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The idea to create a free website and earn money looks attractive in the era of e-commerce we all live in. As Optinmonster shows in its regularly updated statistics for guest blogging in 2022, 409 million visitors view more than 20 billion websites each month, and that fact is itself a reason to create a free mobile website and earn money. A selling website to earn money is truly an intangible asset to anyone, whether a business entity or a private individual who decides to create own website for free and earn money. But there is a long way to mastering how to create a free website and earn money effectively. Before starting to do that professionally, future webmasters will learn with ready-to-use constructors to create a website for free and earn money just like that.

How to Create Free Mobile Website and Earn Money  

What It Is Made of?

Any modern website consists of the following three main components:

  1. Web design
  2. CMS – content management system
  3. Database

The basic scheme looks as follows. Web design is basically the “template” – what users see minus the content. The latter is stored in the database. The content management system is simply software that, as the name implies, manages the website. Whenever somebody clicks a link to a certain page of the website, the CMS addresses the database for information to be displayed at the page requested by the user and composes it upon the predetermined design.

Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? True - for professional website development, you will need a team of IT experts with different specializations:

  •  Web designers
  •  Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • Content managers
  • And you as the website’s manager

Cutting the Costs

But there is another way. Yet, it's another option if you wonder how to make money. After all, it’s not the first time we mention the free aspect of creating a website to earn money because:

  1. It is always better to launch a website building business with zero or close to zero upfront costs;
  2. And why not, if it is possible with useful tools available on the Internet?

What makes the creation of free mobile websites such an attractive business today is the fact that excellent knowledge of Python or Java is not required with free content management systems like Tilda, WordPress, and many others to choose from. The latter is especially noteworthy because, as the same Optinmonster indicates with its statistics, more than 70 million posts are published on free WordPress websites each month. W3Techs confirms the position of WordPress as the leading content management system, whether measured by the total number of websites or by its current market share.

One could argue that corporate bosses and their teams could have done that themselves, and that’s right – they could. Large companies actually do that with their own teams of highly paid professionals. Well, to make money on a bigger scale you have to invest more.

Smaller developing firms, however, may not have time for that, thus outsourcing the job of website creation to someone even without deep knowledge of IT who, however, at least has an understanding of how to do the job with freely available instruments.  

That's called website construction – utilizing special services available to anyone who knows how to register and how to choose between appropriate templates according to the client’s specification. Really, it’s not much harder than working in MS Office. There are services capable of building corporate websites (although a renowned company with a highly esteemed brand will surely have its own unique professional website), and there are even options for selling websites to find buyers for goods and services. Many clients in 2022 ask for nothing more than free mobile websites which may be constructed that way. 

What to Do With a Website to Earn Money?

Money doesn’t come from websites directly, but it does with monetization in a number of ways of doing that. Earning money is easy with stable traffic, but you'll have to work hard to ensure your income at least covers expenses for hosting (if it isn’t free) and promotion. Building up traffic is what should bother a webmaster in the first place because if there is traffic, there will always be at least potential profits to earn. So, a question on how making money stays open. To get the clues, keep on reading!

Measuring Traffic

Although it is not the main subject of the article, the question still needs at least brief answering. (That's because the traffic quantity can heavily influence if you can make money with your site.)

How to measure traffic in a way other than counting the number of visitors per month with Google Analytics and similar services to be sure it’s the right time to monetize?

Yandex, one of the largest search engines in the world especially popular in Russia, used to operate its version of PageRank called TIC (Thematic Citation Index) which could be in the range from zero to eternity and measured the website’s credibility. However, in 2018 Yandex presented a new indicator of website quality to replace TIC because citation alone - the number of links leading to a website - was seen as insufficient information to determine reliability.

SQI (Site Quality Index) now takes into account not only the number of visitors, but also the level of trust in the website's content and its quality. It is argued to be a more precise measure of satisfaction of visitors with the website's content. SQI also takes into account the lever of user’s confidence and Yandex ranking. For a newly created website awaiting promotion, it is recommended to set as the first intermediary goal attaining SQI equal to 10 and making it to the top-50 in Yandex search.

To make money confidently ensure you take the time to create quality content. Also, see if you stick to all the recommendations the search engines provide to content creators and webmasters.

Options for Making a Website Earn Money

There is a number of ways of a website monetization:

  • Using it as a platform to sell goods and services. How successful you are with that, is shown by the conversion rate. To put that simple, it is the number of conversions - website visitors who turned into paying customers, for example, after interaction with an ad - divided by their total number. There is even a whole direction of e-marketing which builds around conversion optimization. Is 5%-conversion good or bad? WordStream argues that on average, it's even more than that because in this case you'd be outperforming 75% of advertisers. However, about 10% of them on Google have conversion rates of 10% and higher. That is, perhaps, the most popular option on how to make money online. Way to go!
  • Online advertising. An already promoted website with high traffic may serve as a platform for external advertisers. Depending on how close their target audience is to the audience of your website, they’ll be ready to pay for promotion of their own goods, services, or events with banner ads of the desired specifications your website is able to provide.
  • Contextual Advertising. Close to the previous one, but still different. In this case, the appearance of advertised content is determined automatically by linguistic elements. This is done by systems employed to analyze visitors’ behavior.  
  • Backlink building. Building up a portfolio of backlinks is a strategy for search engine optimization. On the other side of it, with at least some ranking on Google and high traffic, it is possible to monetize a website by selling it as a platform for guest posts with backlinks to external resources. It is advised, however, to monitor content of those posts carefully and watch for the maliciousness of websites you are allowing links to.  
  • Selling the website. One could argue that it is the same as creating a ready-to-use website for your clients, but it isn’t. In this case we mean selling an established website, a truly intangible asset with sustainable long-term value for you as its owner and for your potential business partners as well. It also has a client base of a sort, meaning the visitors who may potentially be converted into paying customers. The value of such an asset is much higher than it was right from the start. Creation and promotion of portfolios of websites with further selling them is a profitable business itself.  


There is also an option to let specialized software take care of monetization in the most effective way they were built for. For example, Adsy provides an extensive toolkit with which, as the developers say, you will “get paid for what you love – creating and placing content”. All the ways of website monetization described earlier hold some risks and require developed communication and other skills to negotiate appropriate terms. With a ready-to-use toolkit for publishers, those risks are taken to a minimum because you will get decent pay for the creation and/or placement of content.

Add websites to make money at Adsy & more!

Apart from monetization, Adsy provides website publishers with a number of accompanying opportunities, such as:

  • Setting desired prices for content;
  •  Full control of what finds its way to the website;
  •  Increasing trust due to disclosure of sponsored content;
  • Payment guarantees, and not only.

An extensive toolkit like that has its price. Despite what was said earlier about zero upfront costs, this option needs some investments. However, with all the risks associated with implementation of monetization strategies on your own, these investments may be worth it.

Website Building for Dummies

It’s not like we’ve tried to bust all the myths around creating websites and using them to earn money, although some of you until now may have thought it is being hard if not impossible task to be achieved only by a team of competent specialists. Let’s just say – from a certain moment, it really becomes like that. But before swimming in deep waters, one has to start feeling confident in shallows.

It appears that in the era of e-commerce, and especially if facing the threat of being replaced by robots as a result of ongoing process automation, the website business may become a salvation to all willing to adapt. It isn’t as hard as it may be thought to be, and with great toolkits from developers like Adsy, it is made even easier for everyone!

So, don't be afraid to create your own website. Use our pieces of advice to get started. We truly believe you can be successful in what you do and make money with your activities.

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