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Top 15 Courses for Content Writers to Perfect Your Skills

Content Marketing
Courses for Content Writers

Content and its consumption have long become a part of our lives. So, it’s no wonder that 46% of companies will increase their content creation spending in 2022.

Businesses continue to compete to win users’ minds. And content writing helps with this. But what does it take to compel the perfect piece of content?

Well, content writers should be aware of the latest trends and constantly increase their skills. To start your path in copywriting or improve your knowledge, enroll in content writing courses.

So, keep on reading to learn more about cool online courses for beginners and pros to fuel you with new ideas and strategies.


1. Content Marketing Institute Training

content writer course

Content Marketing Institute is an online platform for content marketing education, respected by thousands of content marketers all over the world.

It specializes in research, education, and training. Precisely that’s why it’s the perfect place for anyone who engages in content writing or marketing.

To start the content writer course, press the Training tab. The CMI will redirect you to University by Content Marketing Institute.

There you can learn everything about the upcoming courses. Go to “Curriculum” to get more details about the studying program. You can press the title of the studying block to get more details about each section.

During the program, you will get access to content tracks and quizzes to evaluate your knowledge. In addition, CMI provides full-scale content marketing courses with big blocks about content writing.

So, you will receive a voluminous and deep knowledge about all-thing content marketing. Plus the certificate will be available at the end of the training.

Pricing. We have to mention that this is not the cheapest course on the market. Be ready to spend from $595 per person. Thus, the CMI states that group discounts are possible.

2. Content Marketing Training by Neil Patel

courses for content writers

Neil Patel is a content marketing and SEO guru. And it’s great that he is willing to share his experience and knowledge with others.

Recently, Neil offers a variety of digital marketing courses. But we recommend you pay close attention to the Content Marketing course. To find it, go to neilpatel(dot)com - Training - Content Marketing.

The course consists of studying modules for four weeks. Yet, you can do everything at your own pace.

Each block contains a video and PDF educational materials. With this course, you can learn more about content marketing basics and, of course, content writing. In fact, Neil talks about content types, content clusters, and guest contributors.

Pricing. This training program is totally free! So, we suggest you check it to get some practical tips from a content marketing guru. Moreover, Patel offers some helpful templates as a part of studying modules.

3. Good with Words by Coursera

online content writer course

If you are only starting your way in content writing, you can enroll in this course. It’s a studying program by the University of Michigan. This course is the first part of the specialization (the whole course consists of four parts).

This training offers a deep dive into the writing itself. That said, you will learn how to compose texts in a user-friendly manner, describe complex topics, and improve your grammar and editing.

The University expects you to finish the course within four months. Yet, that’s the length if your pace is 4 hours per week. Anyway, you can work on the schedule that is comfortable for you.

The course contains educational materials like videos and readings. Students also receive quizzes to evaluate their knowledge.

Certification for students is possible at the end of the training. You can share your certificate in LinkedIn’s Certificate section or in any other fitting form.

Price. The service offers a seven-day free trial. Then you have to pay 45 euros per month. Coursera also offers financial aid.

4. Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative worlds, emerging technologies, and global audiences by Coursera

learning content writing

Do you want to extend your content writing skills? Then enroll in this course by UNSW Australia to learn how to tell stories across multiple platforms.

Learn how to create narratives and deliver them with the same success on web platforms, social media, mobile devices, and so on.

This course will teach you to build ideas and strategies for telling transmedia stories. You will also learn to better identify and understand the audience for more productive engagement.

This course will require around 26 hours of your time. But once again, you are free to work at your own pace. Another perk of this course is that your lecturers are the University’s Professors and Associate Professors, as well as professionals working in the field of entertainment, design, TV & video production, and so on.

You can receive a certificate at the end of the course. It is shareable on LinkedIn’s Certificate section or in any other fitting form.

Price. The service offers a seven-day free trial. Then you have to pay 45 euros per month. Coursera also offers financial aid.

5. The Content Writing Course by Udemy

online learning content writing

This course is a creation of Paul Jenkins, a writer and founder of Brilliantio. Over 40,000 students in 168 countries have enrolled in his online courses and given Paul great feedback.

This course is a fit for experienced content creators. Yet, if you are only started and ready to work hard and give your skills a massive boost, you are much welcome.

You will take a really deep dive into content creation matters and contemporary topics. With 26 sections and 88 lectures, you can palpably upgrade your expertise and approaches to content writing.

The course will show what it’s like to be a professional writer and tell you more about content writing methods and work with special writing tools. On top of that, you’ll learn how to edit and proof-check your content.

