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11 Reasons to Run Social Media for Your Business

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Social Media for Business

Do you want more people to know about your company? Do you want to have more buyers? Do you want to make your customers more loyal?

We bet you say "yes" to all of these questions. So, how can you do this? Well, by running social media for your business!

There are around 3.96 billion social media* users to the current date. And, of course, there are lots of business accounts among them.

Your best option now is to create accounts on the networks that will help you communicate with your audience. Earlier, we've described how to reach each generation more effectively. So, check the article to learn what networks you should use.

And now, let's move to the benefits of social media for business. We've gathered 11 persuasive reasons to run some social accounts.


1. Increase brand awareness

Why is social media important for your business?

Well, when you start a company, you want the world to hear about it. And taking into account the number of social media users, you can easily reach this goal.

In fact, there are almost 4 billion social media users now. Yet, the number is projected to grow to 4.41 billion by 2025*. So, that's great potential to spread the word about your business.

Here are some more jaw-dropping statistics^:

  • 78% of Gen Z learn about companies via social media,
  • 61% of Millennials learn about companies via social media,
  • 56% of Gen X learn about companies via social media,
  • 35% of Baby Boomers learn about companies via social media.

Moreover, according to the same source, 34% of people use social networking sites to discover new companies. Thus, that's an opportunity not to miss out.

social media use by years

How can you reach new audiences? There are a variety of ways. You can do it organically by creating quality content, using special tags, and mentioning your GEO. Also, you can create paid campaigns to reach your target customers.

For instance, if you want more people to learn about your company blog, you can use the guest posting and place content on respected publications.

2. Make your brand more human

Another reason for using social media platforms for business is to make your brand more human. And that's vital while the perception of business by customers is completely different now.

Did you know that 80% of users^ expect brands to have a social media presence to interact with them in meaningful ways? We believe that's a worthy ground to be closer to your customers. This way, consumers can communicate with your brand just like with their friends.

Moreover, social media platforms allow you to show a more personal part of your business. You can show how your team brainstorms ideas for new products. There's an option to show how your team takes a rest together.

How can you integrate these types of posts into your social media feed? Firstly, you can place them in your main account as Disney does. Or you can create a separate account as Canva.

social media for business

3. Become an influencer

Regardless of whether you are running social media for a small business or a multinational company, your goal is to become an influencer. MuseFind reports that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than traditional media.

This way, if you have "weight" in the social media room, you can set trends and influence people's decisions.

Check the most popular social media networks according to the latest Statista data. As you can see, the most used platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

Research where your audience spends most of their time. Create a content plan with a detailed calendar and appropriate content.

the most used social media

4. Attract traffic to your site

Social platforms can be the driving force when it comes to getting more traffic to your website. So, other social media tips for business we will give are - sharing updates, news, etc., via your social accounts and redirecting people to your site.

You can notice many online publications posting actual links to the freshest articles in their profile info. If you are using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or X (ex-Twitter) - you can easily link to your site in every post you make.

The point is to create a catchy post, choose the right message, and post at the correct time. This way, your followers are highly likely to check the full information on your site. Moreover, 23% of social media users^ share company-related content. So, even many more people can visit your site.

So, make sure you spread the word about your site and add posts like these to your calendar. Moreover, keeping everything organized is super easy with social media tools. Plus, you will know how users interact with such kinds of posts.

Besides, CMI reports that 87% of marketers say that the benefit of social media is web traffic growth.

why is social media important for your business

5. Increase customer loyalty

Everything is customer-centric now. And social media can also work in users' favor.

Based on data from various sources, 65% to 97% of customers are loyal to at least one brand. So, you can do your best to be that brand and have returning customers. It's essential in terms of sales, as it's always easier to upsell or sell more to existing consumers.

How can you grow loyalty? For instance, one in four buyers stays loyal to brands that reward clients for loyalty and make them feel valued. Use your social media accounts to provide special offers to your customers. Show them that you value their opinion. You can also let them influence certain decisions by creating polls or questionnaires.

how to use social media for business

6. Generate leads

Sure thing, using social media for business lets you generate more leads. What's great is that this strategy works for both B2C and B2B companies.

Yet, how can you turn followers into people who are really interested in your products? Here are some effective tactics you can use to get quality leads.

  • Create lead magnets to gather users' information. That allows you to turn prospects into leads via the next step - email marketing.
  • Share feedback, reactions, and testimonials from your real buyers. That will make your company more reliable, and users will check your products more willingly.
  • Make social media ads with special offers. Set up targeted ads with promotions like free trials, subscription discounts, etc.
  • Engage sponsored posts. Let reputable influencers from your industry recommend your brand.

