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11 Ways How Content Writing Helps Business

Content Marketing
content writing

So, you've started a business. With all ups and downs, you ensure it's up and running. Yet, you cannot deny the present competition and everyday challenges you face.

But is it possible to change your business's state and outperform your rivals? Well, the answer is "yes."

Content writing can be your key to flourishing and prosperity. It's a powerful tool that some businesses sadly miss.

Before saying, "we are not writers; we produce dog food/airplane engines/boats," read this article. Trust us, you'll find 11 worthy reasons to incorporate content writing into your business strategy.


What is content writing?

Let's refer to the content writing notion to understand that it is not traditional writing that we'll see in, e.g., books.

Content writing is writing, planning, and editing web content usually set for digital marketing purposes.

That defines a wide range of goals content writing can serve. We need to make something clear. Content writing is not solely about composing articles for corporate blogs.

It is much more diverse. With that said, content writing includes content creation for videos, social media, whitepapers, landing pages, podcast copy, and so on.

what is content writing

Content writing benefits

This definition leads us to a very important conclusion. As content writing is so multifaceted, it can offer your business lots of perks.

1. Reaching out to the target audience

How will people even know about your business?

Well, that's when content comes into the spotlight. According to various sources:

  • 71% of consumers prefer to discover brands themselves which also includes online searches (Media Me),
  • 43% of people learn about new products, services, or brands via social media (Business2Community),
  • the majority of people get recommendations from friends and family (Lenni's Newsletter).

Yet, to get coverage on any of these channels, you need to create content. Be it a corporate blog, social media, guest posting, or Youtube videos; you will reach them with the help of content.

Nevertheless, here comes another condition. If you want to communicate with the correct audience, you should clearly understand who your customers are. So, first, create a buyer persona. Make it as detailed as possible. That will allow you to be more precise in your marketing message.

Then move on to content composition. Remember that content writing for different channels will be different.

You can write long reads to educate your readers or tell stories about your brand in your blog. Use shorter posts when it comes to social media networks. Thus, whatever format you choose - put your audience first.

content writing benefits

2. Ranking higher on SERP

Let's learn a new phrase - content is SEO. Think for yourself, content is an inseparable part of search engine optimization. It's impossible to communicate with Internet users without texts, posts, videos, etc.

So, will content influence your ranking on SERP? Well, content is one of the pillars search engines stand.

The main goal of any search engine is to connect users to the most relevant and helpful source of information. And your articles, landing pages, knowledge bases, etc., can be that place where Google or Bing will send users to.

Now, you can think: "It's time to optimize our content for search engines! That's how our business can shine!"

But we beg you to forget about this approach. Now you cannot get to top positions by stuffing your content with keywords. Google clearly tells everyone to have people in mind first.

So, search engines will reward you if you create useful, relevant, unique, and quality content. We advise you to take into consideration two parts - the human and SEO one. Best practices of SEO content writing will ensure your business gets the best result.

3. Creating your brand voice

Turning your business into a well-established brand should be among your goals. That's why content writing is exceptionally vital for marketing your business.

Firstly, you should understand that business doesn't equal brand. In fact, a brand stands for a business and marketing concept that helps people identify a particular company. It's something that will help to set your company apart from hundreds of thousands of existing ones.

Let's see what Content Marketing Institute says about this notion:

Brand voice … is a consistent voice that enables your brand to be an easily identified and authoritative source in your area of expertise.

Based on this, there are a couple of things you should know for sure - your industry and target audience. Here's where you need to refer to a buyer persona once again.

See who your main clients and potential audience are. Build up your brand's voice based on their age, occupation, sex, income rate, etc. We think it's clear that you will use different language and approaches when marketing gen Z and baby boomers.

Read now: How to Apply Content Marketing Strategies for Different Generations

Revise your current tone of voice and the messages you use. Conduct research to know how your TA communicates naturally, what their pain and challenges are, and try to predict their wishes.

For instance, on their Retail Business page, Apple uses terms and phrases commonly used by small business owners or entrepreneurs. This way, they show they are in tune with their clients.

what is brand voice

4. Showing your expertise

Working on your business's establishment is not only promoting your products and trying to sell. Yes, that's part of the deal. But there are more components you should take care of.

Remember what Google says about content. You should create it with people in mind. And that will be valuable not only for search engines but also for users.

  • By creating content, you can show your expertise in the industry you work. Establishing yourself as an authority source is extremely essential right now. Trust us, it's not about showing off.
  • By becoming a trusted site, you push your business to new heights. Firstly, people can refer to you as a source of information. With that said, you can become someone's table-top book. Accordingly, people can share your blog/eBook/any other marketing material with family and friends. And we should never underestimate buzz marketing.

On top of that, you can establish relationships with other industry experts. That will definitely give you some extra points. Thanks to partnerships like these, you can also receive more visitors and grow SERP ranks.

