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Nowadays, blogs are more than just a place where authors share opinions or provide useful information. It’s a full-scale business that brings income to its owners. Of course, getting your blog or site profitable requires time and dedication. 

Yet, you’ve landed on the right page if you are interested in how to monetize a blog. We will share the most efficient ways that will guarantee you income. So, get ready to learn how to convert your hobby into a profitable business!

How to monetize a website

If you run a site, you probably have heard about making money online blogging. But is it an easy thing to do? Can you pull it through?

Success stories of famous bloggers who make hundreds of thousands with their blogs may be truly inspirational. Yet, those stories can also upset you if nothing seems to work right for you.

But don’t give up on your dreams. Remember that blogging and making money is possible. Today we will uncover the most efficient strategies that will allow you to earn money with your site.

We’d like to highlight the nine main tactics we will take into consideration.

  1. Guest posting,
  2. Paid ads,
  3. Affiliate marketing,
  4. Selling courses,
  5. Selling eBooks,
  6. Coaching services,
  7. Getting donations, 
  8. Paywall monetizations,
  9. Freelance blogging.

So far, these are the most working methods that let bloggers earn money via blog. 

Making money blogging with nine strategies. A closer look 

It’s a tricky thing to pick the most appropriate strategy among all blog monetization models. Yet, the main rule is that normally you should choose more than one tactic to guarantee a successful outcome.

Nevertheless, there should be a strategy you need to concentrate on and some supportive tactics. Together they will allow a stable flow of money. 

If you are really concerned about how to monetize a website, we recommend you put your bet on guest posting. That’s a powerful strategy that brings amazing results.

So, we are going to start our list of the best ways to earn money via the blog from this technique. 

1. Guest posting

Firstly, let’s figure out what guest posting is (in case if you haven’t heard about it).

A guest post is an article or a post on a third-party website.

In our case, you act as a third-party site. This way, you provide a platform to fellow bloggers and allow them to place their content on your blog.

There are some options to proceed with. For instance, you can leave a guest post unmarked. Accordingly, it will look like your own content.

On the other hand, you can mark guest posts you publish as sponsored ones. It’s totally up to you.

In either case, guest posts are beneficial for your blog. They:

  • allow you to monetize your site,
  • fuel your blog with new relevant content,
  • save you time for content creation on your own,
  • provide another point of view on the topic(s) you cover.

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this section, guest posts may differ based on length. This way, you may accept posts that are:

  • 500-word long,
  • 500-1,000-word long,
  • 1,000-1,500-word long,
  • 1,500+ words long.

Regardless of what length you accept, you always have to pay attention to the article’s quality and relevancy to your blog.

Basically, you provide a platform for fellow bloggers and can earn money thanks to this. That’s a great monetization option as it can allow consistent income.

Moreover, unlike other monetization tactics, you get more than just money. You receive an opportunity to publish quality content that will positively influence your ranks. 

How to monetize your blog via guest posting service

The best option you have when it comes to monetizing a blog via guest posting is help from a special company. And its name is a guest posting service.

So, what is a guest blog posting service after all? What functions does it have?

A guest posting service is a special platform that connects those who want to place a guest post and those ready to publish it on their side.

Simply put, a guest posting service allows you to:

  • buy guest posts and build backlinks,
  • monetize your site or blog by accepting guest posts.

Thanks to this service, marketers can guaranteedly ensure guest posting on blogs. And if you own guest posting sites, you can quickly monetize them!

For instance, with Adsy, you can meet those who are searching for publishing opportunities fastly. To get started, you need to go through some easy steps.

  1. Register with Adsy as a publisher. Register with Adsy as a publisher
  2. After you do this, you can add a site or any number of sites. Thanks to the “List of websites” option, you grow your chances to get more clients and earn more.Add websiteAdd website(s)
  3. Add the site(s) and wait until they pass moderation. (If your site gets into the Pending specification status, add more information about it. Without this, your site won’t move any further).Pending specification
  4. As soon as your site is in the Approved status and is Active, buyers will see it in the inventory. That means you can start getting tasks and earning money.Approved status

Thanks to this system, you show your site(s) to thousands of marketers and SEO specialists ready to place content.

Also, we’ve made some updates lately.

The first one is connected with the number of sites you can add. We are changing the game, letting you add whatever number of sites you wish. We’ll look through and approve (if everything is fine) the first hundred websites.

list of sites

After we see you complete all tasks, we will approve more sites for you. And, of course, you’ll get paid for your services. What’s important is that you are the one who sets the price!

