New Interface for Site Upload and Update via File & Requirements to Websites

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New Interface for Site Upload and Update via File & Requirements to Websites

As always, the Adsy team strives to provide you with the most convenient and friendly service. That’s why we’ve improved the site upload page and extended its functionality.

From now on, you can use this page to upload and also update your sites. But let’s sort everything out step by step.


Improved site upload via file option

You already know that Adsy allows you to upload multiple sites via csv or xlsx files. Yet, we’ve touched the interface to make it more user-friendly and helpful.

1. You can start at the My website page and press the “Add or update websites” button. Agree to T&C to continue to the upload interface.

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2. On the next step, choose the “Upload via file (add/update)” tab. We ask you to open or download the template file so you know what information about your sites to include.

Please use the template to assemble your sites and provide all the required information. Your file can consist of up to 2,000 sites.

Then, drop your file into the special field or click “browse” to add your file from the computer.

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3. We will need some time to handle your file (it depends on its size). You can track your progress on the “Upload via file (add/update)” page.

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Once everything is ready, you get an email with the results. It will also link you to the “Upload via file (add/update)” page. Nevertheless, it will provide you with much more information now.

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As you can see, you will receive detailed information about the:

  • total number of sites,
  • updated sites (if there were any),
  • new sites,
  • failed sites.

4. We will ask you to pay close attention to the “Failed websites” line. If there is missing information, a wrongly filled stroke in the file, etc., your site(s) will not be handled and will not appear among your enlisted sites.

You can update these sites in the original file and upload it once again.

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This way, we created a more advanced interface for the site upload via files. It’s much easier to track your progress, see if all sites from the file have been successfully uploaded, and more.

Update your sites

We understand that updating site information might be frustrating, especially if you have 100+ sites.

Yet, keeping all the data up to date is vital if you want to ensure your metrics are high.

That’s why you can change all the needed data right inside your file and upload it as usual.

1. Set new prices or requirements in the file.

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2. Upload it as usual.

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3. Wait until we handle the file and show you the results on the “Upload via file (add/update)” page.

Check if the number of “Updated websites” matches the actual number of sites you’ve renewed.

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If these numbers are different, that means you’ve made some failures when changing the file. Please return to your file and see if you have updated everything correctly.

Anyway, this new option eases your job if you have to update multiple sites’ information at once.

Change in T&C - Requirements for a Website

We would also like to pay attention to updated site requirements. There are changes in the number of website pages indexed by Google and the traffic amount. Also, we won’t take domain age into consideration.

Please read more details about site requirements in clause 5.21 of Adsy Terms&Conditions.

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