Your online business cannot survive without backlinks. There are a variety of ways of building links. And your content is what actually can deliver you some quality backlinks. That's why we recommend taking good care during content writing for blogs.

In the first and fourth points, we talked about how to interact with your audience. We also did mention content quality importance.

In fact, if you compose the right content for the right audience, people will learn about you. Create buzz about your business thanks to top-tier articles, helpful landing pages, or in-depth guides.

Also, don't be afraid to give this content for free. Give yourself time, and you'll notice how everything is paying off. Backlinks will become your reward.

The point is that backlinks will:

  • Help you grow higher on the search result page. More people will see your site and visit it. So, you can have more potential buying clients.
  • Grow your brand awareness. Well, not the backlinks themselves, but your brand mention/solution/citation with a link back to you.
  • Bring you referral traffic. That means you get people interested in your company. Moreover, that shows search engines people find your site helpful.

So, take your time when writing content. The more relatable, in-depth, quality, and problem-solving it is, the more backlinks you can receive.

white hat link building

6. Making influence

Did you know that 81% of US customers trust the information on blogs? Moreover, 84% of online shoppers have purchased goods based on descriptions they read in a blog. So, why not become one of those blogs?

Once again, content writing is the tool you will use. Content formats you can employ to influence people's decisions are really countless.

First of all, you can check what content works better for your industry. This way, you can concentrate on some content formats you can use to acquire customers.

Of course, get to know the latest content writing trends. That allows you to create content of immediate interest that is also modern and engaging.

Write not just texts but stories to touch your audience. That's how you can really capture people's minds and direct the audience where you want them to.

7. Generating leads

So far, you've seen different content writing benefits. And lead generation is definitely one of them. And you may assume it is one of the most vital in terms of running a business.

Content writing serves you diversely when it comes to attracting leads.

Add the right target keywords in your texts so that your target audience can find you. Also, don't forget to provide solutions for users' queries. If you show that you can solve people's problems, they can convert from simple readers to leads and then buyers.

Write brilliant scripts for your videos. You can also offer video tutorials or educational materials to show that your business is what people want. Or create memorable and unique videos to grow brand awareness. Tell your customers stories. This way, the loyal part of your audience will most likely make a purchase.

Social media are also a great way to generate leads. And once again, you will need outstanding content to attract people and make them want to buy from your company.

lead generation

8. Standing out from competitors

We've mentioned that almost all Internet users read blogs. Nevertheless, it's also hard to imagine a modern human's life without social media networks, Youtube, etc. So, if you produce content, you are ten times ahead of your competitors that don't.

Now, everything runs to personalization and humanization. That's why faceless businesses lose.

By producing content, you can become an industry leader. This way, people and other businesses can trust you and look up to you as an authority source.

If you engage in brand storytelling, you can build stronger relationships with your customers. Thanks to this, you can attract more attention and acquire more potential buyers.

And, of course, in virtue of content's connection and positive influence on SEO, you will literally stand out from competitors. (Yes, that's because of a higher position on SERP.)

9. Promoting your business

Of course, blogging helps you promote your business. Yet, let's keep in mind that content writing is much wider than just running a blog.

This way, you can serve different promotion channels and spread the word about your business. From Twitter to Youtube or Reddit and paid ads on relevant sites, there are lots of options to choose from.

You can build a reputation among the audience, get shared by it, and build even more connections.

promote business with content writing

10. Nurturing brand ambassadors

Customers are business's everything. We've mentioned multiply that you should put their needs first. And if you succeed in this task with the help of content writing, you can get another cool benefit.

Some part of your audience might like your content so much that they can become your brand ambassadors. What does this mean?

Often this term is referred to as a hired person that represents a company in a good light. But you can have this person without spending a cent. And all thanks to your content!

This way, your brand ambassador can talk about your brand on their social media, mention it in posts, or recommend it to friends and family.

11. Having more loyal customers

Of course, it's not possible to turn all your customers into brand ambassadors. Nevertheless, content writing can get you a loyal audience.

And trust us, one loyal buyer is worth three or five new.

This way, don't forget to pay close attention to your current consumers. Always be in touch with them. Ask them if they enjoy your content and find it helpful.

You can share success stories from your real customers. That will show that you listen to their opinion and value that they choose your business.


It can be really hard to become an outstanding business without content writing.

If you don't include it in your marketing plan, you miss a lot of opportunities. Your site won't rank as high as you wish. Your clients won't find any emotional connection with your company. It will be hard to create a buzz about your business on social media.

So, we highly recommend paying attention to content creation. Your content marketing team should do its best to make your business shine.

Yet, if you cannot allow having an in-house team, you can hire a content writing service. In this case, you will only outline what content you want to create and give your requirements.

We want to hear from you! Do you incorporate content writing into your strategy? How successful is it? Leave your comments down below.

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