Another update is that you don’t have to be a site owner to add it to Adsy. Do you have good relationships with a number of sites and can place content there? That’s great! Add them, proceed in the contributor role, and get paid for publishing content.

publisher type

In virtue of guest posting service, you can automate the process, get more targeted content, or even create content on your own (but according to buyer’s guidelines).

Making money blogging was never as easy as with a guest blogging platform! This is the safest way to monetize a website. So, we sincerely recommend you try this tactic.

2. Paid ads 

Many blog owners question themselves if paid advertisement becomes obsolete in 2022.

Yet, ads are among the most prominent tools that can help you make an income. It is especially relevant for beginner bloggers. 

In case your primary goal is not to make sales (like your own service or product), you can promote other goods without direct selling.

There are a variety of tools that can help you get paid for your site. Perhaps, the most used one is AdSense by Google. All you have to do is register there to meet various advertisers. Start working with them, pick the design of the banners you can place on your blog. AdSense can also show you the estimated income you can get.

If you run a WordPress blog, use a plugin called Ad Inserter. 

This option is great to kick-start your monetization journey. Yet, you have to understand that you get nothing if your readers use Adblock.

So, this is definitely shouldn’t be your primary technique. It’s only good to use in a combination with other tactics.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers deal in a similar path as most sales reps. They promote goods, help with selling a company’s item and get a commission after somebody purchases. There are various models like CPS, CPC, CPA, etc., you can employ. 

For instance, if you create content about music, add links for musical instruments’ stores, and get a passive income from each sale.

With affiliate marketing, you only need the following:

  • work out your specific area,
  • decide on a product,
  • specify the target of your promotion efforts.

If you are wondering how to monetize a blog, here are your steps:

  • Register at an Affiliate marketing platform(s) as an affiliate,
  • Pick merchants you’d like to work with (some may have restricted access),
  • Get affiliate links from merchants to place on your site,
  • Put those links within your texts.

And that is pretty much it. Based on the commission model (CPA, CPS, etc.), you will get paid after a customer makes a certain action.

4. Selling courses

Also, you could be a direct seller of any goods or services and get a nice profit from this. With modern technologies, you may easily create a digital product if you have an idea and the right software.

Gladly, nowadays you don’t need to have a degree to make an educational course. If you are a true expert in your field, you can make up a course to sell it to your readers.

You can say that it’s not exactly making money blogging. Well, let us give our point. From the moment you start your blog, you build your readership and prove your image of a trusted source. Through your articles, you share your knowledge in a certain industry.  

That said, you educate your readers. And you do it totally free. 

This way, the trust people have for your blog will be a first step in how you can monetize a website in one more way. Basically, you will have to do the following actions.

  • Write your first course. If you haven’t done this before, check some guides on how to do this.
  • Record a video of your course. Put all the material you have together and present it in the form of a video.
  • Promote your course on your blog. Make sure people see some catchy CTA throughout articles that have to deal with the topic of your course.

This is how you can continue blogging and making money. 

You can say, “But I already provide the same info for free in my blog. Why will anyone pay me?” The point is to provide extended insights into some themes you already covered. Or you can create a course on a completely new topic (still, it should be related to your industry).

Admiring you as a professional people are most likely to support your paid content. So, give it a shot and start offering your great course to your readers.

5. Selling eBooks

How else can I monetize my website?

That’s a good question here. Well, if you are not ready to jump into course creation, we totally understand it. This tactic really requires some extra knowledge and time. And you might not be ready for this. 

In this case, monetizing a blog may shift to another strategy. And that’s an eBook formation. Once again, there’s no need to have a college degree in writing. If you work on your blog long enough, you have everything it takes to write an eBook.

Sure thing, you shouldn’t mix up an eBook, which is a marketing tool, with traditional books. That means you must not write the whole 500 pages composition. 

Go with whatever page size you feel acceptable. The main thing here is that your book has to provide real value to your readers. As well as a course, your book may provide extended information on some topics you’ve covered in your blog. Or you can pick a totally new theme you’ve never talked about before.

Promote your eBook on your blog. State its price and benefits or knowledge your readers will get after purchasing it. 

Both course and eBook creation options if you want to leave your blog without third-party goods promotion or without ads.

6. Coaching services

In case you're now creating income with books and e-learnings, think about providing consultations to individuals in your audience. It always will be relevant as sometimes people want more full and individualized guidelines than a book or course can give them. 

Thus they could choose coaching or consulting sessions – depending on the kind of services you offer.

With coaching, you can use your skills and experience to assist individuals with taking care of their daily routine issues. And here, it’s not only about how many new followers you get; it's about finding the correct sort of traffic – potential customers that require your service and can pay you for it.

