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So Many Options to Choose from

For those who want to dabble into an opportunity to get paid to blog has the variety of choices and ways, you have before you is staggering. Ranging from full-fledged website creation or establishing a dropshipping business to a simple freelancing or flipping, you have every opportunity waiting for you to seize it.

Evidently, the first steps are the hardest to overcome since the feeling of leaving something out and thus squandering a chance is ever-present in the back of our minds. This comes as no surprise especially in managing your own website business or your own blog and effectively monetizing it. 

Yet, we'd like to tell you about one effective option that lets you earn money. As a matter of fact, you can get paid to share links on your website! Keep on reading to learn how to do this.

How to Post Links for Companies and Get Paid

Blog websites are particularly whimsical when it comes to monetization. Since you are not directly selling anything to your audience (you only write a blog) there is no profit to be made here and you are, basically, restricted to ad placements as your only means of getting paid. Fortunately, there is a way to “diversify” your monetization techniques. Without selling anything DIRECTLY you can make a cut from, effectively, selling someone’s product on your website and get paid to post links.

How to start a blog and get paid with a guest posting

There are ways for making money from Google. You may hear of this technique; it's called guest posting. Basically, you make money with Google posting links from third-party sources on your site. The owner of that source pays you to ensure you place his/her link on your site.

How to start a blog and get paid with an affiliate marketing

You may still wonder how to post links for companies and get paid. And the answer to this question is called affiliate marketing, my friend! Affiliate marketing is used on almost every avenue of the internet since it’s so easy to start with. So, affiliate marketing allows a website host to begin another funnel of profit through an affiliate link posting. These links work in tandem with the content they are subtly embedded into to incentivize a user to click on the link. 

How Does Affiliate Market Works? And What Are the Units of Great Content?

The gist here is, however, that a simple click on the link doesn’t get you anywhere. Only when the person clicking the link actually buys the product advertised then a certain cut percentage is traversed to your pocket. This is why the content that, so to speak, surrounds the link is very important to ensure that links for companies you are referring to work as intended.

As you can understand the link posting activities require effort. But we are here to help.

Now, there are a couple of things to be aware of when it comes to creating content that will be meshed with affiliate links. 

  • Subtlety. The content you are going to insert affiliate links into has to be pertinent to the niche you are writing about. One of the main blunderous mistakes that many starters make is being too intrusive about their links. You should be fully concentrated on the actual filling of your content when writing posts rather than mindless link advertising. Not only will it devalue your website’s credibility in the eyes of visitors but it will also completely ravage your conversion rate on the link. The best advice here would be to, first, consummate a whole content and only afterwards embed an affiliate link. If you are reviewing a product, it is better to form your opinion by presenting both pros and cons. Not to seem too biased and partial about the product is essential.
  • Keywords. Using relevant keywords in your text will glean much more benefit to the overall visitor count of your page. In order to understand which keywords to use, it might be valuable to undertake a little bit of reconnaissance beforehand. See which keywords are overly saturated and pick a keyword phrasing that has both low competitions and is fairly close to the popularity of the original one. This might sound like trivial advice, however, many tend to yank the first popular keyword out of the trends and get done with it. Although, with a bit of amendment made, you can get a low competition and fairly impactful keyword.
  • Structure. If you are wondering how to post links and get paid, structure plays a big role in the success of your affiliate link implementation. It’s not only about the right link placement but also the overall enjoyment that readers will get out of your finely delivered text. After all, your blogging has to provide a smooth user experience. The basic rules of the structure are applied here in the same way. Captivating introduction > Informative and engaging body with examples, life experience, and comparisons > Conclusion that summarizes everything neatly and speck-free. Again, if you are structuring your text as a product review, you should be cognizant of a couple of typical marketing approaches. In review, the comparative aspect is exceedingly important. List products that are in the same category, correlating and marking stark differences between each. Exemplifying on which fronts the product you are linking to is better and using a call-to-action method to further nail down the information you want to be delivered.

It is crucial to underline the importance of content in Affiliate marketing. Because this very content is the vessel for your link to generating you a stream of revenue. The text you create is one of the most contributing factors that will dictate how good of a harvest you will glean from it. Don’t be afraid to take an additional hour out of your time to contribute to creating an engaging and meaningful piece of work that will bear the immediate reflection of your efforts. Only then posting backlinks in your text makes sense. Only with this option, your blog will generate income and you will get paid.

We expanded upon what Affiliate marketing is and the fact that you can actually get paid to post links. We also touched upon the importance of content and how to weave together both your text and affiliate link in one entity. However, I don’t know if you noticed but we have omitted the most interesting and probably the most sought-for part of the Affiliate marketing discussion – How to post links and get paid? What affiliate marketplaces to use and what companies give the most generous cut? The time has come to crack these questions open.

Two Way Road

There are two possible ways one can go about doing Affiliate marketing. Either be self-sufficient and look for opportunities for product promotion on your own or rely on the notorious affiliate marketplaces. Both have their share of advantages and drawbacks. Let’s first take a scrupulous look at what it means to seek potential product promotions yourself.

