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Adsy Content Creation and Placement Tutorial

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Adsy Tutorials
Adsy Content Creation and Placement Tutorial

When creating Adsy, we tried to make it as convenient as possible for both buyers and publishers. This Tutorial is written to help you make your first steps with Adsy and provides detailed instructions on content creation and placement services. On this page, Buyers find out how to create direct tasks or open offers while Publishers get a guide on how to add their sites and to process job offers.

The first step is to sign up at and log in to your account. Please note that you can use your account for both buyer and publisher roles. To switch between them click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the page.

client panel

If you are a publisher, you can skip the next part, and go straight to the part when we explain how you can start earning with your websites at Adsy.

>>> Go to Publishers' interface tutorial

In the Buyer’s interface:

Services Available

If you are a buyer coming to Adsy to find some sponsored content opportunities for your site and business, then you can choose between a) content placement or b) content creation and placement options. Below we’ll shortly explain the main difference between them and give you some advice on when one can be more useful to you than the other.

Content Placement option works for you if you already have some content, and you only need a platform to publish it on. This way you will provide a publisher with this content, and get a sponsored post with a backlink to your business site.

Content Creation and Placement comes in handy when you don’t have resources to create your pieces of content for promotion. In this case, you can use the publishers who already have experience in crafting articles or blog posts. After they create the content you need, they place it on their sites once again providing you with a link pointing back to your site.

To allow Buyers to reach various goals with sponsored content, we’ve created three types of content, depending on how long a blog post should be. That’s why you can choose between:

Mini-post that has up to 300 words and one hyperlink. Use it if you want to involve your target audience in discussions. However, mini-posts won’t be enough to significantly increase your brand awareness and build a lasting relationship with the readers.

Article has from 300 to 1000 words and includes up to 2 hyperlinks. Such length is the most suitable for generating social shares and getting more backlinks directly from the audience.

Long article has more than 1000 words and up to 3 hyperlinks. Long blog posts are the best options to improve Google rankings and generate more organic traffic for your website. When topic and information in the article resonate with the readers, they are also more likely to share it with friends bringing more direct visitors to your site.

To simplify the process of service type selection, we've created this scheme that you can use whenever in doubt:

service selection

Now that you’ve figured out the type of service you want from publishers, you can make your first order.

Search for Publishers and Direct Tasks

The easiest way to go is to search for publishers using the inventory available to all buyers. From there, you can browse publishers that meet your requirements and send tasks directly to the ones you want to collaborate with.

1. A range of filters will help you find sites with appropriate DA, monthly traffic, language, country, categories, price, etc. Here you can also sort publishers after the type of service you need, using the designated drop-down filter.

search for publishers

If you are a new user to Adsy, you'll see that publisher's URLs are hidden. All the parameters, however, are available, so you can make an informed choice. To see all the URLs you'll need to make a one-time payment -- your first top-up. This money will then stay on your balance, and you'll be able to use it to order posts from publishers you'll select.

2. Once you have chosen a platform, click the Order button.

placing order

3. After that, create a task for the publisher and include your requirements, necessary images, provide the URL you are promoting.

creating a task

You can either save your task as a draft to submit later or send it right away. After you send the task, the publisher will get an immediate notification and will accept and start working on your task or reject it.

4. Use the Tasks section to see the progress of your task, communicate directly with the publishers on any task related questions. This is also the place to retrieve all your saved drafts and send them to publishers.

buyers' workflow

Another option would be to use an Open Offer feature and start receiving suggestions from publishers that are already open for the job.

Open Offers and Bids

As a buyer, you also have an opportunity to create open offers and let publishers suggest their prices for them. You can find more information about the Open Offer feature in this post. Shortly, we recommend to use it when you need some sponsored content from various publishers on a regular basis. In this case, you create an open offer, all relevant publishers see it and bid for it if they are interested, allowing you to have a whole range of sponsored content resources. What’s more, the open offer you create stays active for as long as you want, and you can effectively regulate the amount of content you are getting.

1. To create a new open offer, go to the Open Offers page and click the Create open offer button.

open offers

2. Provide the main requirements for publishers and their platforms, choose the type of service you expect (once again, you are free to choose between Content placement and Content creation and placement). You can suggest an approximate price that publishers can use as a starting point when making their bids, or stay open to the prices that publishers will propose.

open offer creation

Please note, that you shouldn’t provide any content for publishers at this stage to avoid theft or plagiarism. You’ll be able to do it after you choose the publisher.

3. Use the checkbox at the bottom of the page to activate the offer immediately for publishers to start bidding, or put the created offer off to activate it later.

As soon as you send the offer for bidding, publishers qualified for it receive a notification and can start suggesting their prices.

From there, you can follow the way of your offer in your Dashboard or at the Open Offer page. When you find publishers that meet your requirements and satisfy you with their price bids, accept them and create a detailed task.


