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How to monetize your blog

get paid for what you love - creating and placing content
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Do you possess a well-established website database that counts tens if not hundreds of sites available for guest posting? Then register as a publisher, add your sites to inventory, and get clients fastly & easily with Adsy!

See How It Works
  • Register as a publisher and choose the “List of websites” option to add multiple sites.

  • Pass moderation and get an email notification. Then you’ll be able to set prices and choose a category for each site.

  • Receive the task for content placement or content creation & placement.

  • Check if the task fits you, and accept it if everything is okay. After this, you get the funds reserved on your balance.

  • Publish a guest post and after it’s online, send the URL to your client.

  • Get approval from the client (or automatic approval after 14 days). Then your funds move from reserved to main balance and become available for withdrawal.

  • Withdraw your earnings easily via PayPal.

Our guarantees:
  • You are the one to set prices for your services. We take only a 7.9% commission during withdrawal

    4% is PayPal’s commission, and 3.9% the one from Adsy.

  • You can reject an article placement. That ensures you publish only content that fits you.
  • You can communicate with the buyer within our service. That eases and speeds up all processes.
  • You can count on our client support service or arbitrage when any controversy arises.

You can simply google the necessary information if you are thinking about leveraging your developing blog. But if you wish to build a solid foundation for your business, then we are here for you.

All bloggers want their content to get noticed and shared. Everyone wants to find dedicated followers and boost their authority in their niche. However, it isn't a simple task.

In 2021, using ads and doing affiliate marketing is not enough for a profitable startup. You have to review all available blog monetization strategies, select the best one and implement it from the very first day. Be sure that there is no specific rule about what traffic you should have to get the returns from your blog. Everything depends on your niche, audience, and, first of all, your willingness to make an effort.

What are the most efficient blog monetization strategies and methods?

It’s a tricky thing to pick the most appropriate strategy among all blog monetization models, but let us share the top tips that will guide you through the site monetization process in general.

Ads and affiliate marketing

As we mentioned, ads and this type of marketing are the most prominent tools that can help you make an income. The last one is especially relevant at the very beginning. In case your primary goal is not to make sales (like your own service or product), you can promote other goods without direct selling. All deals are tracked via affiliate links to enable commission calculating.

Affiliate marketers deal in a similar path as most sales reps. They promote goods, help with selling a company’s item and get a commission after somebody purchases. So, if you create content about music, add links for musical instruments’ stores, and get a passive income from each sale.

With affiliate marketing, you only need the following:

  • work out your specific area
  • decide on a product
  • specify the target of your promotion efforts

Concerning advertisements, it will be really effective if you reached at least 10,000 visitors per day. In another case, you can try it, but only as an additional tool. Besides, that first money could give you a good portion of motivation for working with your platform.

WordPress plugins

One of the most popular site creator and content management systems is WordPress. This open-source and free software was developed for publishing. However, now everyone - from small blogs to large organizations – uses the resource for site-building. You don’t need much time and money investments in this tool to create a simple website. Just use that core code and design a platform for many various purposes. WordPress offers you many theme possibilities, plugins, and extensions available from WordPress itself and third-party developers worldwide.

Selling products and services

Seems obvious, right? You could be a direct seller of any goods or services and get a nice profit from it. With modern technologies, you may easily create a digital product if you have an idea and the right software.

Or use your platform to offer services like design, courses, writing, ebooks, and many others. It’s an ideal decision since it’s moderately simple to make and is typically valued satisfactorily enough that most guests can purchase.

Coaching services

In case you're now creating income with books and e-learnings, think about providing consultations to individuals in your audience. It always will be relevant as sometimes people want more complete and individualized guidelines than a book or course can give them. Thus they could choose coaching or consulting sessions – depending on the kind of services you offer.

With coaching, you can use your skills and experience to assist individuals with taking care of their daily routine issues. And here, it’s not only about how many new followers you get; it's about finding the correct sort of traffic – potential customers that require your service and can pay you for it.

Get donation

It is also an excellent way to make money from your blog. This works admirably in case you're a not-for-profit. Accept them by different WordPress plugins, but it is necessary to do some research about this topic as this process requires a bit of time. So, make sure that it is the right tool for you.

Start a podcast

On the off chance that you have a blog, involving a podcast, can be a sage approach to get more followers. Podcasts are incredible, particularly when you are new in this field, as most of the established blogs in your specialty have much more composed content than you do. Podcasts don’t simply assist you with getting your name in front of new people and increase traffic for your platform. It could also be one more wellspring of income for your blog.

With many followers, you can begin selling sponsorship openings on your podcast to organizations that want to contact individuals in your audience.

Employ business practices during site monetization

Quality content is a vital thing for your platform. However, it is not enough to make some profit and not only do a hobby. You need more.

Establish a content strategy, and it will be your quick roadmap. An efficient content strategy contains these elements:

  • Link building as you need to make a connection with other sites to do guest posting and other partnerships to build your site’s authority.
  • Keyword and competitor research. You must know the keywords your audience use for content development which will be noticeable. And it is helpful to know what kind of content and distribution channels your opponents use.
  • The publication plan will also be of great support for you. Create topics that will be interesting for your people, and ensure that your readers will see your posts on a regular basis. 

Make a focus on organic traffic as your blog simply cannot exist without an audience.

  1. Boots your Search Engine Optimization by backlinks building. Write guest posts or perform guest posting outreach campaigns. With positive SEO, you will attract readers that could turn into loyal followers or customers.
  2. Email marketing is a wonderful instrument that will assist you with building a connection with your readers and customers. You should start the creation of your email list from the first day of your blog’s appearance. Use specific services that will support you with email marketing automatization.
  3. Use your social media for your site’s promotion. With such a huge number of users, your marketing through social media could cover the whole world.

But one of the most effective actions in all blog monetization tactics is using special online services, like Adsy for publishers. The best blog platform for monetization is convenient, understandable, fast, and paid. Just a minimum effort, and you can get rewarded for creating and placing content on your platform. By adding your site to that program, you can:

  • put preferred prices for content creation
  • manage content
  • increase your website position in search engines
  • increase your traffic thanks to the quality and relevant sponsored content


It isn't difficult to start a blog, but many of them experience difficulty with monetization. So, you're not the first one. But as a real pro, you need to know the essential steps that you can take. Your site will not generate any profit until you pick the best monetization system that will work perfectly for you.

You can see numerous models that show that you don't require a huge audience to start to make income. And your niche is vital, but it’s not the main factor that decides whether you'll succeed. The primary concern you need is to realize the best tips expected to make your methodology effective and ready to make a solid effort to promote your blog, services, or items.

If you are expecting returns from your blog, you need to treat it like a real business. Do everything smartly to increase your Domain Authority, develop organic traffic and create first-class content. And remember, you don’t need to do it alone. Rely on the best supportive services, like Adsy, and they will transform your site into a successful business.

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