The obvious benefit is the possibility to haggle the cut that you will get. Unlike most of the Affiliate marketplaces with fixed cut rates, being on your own means negotiating the share you want. This is particularly great when you frame it this way: most of the affiliate marketplace cuts fluctuate in the realm of 3% - 10% of the product price (depending on the price of the product, the cut you’ll get will vary). Now, we can’t really bring up the average in the case of a self-sufficient affiliate marketer, however, it is safe to assume that it will be far more substantial. 

The problem here is finding companies that will be ready to hand you out an affiliate link for you to promote. Especially, if your website is in genesis and doesn’t have that much traffic, there is a big chance that your request might not have the weight needed to spark a deal. Though this issue can also be rectified. 

With services like Adsy, you can find products that seek promotion outside Affiliate marketplaces. Since Adsy has a vast stock of paid to post links to choose from you can find a product fitting your niche without wasting time on making the long-winded search attempts yourself. With Adsy you will get both a better share from affiliate links and a selection of products for you to write the best content imaginable.

Affiliate Marketplaces, What Are They?

The number of Affiliate marketplaces has been growing steadily for the last decade. They offer a stable and consistent stream of products to affiliates and a range of niches and categories that are simply unmatched. You are free to choose whatever gadget, utility, instrument, and tool you like. This unbridled selection gives an ample free roam opportunity for you to write either a review or appraisal that matches your field of expertise. 

So, Affiliate Networks help you make money from links. This way, if you run a blog or a site you can get paid to it hassle-free. Yet, the issue is, however, the fixed, low price cut that you get. It varies across platforms, so to better illustrate the point let’s leaf through a few of the grandest options out there. 

  • Amazon. Amazon will probably be the first marketplace that comes to mind when someone mentions the word "affiliate." The big advantage of the Amazon Associates Program is how extensive the range of products is. Not surprising since they are the biggest online retailer right now and you can buy literally everything from pet rocks to the newest revolutionary electronics in a matter of a single click. This abundance of choice is irrefutably beneficial. The problem is, though, that the commission rate is probably the lowest on the market averaging a measly 3-4%. Another valid point to add here is, that due to the sheer scope of Amazon being so vast you might not get the supportive treatment you would normally get at other marketplaces. Amazon can definitely allow themselves to be a bit extravagant when it comes to their associates because of the constant and high influx of those wanting to try it out.
  • ClickBank. ClickBank is a great online Affiliate marketplace that delivers on many fronts. They have lavish commissions (20%+), a long history of doing business, and consistent payouts without any delay. There is one thing that should be mentioned though. The fact that range of products that ClickBank offers is uninspiring at best. There are just not enough options to choose from and those options that are available are quite sub-par. This leaves ClickBank in a quandary. On the one hand, their commissions are one of the best if not the best on the market. On the other, their product assortment is lacklustre and inferior when compared to other reputable marketplaces.
  • ShareASale. ShareAsale differs quite a bit from your run-of-the-mill Affiliate marketplaces. It works in a bit of a different way, it would be better to think of it as a middle man between affiliates and product owners. ShareASale provides you with the search function that enables you to seek Affiliate programs based on several parameters that you can then apply to affiliate with. On ShareAsale, however, your offer can be manually declined if the product owner deems it, for some reason, inappropriate. Although the majority is being approved automatically, in the end, it depends on the quality of the product. On ShareASale, a cut that you can get differs wildly. It can be as high as ClickBank or as low as Amazon, finding the one that pays well is your burden to carry. On average ShareAsale might be less stable and consistent with its conversion rate than, let’s say, Amazon is. 
  • Google Adsense. Google’s own type of Affiliation program has devoured the formerly known Google Affiliate Network. Adsense works really simple, there is no need to manually seek out products to get Affiliation or generate links for Google, your content and niche are already being used to promote products in the respective category. This way, here's another opportunity to make money with Google posting links. You get paid every time the user clicks the link. Another notable example is how YouTube is currently working. Let’s say you post a video about a new smartphone that is coming out this week. Based on this Google will, oftentimes, put an ad for a product that is partially or fully relevant to your specific video in our case, it’s either some kind of smartphone brand or an earpiece, etc. If you are already hooked on the idea of getting paid by google to post links, a valuable reminder for you is that Google pays for clicks rather than for people actually acquiring an item. This can be both a benefit and a loss. In most cases, though, the PPC system reaps a more balanced and stable revenue.


What marketplace you decide to choose depends on a slew of factors like commission rates, type of content, the niche you are creating content in, usability, convenience, and the list goes on and on. 

You should be able to decide for yourself what suits your vision better and what lets you get paid to blog more effectively. It might even be reasonable to forgo marketplace ideas altogether and branch out to places like Social Media networks to find potential deals there. 

Fortunately, today we are not restricted in employing every bit of information we have to gain an upper hand, and being aware of every method available gives you an overhead view of how to approach the problem at hand.

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