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5 Top Trends in Content Writing in 2023

Content Marketing
content writing

Content writing is an indispensable part of doing business.

Often exactly content defines how popular and successful your company is on the Internet. That’s why you should keep an eye on and align with the most current trends.

So, will 2023 be different from other years, and should you re-invent your content marketing strategy?

That’s a nice question.

Content still plays a huge role in a business’s development and growth. Moreover, 70% of content marketers actively invest in content marketing.

Well, should your company invest more in content creation? What are the main trends in content writing in 2023?

Continue reading to be aware of what content will be the most effective this year.


How will content writing change in 2023?

It won’t be a huge surprise if we say that everything is changing and evolving. Content writing is changing too to fit the needs of users and search engines.

Yet, before we jump straight to changes, let’s answer one question - what is content writing?

We can define content writing as planning, creating, and editing content for the web, usually with digital marketing goals.

So, what’s going be different in this process, and how is writing evolving in 2023?

In 2020 Statista held marketing research where content marketers confirmed that a budget increase could help grow content marketing effectiveness. And in 2021, 60% of firms* increased their content marketing budgets.

That leads us to the conclusion that content shows great results and ROI. So, we expect that both B2B and B2C companies will enlarge their budgets in the current year.

Also, more B2B and B2C (39% and 46% accordingly*) companies published content several times a week in 2021 compared to 2020. In 2023, you can post content several times a week as major companies do. Yet, remember not to go overboard. If you are not an online publication or a news blog, posting two times a week is fine.

And what about content formats?

According to the study*, there are three main content types that hold leading roles for both B2B and B2C sectors.

Text 78% Video 78%
Video 71% Image 77%
Image 65% Text 70%

Moreover, whitepapers and studies are in the top 10 formats. As you can see, written types of content are still holding strong positions.

Anyway, what’s about the pandemic? Has it changed the essence and message of content?

Firstly, last years have shown us that we should approach users and humans first, not only buyers, incoming traffic, etc. This year this format of communication will only strengthen.

Content Marketing Institute has held research. Here are some responses it has received.

“We increased our empathy toward our audience and found them to be more receptive.”

“Many of our potential customers had a very rough year, while our revenue actually went up. We had to practice a lot of compassion and restraint.”

“More empathy and less hard sell.”

Statista’s “Content Marketing Report” confirms these statements. In this connection, 55% of B2B and 46% of B2C companies* have fastened digital transformation processes.

types of content writing

As you can see, content continues to be the top priority for marketers. On top of that, written content is still among your best options.

If you keep in mind some essential approaches to content creation, you can grow your customer base.

So, here are five things you should consider to develop your content writing in 2023.

Users are your #1 priority

CMI reported that the most successful content marketers prioritize the informational needs of their audiences.

Putting your customers first might be the biggest success driver this year. As we mention in the previous section, esteem your users as real people.

In our previous article, we talked about the requirements for content. The key point is that content has to answer users’ queries they put into the search box.

You can create a buyer persona to better understand your audience.

That will help you ask the right questions. As a result, you will get your users’ needs better. What questions are they more likely to ask? What information will they search for? What is important to them?

Whatever industry you are in, be useful for your audience during their journey. If you know what they need or can guess the search intent, you’ll win.

Google gives advice on how to write better content for people.

how to write content

Use SEO content writing best practices

A well-thought-out content strategy is a must nowadays.

Despite content planning and further editing, you have to know what best content writing practices to employ.

Perhaps, the best advice we can give here is SEO writing.

SEO writing is content creation that takes into account both search engines and users.

Thanks to these principles, you can make a perfect blend of engaging content that will interest users and get noticed by search engines.

Order SEO content writing services. Adsy will help you reach top positions on major search engines.

Order quality content!

