Created on April 11, 2024

Link Building Services: Things to Know Before Using One in 2024

Trying to outrank everyone in your niche with backlinks? We bet it can feel a lot like those dreams where you are running as hard as you can, but you are not really getting anywhere.

It gets worse the more competitive your industry is.

Even the most persistent of us have limits before we throw our hands in the air and give up unless someone or something comes along to help us.

This is where using link building services can look like the best plan ever.

The thing is that many people are not sure exactly what a link building service does and whether it is even ethical.

If the thought leaves you confused, then today is your lucky day. Consider this post the one that answers all your questions. Keep reading to clear any doubts you have before now.


Link Building Service vs. Link Building Company: What’s the Difference?

A link building service and a link building company share the same goal on paper. Both of them help their clients get backlinks that drive traffic and conversions.

The difference between the two lies in the way they operate.

What Is a Backlink Company?

A backlink company is basically an agency you come to and say, “Hey! I’ve heard there is this thing called SEO. I want it. Could you take it from here and just get me fantastic results?”

And what the company will usually do is evaluate your situation and come up with some ways to improve your rankings. Sounds good, right?

Well, yes, if you choose the right company.

If they know what they’re doing, you can get great results with minimal involvement. But what if this link-building company isn’t the best option out there?

Then, you might get in trouble.

The main issue is that you don’t really control the techniques they use. So, sometimes, to get you quick results, they might go down the spam road (aka the slipperiest slope out there).

That’s exactly why many companies choose backlink services.

What Is a Backlink Service Provider?

A backlink service is usually a platform that has thousands of pages to get you the links and improve your positions in SERPs.

So, long story short, you get more flexibility and control over the quality of links.

You can basically handpick the websites you want by yourself.

So, of course, it is a great option for those who have at least a basic understanding of SEO.

With that said, many effective link-building services also have in-house SEO specialists who can get you a strategy in place even if you’re a newbie in the search engine optimization world.

And as you can probably understand, backlink services are more cost-efficient than companies. Simply because you get your links directly without paying extra fees.

Why Choosing a Backlink Service in 2024 Gives You Freedom?

So, after reading the previous section, you have probably realized that if you want to have more control over your link building, high qualitybacklink services are what you need.

They save you time because you don’t have to do manual outreach on your own. Still, you can ensure you only get backlinks from authority blogs and not some low-quality PBNs.

What else can you expect?

#1 Handpick High-Quality Links (Know Every Link You Get)

Source: @technicallyprod on X

The truth is that the biggest hurdle from link building is not just the fact that it requires you to put in a lot of sweat and blood (well, not literally), but it hardly gives you any guarantees.

Then, don’t forget that only high-quality links from relevant, reputable sites can pass on more link juice and drive your rankings high. And those are hard to get, like really hard!

What’s worse, most people find it challenging to even understand the concept of link quality.

Throw in the constant Google updates and policies changes, and there’s just too much confusion as to what really works in terms of getting backlinks.

A shady agency can just easily get its clients to pay premium prices while delivering cheap quality links. And some of them won’t even know it.

So, choosing a toplink building service is really important if you want links that will do you any good.

#2 Choose Your Backlink Provider

The right link building serviceprovider is not just a good idea; it's an absolute necessity.

It’s like how you don't just go to a fine restaurant for the meal, but the whole experience. And the right server or waiter can enhance your impression.

But unlike the restaurant, where you can't exactly choose who your waiter will be, the bestbacklinks services out there give their clients this option.

You can pick the service provider you want based on their skills, experience, and more.

For the same website, you can have several offers from different performers, so you can choose based on price, deadlines, and reviews.

#3 Control Links Lifetime (Get Links With High Lifetime Score)

Can you think of anything worse than putting in all that effort to get quality permanent links only to have them taken off or become inactive?

Links are one of the most important keys to getting your site to rank high enough to attract all the sales and conversions you want.

But they have to stay published to work. And if your backlinks simply disappear, they won’t do much for you.

Then, there is the other thing: with most organic links, the results don’t usually show for a while.

Now imagine that after months, you start to see the referral traffic pour in, and then the link is yanked offline.

This can happen sometimes with a shady link building company or agency.

So, when choosing your link service, make sure they track a backlink lifetime score. It will help you understand how high are the chances that you link will live a long life after publishing.

Try asking about this metric before you actually buy your links.

Things to Be Wary of Outsourcing Your Link Building

Source: @Nick_zv_ on X

You can tell by now that all link-building services are not cut from the cloth. You have to do your own research and not just take their word for it.

Here are a few golden rules to keep in mind:

  • Don't be afraid to ask the deep questions. How do they intend to get you the backlinks? Can you see their testimonials and case studies?

These are some pretty important details that will give you a quick clue on whether they are credible or not.

A white hat link building service has no problem disclosing the answers to you.

This is because they use a diverse range of Google-approved tactics like you would do yourself. The only difference is you won't spend your time on that.

  • Sniff around a bit and see if they've been mentioned anywhere else on the web. Chances are that you will find something on review sites, SEO forums, SM platforms, and even Reddit.

If you are lucky, you might get to learn how they treat clients, how effective their services are, and know early on if they are worth the trouble of signing up with.

  • Their communication skills matter more than you think. If it takes them an unreasonably long time to respond to your questions or get back to you at the beginning, then know this is a red flag.

Everything will most likely even get worse if you sign on with them and run into issues later on.

Also, do they provide clear or vague answers to your direct questions or try to deflect them?

This is not good at all, especially if they seem more interested in signing you on quickly than reassuring you that they have your best interests at heart.

  • Don't hesitate to walk away if they turn out to be shady. This may be disappointing, especially if you feel like you did all the research and can't quite get how you didn't uncover them earlier.

But more often than not, it's better for your SEO not to do any business with shady PBNs or spammy low-quality services.

This way, you'll avoid the dreaded Google penalty strike while saving your SEO rankings.

  • Say no to vague or arbitrary means of checking progress. Look, everyone knows link building is hard, and often, there's little guarantee.

Still, a legit backlink service should be able to give you regular progress updates.

But beyond what's written on paper and loads of links, you should also be able to see some uptick in site traffic.

What's even better is that this should reflect in your conversions as well.


The bestbacklinks service solution that is guaranteed to drive good traffic and insane SEO rankings to your site is the one that puts you (the customer) at the forefront of their strategy.

Rather than using the same old template for everyone, they're not afraid to look over your site issues with you and create a unique or bespoke link outreach for you.

Keep your eyes on the quality of service and links, as this can affect the result you see at the end of the day.

If you keep trying, you will see great results sooner than later.

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