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How to start a blog and get paid for your blogging efforts? This is the top question asked by those who are just getting started with their blogging career. In response, we have prepared an ultimate step-by-step strategy to help you succeed in blog development, content writing, promotion, and monetization, so let’s find out what you have to do right now.

How to Start a Blog in 3 Steps

How to develop your own blog and get paid for it? Below are the first steps you have to make. 

Decide on a Niche

The first thing you need to decide is the topic you are going to discuss in your blog. The choice of the topic begins with the choice of the niche. Most blogging experts recommend choosing a niche you either sincerely like, or are proficient in. But the best case is to go without “or”  - that is, choose a niche you are sincerely interested and expert in. Such a perfect match will help you write a blog that will be demanded by your readers and other industry professionals. 

Still, if for now, you have no idea what to create your blog about, consider the trendiest niches popular among modern users.

  • Business.
  • Health.
  • Technologies. 
  • Sports.
  • Food. 
  • Travel.
  • Fashion.
  • Relations and parenting. 

Develop Your Unique Value Proposition

Blogging is quite a popular business idea, and every blog owner wants to get paid for it. At this point, the well-known marketing rules come to the fore  - as well as any newly created product or service, your blog should stand out from the crowd. To make your blog for your benefit, you have to develop your unique value proposition your readers will be able to get on your website only. What can it be? Below are some ideas:

  • If you have a business blog, you may consult each of your subscribers for free for one time and get the opportunity to turn them into your prospective leads.
  • If you have a food and recipes blog, you can create a well-balanced/slimming/vegan menu for a week and share it with your subscribers.
  • If you have a travel blog, you can come up with different city guides, instructions, tips, and life hacks for better optimized/eco/on-a-budget traveling.

And so on. To put it simply, you should have to offer something your competitors aren’t offering yet. 

Get Started with Your Personal Brand Development

Blog and personal brand development go hand in hand. You, as a blog owner, should have a strong personal brand associated with your blog, like Neil Patel, for example. Surely, its creation requires ongoing efforts for top-notch content creation, design solutions development, and social media promotion. 

How to Create a Blog From a Technical Perspective

After we are done with preparatory steps, let’s find out how to create a blog technically. Below are some viable ideas.

Decide on a Platform

There are a lot of ready-made platforms you can launch your blog on without much effort, technical expertise, or coding skills. The most famous ones are Wix, Weebly, Google Blogger, Medium, and dozens of others.

Still, all these platforms have a significant drawback - Google doesn't like them. That’s why promoting your blog in terms of SEO will be very channeling, and some of the most winning SEO opportunities, for example, submitting and accepting guest posts will be unavailable. 

That’s why we recommend creating your blog using WordPress. This is the most popular CMS for blog development which is teeming with pre-developed templates suitable for blogs from any niche. What’s more, you will be able to connect your own domain and work on making it more reputable in the eyes of Google. If you have difficulties with blog creating using WordPress, you may always get in touch with custom development vendors - the creation of a blog will not cost too much. 

Think about Your Design

The first impression your future users will get will always be visual. That’s why you should pay special attention to your blog design. Make sure it relates well with your niche and conveys the values you are going to share with the audience via content and design means. Don’t forget about the psychology of colors, and choose the color set that matches the core idea of your blog as much as possible. 

Make Sure You Have a Clear UI and Deliver Positive UX

Your blog design and technical development are inseparable from the user interface and the subsequent experience your visitors will get. The UI of your blog should be as clear as possible. Think about the ways to structure the information in your blog according to the clear logic to help users navigate the content, quickly find what they need, and seamlessly jump from one article to another.

As for the user experience, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the positive overall impression. The mobile-friendliness, page, images, and video loading speed, clickability affect the experience your users get directly. 

How to Make Your Blog Popular and Get Paid for It

How to start a blog and get paid? You already know the answer to the first part of the question, and ask for the second - blog monetization always starts with its promotion. The more popular your blog is, the more chances you have for generating ongoing income with its help. Here is how to promote your blog in 2021. 

Submit Guest Posts

As you know, the presence of high-quality do-follow backlinks is one of the important factors for Google’s search ranking. That is, to promote your blog and push it to the top search results, you have to work on creating such backlinks. There are several methods to do it, but guest posting is considered the most effective and still legal one.

The essence of the tactic is to create content that will be published on the third-party sources with your website mentioned and the link to it. The more links you have, the better.

What’s more, right now you are at the right place to get started with the guest posting strategy. The Adsy has already prepared the list of the websites accepting guest posts at quite an affordable price! Make sure to get registered and check them! 

Feature Experts and Influencers

Another strategy to make your blog popular is to feature and mention leading experts and influencers in the content you create. If possible, interview them and share the discussion with a mention of a website or social profile of the well-known person in your niche. There is a high probability that he/she will feature your blog in response, creating one more valuable backlink and increasing awareness at the same time. 

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Also, don’t forget about social media. Use them as a tool for your personal brand development and blog promotion. Announce the upcoming materials, engage your audience to join the discussion, tell your stories, don’t hesitate to launch live streams, and so on. You can also consider paid ads in social media to expand your reach. 

Run PPC Ads

Google advertising can work well for your blog promotion too. Think about launching a campaign to promote your most outstanding articles. In this case, make sure to pick the right keywords your articles will be shown in response to. 

Finally, How to Get Paid for Your Blogging Efforts?

Now, you are done with your blog development and promotion. Let’s find out how to get paid for it

Accept Guest Posts

At one of the previous stages, the task was to submit guest posts to make your blog more popular. After your blog is well-known in the niche, you can offer a guest posting placement service as an opportunity to earn money and help the blogs of others evolve. 

Surely, you haven’t to wait until someone will reach out to you with such a request. Insted, you may use a ready-made solution that helps blog owners and those in need of guest posts placement find each other.

Consider getting registered on the Adsy as a publisher and get an instant opportunity to earn from your blog by accepting and publishing guest posts in it! 

Consider Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a tool that allows you to place the advertisement of other business owners on your website and get a symbolic fee for each click that comes from your platform. In this case, you place ads in your blog for free and get paid for it. This is an opportunity most modern blog owners take advantage of but you have to be wise to make it work.

Place only those ads that are relevant to your target audience. Otherwise, they will quickly get tired of an advertising avalanche and leave your website. Most likely, forever. This is just the case when quality is more important than quantity. 

Take Part in Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is also quite a winning opportunity for a blog owner. The essence of the strategy is in the fact that you have to promote and sell someone else's product or service in your blog. The only way to do it is to create top-notch marketing content with detailed overviews, benefits explanations, service offers, comparisons, and so on. Get started with promoting one product that is potentially relevant to your audience to test this tactic. 

Let’s Do It Together

The Adsy team encourages you to get started with your blog development and promotion ASAP. The competition in the digital space is very high, and a lot of blog owners are rather creative when it comes to promotion. We suggest getting started with a proven way to make your blog reputable  - generating more backlinks for it at first, and offer others to submit their posts for a fee as the next step.

The Adsy is here to help you with both tasks. Choose your main priority for now and get started with our platform! 

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