4. The task page is a bit different from the one you use to create a Direct Offer from the Search for publishers page. This is the place to provide publishers with your content if this is the Content placement type of task, or to give a detailed list of requirements for content creation, add some images and anchor text you want to see in the content.

When the task is created you can follow its progress in your Tasks section, just as with the direct tasks creation.

Useful Features

To facilitate your search for and order of guest posts Adsy regularly introduces new features to your client panel. Below are some of them for various situations.

White/Black Lists

Have found a site you like, but not ready to order from it yet? Add it to your white list, and we'll save it for your faster access later.

Or, do you keep seeing a site in your search that doesn't suit you some reason? Add it to the black list, and we'll exclude it from your results page in the inventory.

Recommended Sites

Sometimes you simply don't have time to search publishers you can order guest posts from. In this case, go to the list of recommended sites our SEO experts had compiled. These are the most natural websites with high-grade parameters and the optimal value for money that you can find in our inventory.

Content Purchase

If a publisher you've found only offers content placement, and you can't write the content yourself; if you need an article to place on your blog or on some third-party site as a guest posts, use the Content Purchase section in you client panel. Just provide your requirements, and our copywriters will write an article according to them within 5 working days.

Now when you have all the info about the work at Adsy, it’s time to get sponsored content about your business and let the world know about you.

Create your first Direct Task or Open Offer to start your business promotion.

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In the Publisher’s interface:

To be able to receive any tasks or orders at Adsy, you first need to add your sites to Adsy inventory. The process takes a few minutes, and after that buyers can see your websites and choose you to do some content work.

Add Your Sites to Get Tasks

1. To add your site go to My Platforms page when you’re in the Publisher mode. There are only two steps that you need to complete. First, provide all the necessary information about your site. Try to be as specific as possible when choosing categories your site can fall into - this will help buyers make definite decisions on whether to accept you for the job. The other important thing to indicate is the type of services you are ready to provide - Content placement or Content creation and placement.

Content placement is used by buyers when they already have some content and need you to place it on your sites.

Content creation and placement means that you will need to create some content before placing it on your sites. Buyers usually provide details and specifications for the content, so you won't have to rack your brains over the way to talk about their business. Besides, you'll be able to communicate on any tasks related questions if you face any difficulties during your work.

After you've decided on the type of service you'll be providing, set corresponding prices for each of them.

adding a website

2. Specify the language of your website, add up to 5 keywords, necessity of disclosure, types of links you are ready to place, and your particular requirements.

3. Click the Step 2 button to be redirected to the Confirm ownership page. There are two ways you can use to verify your ownership of the site. Please note, that without ownership confirmation we cannot transfer your site to moderation and include it in Adsy inventory to make it visible for buyers.

4. After your site successfully passes the moderation, you will be able to receive tasks from buyers. You can follow the progress of all the tasks you work on in your Dashboard or in the Tasks section (see the image below).

publishers' workflow

If you need to make some changes to your already added site or temporarily deactivate it (or activate it again), use the Action field next to the site information in the My platforms section.

making actions with a site

You will get notifications every time a buyer sends you a task, and you’ll be able to react on it quickly.

Open Offers and How To Bid on Them

With the Open Offers feature buyers show their need for sponsored content from different publishers or different platforms. For you, it’s a chance to get more tasks to work on, as sometimes buyers can miss your sites for some reason when searching for publishers. Open Offer allows you to be proactive and suggest your sites for the job. To demonstrate your interest in an open offer you need to set your price for it using the bidding scheme. This is how it works:

1. Go to the Open Offers page to see all the offers your sites are qualified for. Sort the offers you want to work with according to their type. Click the offer name to get more information about any offer and to make your bid.

offers page

2. To make a bid you need to 1) choose a site you're planning to perform the offer with and 2) set up the price that will satisfy you. If a buyer has set up an approximate price for the offer, make your bid accordingly. Some buyers choose to be open to your price; then it’s up to you to set the price that will satisfy you. If you are not sure how to bid a price that will satisfy both buyers and you, read our blog post answering the exact same question.

making a bid

3. When buyers choose you to work on an offer, you get a notification about it and have a chance to review the task they’ve created. Accept it if you still want to work on it, or reject it if some requirements don’t suit you. If you do accept the task, you can start working on it as on any direct task at Adsy and can see the workflow in the Tasks section.

We hope you will benefit from Adsy sponsored content services. Have full control over the content on your websites, consider your writing style and your blog audience preferences to provide high-quality services and monetize your sites.

Add your websites and get started as Publisher!

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We hope your work with Adsy will be beneficial regardless of the reason why you are here.

Make your first steps in business promotion or website monetization, and profit from the numerous possibilities opening to you at Adsy.

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