership: bringing in industry experts, getting free high-quality content, and regularly updating their blog without hiring a large editorial staff.

But how do you find sites for placement? At first glance, this is very simple. The Internet space has endless sites that can be great platforms for your content distribution solutions. But in reality, everything is not so cloudless as one fishes it to be. Chaotic and ill-conceived guest posting can harm your site and it will be harder to fix errors than to prevent them.

You need to do more than just find sites with relevant topics. You need to check the technical parameters of the site, the number of monthly visitors, DA, authority; we have not mentioned the writing guides yet, which are the requirements for guest posts and which often resemble a full-fledged article in size.

Posting an article on a site with a low DA will not give any result. The same can be said about the topic mismatch. It is important to understand that, for example, marketing topics can be covered from different angles. Some are promoting the theory that email marketing is dead we have just talked about this above and then your article on its benefits will look ridiculous, provided it is accepted for publication at all.

You can imagine how much invaluable time you will spend putting together a list of the platforms you need for content distribution. But at this time, your articles could already be indexed and contribute to the growth of site positions, increase in coverage and sales, etc.

Previously, so-called link exchanges were in use. They ensured fast link building by making quick bulk link purchases across multiple sites. But everything is developing rapidly on the Internet: search engines now recognize sites that abuse promotion using exchanges, so this format no longer works. In addition, it was completely useless from the point of view of growing a brand and attracting readers: focusing exclusively on SEO gave a very one-sided result.

We offer you the best way out of the situation: automated guest posting services. By choosing it, you will see that time can work for you.

Adsy works according to the principles that are most consistent with modern SEO realities and the major rules for building a brand: our specialists use narrow-purpose sites for content distribution, segment the audience according to the necessary parameters, and help to select an individual strategy for each client. Here you will find an inventory of more than 8 million publishers, each of which has been tested for technical compliance with all key parameters. Domain authority 40+ and a wide readership will provide up to 80% growth in organic and referral traffic and an increase in the number of customers by publishing on a reliable, well-known, and trustworthy resource.

The Best Way to Create Beneficial Content Distribution Network

Networking is the last milestone in digital content distribution. A network of reliable publishers who gladly accept your regular posts works like clockwork in promoting your site and attracting additional traffic. You can find reliable publishers at Adsy and see the desired results as early as one week after posting.

Why is cooperation with automated guest posting a great solution for you?

    1. 10+ filters to select suitable publishers. You choose a publisher yourself, using a list of convenient filters by topic, number of visitors, DA, location, etc. In the system, you immediately see all the most important technical and statistical information about the publisher and decide whether to publish on this platform or not. 
    2. Eternal link. The posted article remains on the chosen platform forever. No one will delete it or charge an additional fee to keep it on the site.
    3. Possibility to order an article. If you don't have the time or opportunity to create content to post on your own, the company's specialists will agree on the creation of an article by a publisher. It will fully correspond to your task and website promotion strategy. You can select posts of different lengths, including 1 to 3 links to your site.
    4. Three times faster posting. Publishers from Adsy’s inventory are ready to collaborate: you don't need to write them letters, ask them to accept your article, and wait a month for a response that you may never get.
    5. Transparent pricing system. Most blogs charge a fee for guest articles. In the Adsy system, you immediately see the cost depending on the service you are interested in: the placement of your article or the creation of a post by a publisher and its placement.
    6. Access to free analytical tools. You can have complete control over the performance of your campaigns with SEO Cost Calculator and SEO Expert Tool. The first allows you to determine the approximate budget and the number of necessary links to achieve the desired result. The second helps you to automate your work, quickly select the right platforms, control the budget, and monitor the results in real-time. You can even run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

While independent outreach is often very ineffective due to overly lengthy negotiation procedures, automated guest posting provides fast content distribution, makes it easy to publish multiple posts per week, and monitors how they affect rankings and traffic.

A special feature of Adsy is the customized approach. If you cannot find the publisher you are interested in using filters, you can place an individual order. You just need to tell what platform you want to see as a place for posting your article and what results you want to achieve. Experts will organize full-cycle distributed content delivery: they will select a publisher from the top 30 Google search results for the keywords you need and agree to add your material to their blog.

So let's summarize what results you can achieve by partnering with Adsy.

High-Quality Brand Content

Created by you or ordered from specialists, useful articles that will be posted on trustworthy sites will increase the number of your readers and their loyalty, contribute to likes and shares in social networks, and positively affect your brand image.

Significant Savings on Advertising

Effective guest blogging perfectly replaces paid advertising and has a much more pronounced and long-lasting effect. Your articles and links work as long as the publisher's site exists, which means an endless stream of new visitors and potential customers.

Improved Ranking

Due to the manual selection of publishers in the inventory according to special parameters, you get 5 times more weighty backlinks, which play an important role in search engine promotion. Watch the rapid improvement of your site's search positions within a month after the start of the link building campaign!

80+% Improvement in Organic and Referral Traffic

The authority of the sites selected by Adsy for placement allows improving both types of traffic. You get even more visitors to your site by enhancing its visibility in search results, and you also see the arrival of interested readers directly from the links in your posted articles. This is due to the fact that publishers themselves have an extensive base of real readers who will certainly be interested in relevant material and can click on a link that meets their questions and needs.

Significant Increase in Leads and Sales

An accurate and specific selection of sites that are ideally suited to your topic, and, accordingly, have an audience that best matches the image of your ideal client, helps to increase the number of visitors who are most likely to become your customers. This is accomplished thanks to filters that allow you to accurately select relevant resources, and the high authority of publishers: readers know that any material posted with them is trustworthy and fearlessly follow the link.

Increasing Brand Trust

Increasing the amount of useful information on behalf of your company and its specialists contributes to the spread of positive opinions about it. Your brand becomes more popular in your niche, people think about it every time it comes to the topic of your business. This guarantees a high probability of choosing in your favor in the event of several alternative options.

Boosting Industry Expert Reputation

The reputation of an expert not only helps to expand the audience. It shows the best impact when it comes to people who do not yet know about your brand or your services. The so-called cold audience, who has never come into contact with your activity and has not had the opportunity to evaluate it, can infer you based on your established reputation. And then, without any initial data, except for the knowledge that you are the best versed in a specific niche, this audience will turn to you or remember you in a conversation with people who need the services you provide.

Choose Optimal Content Distribution Solutions

You are just one step away from a perfectly tuned content distribution strategy and a well-directed link building. Entrust all the problems with articles and links to us: we understand the value of time and know how to make it work for you. A well-established work scheme, a clear strategy, transparent implementation, and a high-quality inventory of publishers guarantee you stunning results much faster than you can imagine. See for yourself!

What You Get Using Adsy
  • Quality backlinks on sites with traffic

    Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic as well as referral traffic.

  • Boosted amount of referral traffic

    Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about your company on the most relevant websites.

  • Increased number of customers

    Direct sales and expanded target audience thanks to creating and placing content on relevant resources.

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