This training is really all-inclusive in terms of the content study itself and people who can enroll in it. This way, content creators, websites or blog owners, copywriters, content marketers, etc., are welcome to participate.

At the end of the course, students get certificates.

Price. The total price of this course is $84.99. Anyway, Udemy often provides fantastic discounts on select courses. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $14.99.

6. Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing by Udemy

training in content writing

Check this training by one of the top-selling Udemy authors - Tyler Speegle. He is a contributing author of renowned online publications like Huffington Post, The Blaze, and so on.

This course is a perfect fit for experienced professionals. Copywriters, bloggers, creative writers, journalists, content writers, and content creators are those who find these lectures the most effective.

Start this training if you’d like to be more productive, generate better ideas, and optimize your time. In fact, the course will teach how to work smarter with your content thanks to effective tools.

So, if you want to be aware of how to generate lots of ideas for a blog, create stunning headlines, and avoid common writing pitfalls - it’s your thing.

Udemy will provide you with 1.5 hours of video content, one article, and four downloadable sources. Sure thing, you will get a certificate at the end of this course.

Price. The full price of this course is $124.99. Anyway, Udemy often provides amazing discounts on select courses. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $24.99.

7. Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass+Power words eBook by Udemy

unique content writers

Content helps us reach different goals. This course will train you to create content for a website. You will learn the main aspects of writing content for the homepage, about us section, and blog.

The course consists of nine blocks and 45 lectures. You can get this training if you own a website (especially an eCommerce one) and wonder how to be a good content writer to cover marketing needs for your business. This way, you receive solid knowledge about how to fill your site with effective content.

Besides 4.5 hours of helpful videos, you will get ten downloadable sources. So, the course will cover your needs in educational content to start an engaging blog for your site or create a converting landing page.

To nail down knowledge, each trainee gets assignments. At the end of the course, it is possible to receive a certificate.

Price. The full price of this course is $129.99. Anyway, Udemy often provides impressive discounts on select courses. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $24.99.

8. The Blogging & Content Writing Guide to More Website Traffic by Udemy

unique content writers skills

When you write content, you want others to see it. That is, basically, one of the primary content creation goals. Because any other actions, like turning readers into leads and then into buyers, are only possible if users can find and check your content.

With this course, you will learn how to compose discoverable content. Rob & Jesper, the best-selling instructors who are the authors of this course, will give you lots of practical advice.

Therefore, you will learn how to rank your content higher on SERP with the help of SEO and backlinks. Moreover, you will learn to write optimized posts for your blog to reach stronger results.

The full course consists of nine sections, with the most lections concentrating on SEO content writing and copywriting (with 30 lectures out of 70 total).

This training will provide you with 6.5 hours of videos, nine articles, and 31 downloadable materials. Sure thing, a certificate is also available.

Price. The total price of this course is $84.99. Anyway, Udemy provides impressive discounts on select courses on a constant basis. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $14.99.

9. Content Writing & Copy Writing For SEO and Sales by Udemy

how to become a content writer

Do you want to grow sales with the help of content? Then choose this course to reach your goals.

This course is presented by another top-selling Udemy author John Colley. What’s incredible the training is a fit for both beginners and experienced authors. Yet, generally, copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, and site owners can enroll in this course.

The training will teach you how to work with copywriting formulas, proofread your texts, and add SEO elements to your copies. Besides, you’ll learn to create texts for landing pages, social media, and videos.

This course is rather voluminous. As a matter of fact, it contains 20 sections and 102 lectures. Thus, you can take a deep dive into all-thing copywriting. So, it is definitely worth your time.

You receive 6.5 hours of videos and 52 downloadable sources. Yet, the author will also provide you with free downloadable templates even if you do not enroll in this course. As usual, you get a certificate at the end of the training.

Price. The total price of this course is $99.99. Anyway, Udemy provides impressive discounts on select courses on a constant basis. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $19.99.

10. Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass by Udemy

how to be a good blogger

Do you want your content to be popular and reach an audience of readers? Then enroll in this course from Tyler Speegle. 181,229 students have already praised courses by him, so you can be among them and receive some valuable writing skills.

Learn how to ideate, write, and edit content better and faster. You will access a blogging template that Speegle worked out after years of working as a copywriter. That said, you’ll see how to choose great topics, create an article from scratch, and make it engaging and polished.

This training fits professionals who are already in the industry. So, bloggers, content creators, copywriters, and freelancers are welcome. Moreover, companies like Nasdaq, Volkswagen, and others recommend this course to their employees.