Many famous bloggers offer their consulting services. For instance, Neil Patel promotes this opportunity almost after each article. He has created a special box with a CTA to let people know that they have a chance to book a call with him.

You can go the same road and tell about the coaching or consulting opportunities you provide. Add a special picture within your articles or make pop-up windows to notify users. 

This way, your blog platform can become a worthy source of income. 

7. Getting donations

Now let’s see how to monetize a blog with the help of donations. 

In most cases, we consider that this option fits only non-governmental organizations or YouTubers. Well, you can employ it successfully on your blog.

For some period of time, you have been sharing your expertise with readers. They gain the knowledge they need or get the solutions that they were looking for. So, why not ask for a “thank you” in the equivalent of money? 

Preparing in-depth and quality articles requires lots of time and effort. We all understand this.

If you’ve built a loyal reader base, be sure there will be people ready to make donations. Even 400 regularly paying readers can make a change.

If you like to pick this monetization technique, use the help of special services that can help you earn money. You can choose from Patreon, Fundly, Podia, etc. If you have a WordPress blog, you can use plugins like PayPal Donations, Smart Donations, Give, and so on.

8. Paywall monetizations

Would you like to see another strategy on how to monetize a website? We’ve got some more for you. And this one is called a paywall.

This technique is basically a paid subscription that you will offer to your customers. 

To use this tactic with full force, you should have a loyal reader base or a well-established blog. That ensures people are ready to pay for your content.

You can choose from two paywall types - hard or soft. If you choose the hard paywall type, then users will see only your article’s title and a brief description. If you pick a soft paywall, your readers will see a part of your article.

In order to unlock the whole article, readers will have to subscribe to your blog on a paid basis. So, if you ask yourself, “Can I monetize my website with a paywall?” that answer will be yes. Only remember about the recommendations we’ve offered.

9. Freelance blogging

Well, your freelance services are also a way of making money online blogging

You can raise an objection by saying that you want to develop your own blog. Nevertheless, exactly the quality of content on your blog will show others that you are a good writer.

This way, you can promote your writing services on your blog and offer your help to others. It’s a great option to get money. Many bloggers take this opportunity to earn money. 

Employ business practices during site monetization

Quality content is a vital thing for your platform. However, it is not enough to make some profit and not only do a hobby. You need more.

Establish a content strategy, and it will be your quick roadmap. An efficient content strategy contains these elements:

  • Link building as you need to make a connection with other sites to do guest posting and other partnerships to build your site’s authority.
  • Keyword and competitor research. You must know the keywords your audience use for content development which will be noticeable. And it is helpful to know what kind of content and distribution channels your opponents use.
  • The publication plan will also be of great support to you. Create topics that will be interesting for your people, and ensure that your readers will see your posts on a regular basis. 
  • Make a focus on organic traffic as your blog simply cannot exist without an audience.
  • Boost your search engine optimization by backlinks building. Write guest posts or perform guest posting outreach campaigns. With positive SEO, you will attract readers that could turn into loyal followers or customers.
  • Email marketing is a wonderful instrument that will assist you with building a connection with your readers and customers. You should start the creation of your email list from the first day of your blog’s appearance. Use specific services that will support you with email marketing automatization.
  • Use your social media for your site’s promotion. With such a huge number of users, your marketing through social media could cover the whole world.

Most optimization options that we’ve mentioned are available without ads. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune to prepare your site to get extra income.  

But one of the most effective actions in all blog monetization tactics is using special online services, like Adsy for publishers. The best blog platform for monetization is convenient, understandable, fast, and paid. Just a minimum effort, and you can get rewarded for creating and placing content on your platform. By adding your site to that program, you can:

  • put preferred prices for content creation,
  • manage content,
  • increase your website position in search engines,
  • increase your traffic thanks to the quality and relevant sponsored content.


It isn't difficult to start a blog, but many of them experience difficulty with monetization. So, you're not the first one. But as a real pro, you need to know the essential steps that you can take. 

Your site will not generate any profit until you pick the best monetization system that will work perfectly for you.

You can see numerous models that show that you don't require a huge audience to start to make income. And your niche is vital, but it’s not the main factor that decides whether you'll succeed. 

The primary concern you need is to realize the best tips expected to make your methodology effective and ready to make a solid effort to promote your blog, services, or items. In this article, we’ve mentioned the best ways that will help you monetize your blog.

If you are expecting returns from your blog, you need to treat it like a real business. 

Do everything smartly to increase your domain authority, develop organic traffic, and create first-class content. And remember, you don’t need to do it alone. Rely on the best supportive services, like Adsy, and they will transform your site into a successful business.


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