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Guest posts for business blogs are an effective method of attracting traffic to your site. You place an article on a third-party resource with backlinks on your blog and get new visitors. But it only works if the material is of high quality and published on the relevant resource. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling under sanctions from search engines. Adsy service helps with both factors: it provides an open catalog with proven business sites that allow guest posts and offers the help of professional copywriters to write useful material for the reader. The second offer is optional: you can submit guest post that you or specialists of your business blogs have written yourself.

Why Work With Us
Let the leading and the most relevant media talk about your business
  • 10 filters to choose relevant publishers
  • high quality standards
  • advanced anti-fraud system
  • good compensations
  • rewards for loyalty, etc.

Adsy Catalog of the Business Guest Posting Sites

The selection of business guest posting sites is usually a long and resource-consuming process because you need to thoroughly investigate the market and conduct a SEO-analysis of each potential donor. And after that, you need to agree with the webmaster and convince him or her that placing your material on the site is profitable. Using the Adsy directory reduces the time spent on this process several times. You can simply select the best business blog from those we have added to the directory by analyzing and verifying it beforehand. We update the selection regularly, so if you are worried about the data's relevance, we guarantee that this is the latest selection for 2020.

Benefits of Business Guest Posting through Adsy Catalog

  • We check all the donor sites that we add to the directory;
  • We guarantee that your material will be successfully placed on the site, regardless of who prepared it;
  • We add to the catalog only top sites with DA above 40.
How It Works
  • 1

    Choose publishers in our open inventory or let them come to you

  • 2

    Order blog post creation or provide your own text for it

  • 3

    Have your blog post placed on a selected platform

  • 4

    Get quality backlinks from sites with real traffic


How to Pick Business Blogs That Accepting Guest Posts

With our catalog to choose business blogs that accepting guest posts is very easy. We have specially developed an intuitive interface. To access the directory, you need to register. After that, please browse the list and choose from it those business blogs that you like. You can filter the search in the catalog (subject, traffic, trust, and other metrics). Have you made up your mind already? Get started with submission.

Submit Guest Post Business with the Adsy Service

Uploading a new publication for the donor is done directly from the catalog and takes only a few minutes. After you submit a guest post, the business text is sent to moderation. It takes from one week. After successful moderation, the material is placed on the donor site. If the text needs to be corrected, the manager will notify you about it.

This method is well suited for small business owners, web resource owners, niche-related, commercial companies, etc. Our clients include news resources, emerging startups, and market leaders.

Large companies often prefer not to write guest materials on their own, but to delegate these responsibilities to the Adsy team. But even small businesses sometimes choose this path. It is a good idea for several reasons:

  • The best authors write for us business guest posts;
  • Our writers are professionals and put the business backlinks clearly on the technical task;
  • Only experts who know the business write for us.

Instead of submitting text to business blogs, you need to specify the link that you want to place in the material to use this service. It is a basic requirement; you can also set the topic and SEO requirements yourself, or leave it to us.

The Adsy team will make sure that your guest text is of high quality and there is no spam in it, and placing it on a business site has increased your traffic without the risk of falling under Google's sanctions.

What You Get Using Adsy
  • Quality backlinks on sites with traffic

    Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic as well as referral traffic.

  • Boosted amount of referral traffic

    Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about your company on the most relevant websites.

  • Increased number of customers

    Direct sales and expanded target audience thanks to creating and placing content on relevant resources.

Content distribution on relevant platforms

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