That’s a quick course comprising six sections and 16 lectures. And it totals one hour of video materials. At the end of the course, students can receive certificates.

Price. The total price of this course is $94.99. Anyway, Udemy provides impressive discounts on select courses on a constant basis. Thanks to this, this course might cost you only $19.99.

11. Creative Writing by MasterClass

how to learn creative writing

Get ready to upgrade your creative skills by taking a course from world-famous novelist Margaret Atwood. She is a two-time Booker Prize holder alongside countless honors and awards.

Besides, she is a person behind “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a book and later - one of Hulu’s best series. So, if you’d like to make your content as engaging as this outstanding work, check this course.

This training consists of 23 lectures. After making your feet wet with this studying material, you’ll learn how to start your writing path, how to build a story and a plot, and a lot more.

Of course, you can say that you are a blogger or copywriter without planning to compose a book. Yet, we believe in pushing your boundaries and learning from the most respected people in the writing and content marketing industries.

Price. To start any course at MasterClass (including this one), you need to subscribe. The plan costs $180 a year and gives access to existing and new courses.

12. Content Marketing Course by Hubspot

best content marketing course

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service from the US. They’ve been on the market for almost 20 years and have become one of the top destinations for marketers and writers.

Hubspot is a great educational resource thanks to its blog, guides, eBooks, etc. But above this, there is an Academy with many helpful courses. And one of them is Content Marketing.

This training is appropriate for inbound and marketing professionals and content producers. There is no direct mention of the entry-level. So, everyone is welcome to apply.

There is a total of 12 lessons and 54 videos. The whole program takes 6:12 hours of material. Finally, you will have access to 11 quizzes to seal your knowledge.

With this course, you will learn how to create content, generate ideas, plan guest posting strategy, make topic clusters and pillar pages, and lots more. In fact, this program is stuffed with lots of practical information.

Price. This course is free. So, if you are only making your first steps, it’s the proper training to try.

13. Introduction to Content Writing: Writing Principles, Tactics & Career Options by SkilllShare

copywriting in digital marketing course

Here is another example of a program that fits beginner content writers, bloggers, and copywriters. Also, you can try this course if you are willing to learn a new skill (and this exact skill won’t be odd, trust us).

This program will guide you through all the main elements of content writing. As such, you will learn more about the origin of content writing, types of content, and writing approaches. But above this, you’ll see how to start your career as a content writer or freelance writer.

This program consists of nine lessons and lasts 37 minutes.

Price. SkillShare provides seven free trial days. After this, users have to pay $13.99 per month (will be billed $167.88 annually).

14. How to Create Content Consistently | 7 Day Blogging Challenge by SkillShare

product content writer

If you are ready to spend less than five minutes per day during the one week, then enroll in this program! After this course, you will have four ready-to-publish content pieces, and that’s dope.

The training will help you find the motivation to start blogging and write content consistently. You will learn how to turn one content idea into multiple and keep your articles engaging and useful. The author will also walk you through the content creation phases.

This course consists of nine short videos that total 49 minutes.

Regardless of your experience, you are welcome to check the videos and write down helpful pieces of advice.

Price. SkillShare provides seven free trial days. After this, users have to pay $13.99 per month (will be billed $167.88 annually).

15. How to Write Case Studies That Are Actually Good by SkillShare

product content writer training

This course is about specific content type writing - the case study. We’ve decided to include this training as case studies are among the top five most effective content types.

The program is better for experienced content writers with prior experience composing case studies. So, why will this course be helpful?

You will change your approach to case study creation. It won’t longer be a dewless description of customer success that is easy to forget. Instead, you’ll learn storytelling methods to take your studies to a qualitatively new level.

The course contains ten lectures, and everything will take 4 minutes of your time.

Price. SkillShare provides seven free trial days. After this, users have to pay $13.99 per month (will be billed $167.88 annually).


Whether you are searching for how to be a good product content writer or only learning content writing, there will always be a fitting course.

In this article, we did our best to find courses that cover different aspects of content creation. This way, you can strengthen your writing and editing skills, learn how to be creative and generate ideas, and lots more.

On top of this, you can pick courses for content writers that cover various levels - from beginners to expert creators. Also, there is always a chance to find a fair price.

And now share your experience. Have you ever enrolled in a content writing course? Was it helpful? Or, maybe, you’d like to try one? Share your comments down below.

N.B. This article shares our point of view. Before spending money on paid courses, read attentively what skills it helps to upgrade and check feedback from the training's students. Adsy does not have responsibility for the quality of chosen courses and the results you get.
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