That's how you can attract leads to your company's site. And then, you can go to the next stage - turning leads into buyers.

examples of using social media for business

7. Grow sales

Sales are the final goal for most companies. And social media can contribute to this aim. SproutSocial shares that 90% of users normally buy stuff from a brand they follow on social media.

So, use social media networks to climb the mountain of impressive sales. Your way will consist of the previous steps we've described.

Simply put, you need to choose fitting social media platforms, create a content plan for them, attract users organically and via paid ads, and get traffic. Then work on turning prospects into leads and leads into buying customers.

benefits of social media for business

8. Promote your content

Social media is a perfect place to promote your content. If you are a blogger or your company runs a blog, it's the right move to reshare your articles on social.

You can promote your blog posts in full, or you can repurpose them. That said, you can share statistics you used in your articles, interesting facts, or quotes.

Thus, you invite users to go to your blog to get a deeper understanding of a topic. Also, it will be the next steps of the customer's journey that leads to a product purchase.

social media post ideas for business

9. Create viral trends

We call it "going viral" in the marketing industry. That means content that you create takes off on social media and gets liked and shared by thousands, if not millions, of people quickly.

The viral trend you create can spread on various social media. But highly likely, it will be TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Of course, it will be fair to say that TikTok and Instagram have all the tools and means to go viral.

Sure thing, you'll need to generate some social media post ideas for your business account. Going viral also requires thorough research and planning.

This way, you need to create an initial idea and write a brief. Also, you should know your audience and understand what it's going like, and share.

Don't forget to write a good copy for your video, post, or reel. Use special hashtags and clear captions.

There are lots of viral videos from brands you've seen on Youtube - like Dumb Ways to Die from Melbourne Trains to the famous Volvo Truck split by Van Damme. Yet, try doing cool things wherever you can. For example, this TikTok user created a dance out of a Grammarly YouTube ad and gained 6 million views.

social media tiktok trends

10. Work with thought leaders

People trust family and friends' opinions when it comes to buying something. It has always been like this. Yet, nowadays, thought leaders have the same, if not bigger, influence on the decision-making process.

So, it's the right move to collaborate with influencers on the preferred social media networks. Earlier, we shared how to choose influencers for your business. We recommend checking this detailed guide to know what partnership can bring the best results.

Influencers can expose your brand in front of their audiences and drive them back to your profile. Make sure to collaborate with leaders from your industry to receive targeted and motivated clients.

Also, many colleagues recommend partnering with A-list thought leaders. Yet, we understand it could be unbearable for smaller businesses. In fact, it's a really worthy idea to work with micro-influencers (1,000 to 100,000 followers). Collaborating with them costs less, and they tend to have a more engaged audience.

social media for small business

11. Hire new bright professionals

And here comes another way how to use social media for business. You can hire new people thanks to social media platforms. That's an awesome opportunity to fill up your team with professionals and new ideas.

For instance, LinkedIn is not only an incredible platform for searching for professional connections and sharing the company's content, but it also helps you find new employees. LinkedIn offers a toolset for posting detailed job offerings.

Moreover, when you create a new opening from your profile, the network will add the tag "Hiring" to your profile photo. This way, your connections will know they you are looking for new team members.

Anyway, you can look for new people by using Instagram. You can make posts and stories and encourage people to apply for a job. You can create a quick test task by using interactive elements to immediately short-list some candidates.

social media platforms for business to hire people


Use social media for business to give it a second wind or open new opportunities. Taking into account an ever-growing social media population, social accounts can palpably improve your company's state.

Once again, keep in mind these statistics^:

  • 43% of users follow a brand or a business,
  • 32% of users leave feedback on products or services,
  • 23% of users share company-related content,
  • 21% of users report issues with products via the brand's social media accounts,
  • 20% of users private message or DM companies or brands,
  • 20% of users follow an influencer who is a brand ambassador,
  • 18% of users tag businesses or brands in posts.

It proves that people actively interact with social media. So, be present to grow your influence. Let more people know about your products and persuade users to buy them. Build fast and friendly communication with your followers.

Honestly, social media gives you impressive freedom in your ideas, activities, and interactions.

Moreover, you can monetize your social media platforms thanks to Adsy!

Tell us more about your experience with social media. Do you run your accounts? What platforms do you use, and how effective are they? Leave your comments down below.

* data from Statista

^ data from Business 2 Community

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