How to write SEO content

  1. Optimize your keywords. Professionals advise targeting 80% evergreen keywords in your niche and 20% trending ones. Use tools like Ahrefs Google Keyword Planner to find fitting keywords.
  2. Get creative with the title tag. Write headlines that answer users’ queries and engage them. Also, use a target keyword in your tag. The best-performing headlines are around 40 characters and have numbers in them.
  3. Take care of meta descriptions. Meta descriptions provide further information about your article. It should also have keywords in it and be persuasive. The optimal length is 120-130 characters. Adding meta descriptions results in 5.8% more clicks.
  4. Use headers. Headers with keywords in them not only help crawlers but also allow you to divide your content into logical sections. They make your texts more readable and improve UX.
  5. Mind content quality. Your content should be up-to-date, unique, and helpful. Additionally, create structured articles (by using H2, H3, H4 headers), don’t make too long paragraphs (up to five lines), use text formatting (by using bold and italics).
  6. Add visual content. 70% of companies invest in visual marketing strategies. Visuals help users perceive your content better. It can also provide further information on the chosen topic. On top of that, content with visual elements gets more shares.
  7. Put internal links. This type of link gives search engines more information about the current page and the page you are linking to. Moreover, you improve user experience as you provide more relevant information.

Use these seven rules to create optimized content that will help you shine in 2023.

SEO content writing

Personalize content

Generic content is not an option anymore.

Personalization plays a huge role throughout various content types. For example,

  • When the message and subject line in the email is personalized, an average open rate is 5.9% better and a click rate 0.2% better.
  • Personalized homepage promotions influenced 85% of customers to make a purchase.
  • 79% of users state they are only likely to engage with a deal if it has been personalized.
  • 87% of users surveyed shared that personalized content positively influences how they feel about a brand.

And here are much more personalization perks you can see.

Taking into account that you need to find a personal approach, you can do certain things.

Firstly, you can segment your audience. For example, Adsy’s main audience is divided into two groups - buyers and publishers. So, we create content based on their interests and needs.

Also, you can personalize your content based on the marketing funnel stage. That means users on the awareness and advocacy need a different message.

And most marketers support this approach. 42% of B2B and 38% of B2C companies* assume personalized content distribution throughout the customer’s journey is highly important.

content marketing

Diversify your content

Smart content marketers know how to diversify and repurpose content.

Nowadays, one type of content is not enough to grab users’ attention. So, your writing should go beyond blog content creation only.

A great piece of news is that you can make various content types out of your blog articles. Turn them into infographics, combine elements to create social media content, and so on.

For instance, we at Adsy also convert our blog articles into audio form and publish them on the podcasting platform. This way, our customers can choose what content format is more fitting for them.

Many industry leaders like Neil Patel or Ahrefs turn their blog posts into videos. Thanks to this, they palpably enlarge their coverage and can reach new audiences.

Of course, when creating content, mind the most prominent types of content for 2023. That allows you to interest users and repurpose articles or other content more effectively.

Written content still rocks

We’ve already mentioned that text formats remain the top priority for both B2B and B2C companies.


  • 48% of B2B marketers use whitepapers,
  • 20% of B2C marketers use whitepapers,
  • 36% of B2B marketers use studies,
  • 21% of B2C marketers use studies.

But why is written content still so popular and important?

Firstly, articles can explain complex topics. On top of that, you can create long or short posts to support customers during their journey.

Secondly, you can grow brand awareness and turn users into loyal customers.

Thirdly, written content helps your site’s SEO. And that might be the biggest reason you should use this form of content.

As you write in-depth, unique, and relevant content filled with correct keywords, you help Google understand your site better. That results in a higher ranking on SERP and better visibility.


Content writing is evolving and changing based on trends and situations in the world.

If we define content writing in 2023, it will go around personalization, pandemic influence, and putting your customers first.

Challenge yourself to become the number one source users appeal to when searching for solutions or answers.

What will determine your content marketing strategy in 2023? What approach will you use? Share your thoughts in the comments.

*data marked with asterisk sign is based on Statista's 2020 Content Marketing Report and Statista 2022 Content Marketing Report; pictures #2 and #4 are from the same reports.

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