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Guest Blog Posting in 2024: Find Top Sites & Grow Your Ranks (Infographic)

Guest Posting Tips
Guest Blog Posting

Anyone who runs a business or grows a personal brand understands the importance of being noticed. The amount of content nowadays is brutal!

7.5 million blog posts appear on the Internet daily. Yet, only content that ranks on the top of SERP gets the juice and 39.8% CTR.

So, what magic solution can help you reach ranking and traffic heights? Well, that’s guest blog posting. Have you heard of it?

Continue reading to learn about this tactic that can bring you quality backlinks to strengthen your site’s authority and boost its SERP position. Learn how a guest blog posting service can optimize the link building process for you. And, finally, see what sites and publishers to pick to get the most out of the guest posting strategy in 2024.


guest blog posting

Guest posting in 2024

Guest posting on blogs in 2024 will have its peculiarities. As it is still content (yet that you publish on an external site), your posts should align with Google’s latest E-E-A-T and quality approaches.

Try to provide value to the audience to gain not only backlinks but also referral traffic and spark interest in new readers.

Nevertheless, let’s dive deeper into the topic called “guest posting” or “guest blogging.”

What is guest posting?

It’s an action of posting your content (articles or posts) with links to your site on third-party websites or blogs.

Why use guest posting?

If you are open to guest posting opportunities, you have to learn what perks it can offer. Here are the main reasons to use this strategy.

  1. Building quality backlinks. Guest posting is probably one of the few link building techniques where you can control links’ class.
  2. Full control over the backlinks. You can decide what sites link to your website and what type of links (dofollow/nofollow) you get.
  3. SERP position growth. Sites ranking higher on the search engine page tend to have more backlinks.
  4. Organic traffic increase. Sites that rank in the first ten SERP positions usually have higher CTR and, respectively, traffic.
  5. Referral traffic increase. Get referrals coming to your site from the platform where you’ve posted your guest content.

Guest posting service vs. Manual guest posting outreach

You can do guest posting outreach differently. Here, we compare two main ways - using a guest posting service and manual outreach. Check this table to learn the pros and cons of these methods.

Guest posting service

Manual outreach

85% time saved when using guest posting service

Helpful guides and FAQ on how to use the service

Long outreach process taking weeks

Need to figure out all the requirements on your own

Inventory of sites ready to accept guest content

Possibility to order content from publishers or service

No positive collaboration result guarantee

Necessity to provide your content to be published

Explicit filtering system (DA, organic traffic, categories, etc.)

Support team ready to solve your issues

Necessity to check sites’ metrics on third-party sites

The long process from finding a fitting site to getting the post published

Clear publishers’ metrics (to choose trustworthy ones)

Transparent pricing

Unclear reputation of a publisher or site owner

Prices can appear on the requirements page (not always)

Read more about guest posting opportunities here.

How to choose sites & publishers for guest posting

No pressure here, but choosing a guest blog posting service is the best option you can choose. It optimizes lots of processes - from selecting the right sites to partnering with reliable performers.

Here are the main things you need to consider when:

Picking sites

  1. Applicable industry
  2. Fitting site metrics (DA, DR, etc.)
  3. Correct language
  4. Follow/nofollow links
  5. Content marked/not marked sponsored

You can learn more about selecting the correct sites here.

Picking publishers

  1. Publishers’ metrics (unique to every service)
  2. Publishers rating
  3. Feedback about publishers
  4. Prices for publishers' services
  5. Additional information about the publisher (if any)

And here’s a free guide on choosing the right publisher. We’ve shared all our experience and insights in this guide to make your choice as beneficial as possible.

Guest posting statistics 2024

And let’s finalize this article with some statistics that prove that guest posting is not dead in 2024!

  • 60% of companies write one to five guest posts per month.
  • 56% of bloggers place posts on multiple websites. (ReferralRock)
  • Guest posting strategies can help to attract 36,733 email subscribers. (Neil Patel)
  • Ryan Stewart of Webris attracted about 90% of his customers via guest posting. (BloggerJet)
  • Leo Widrich of Buffer acquired over 100,000 clients for BufferApp through guest posting. (SearchEngineWatch)
  • Guest blogging provides 3x more leads close to conversion. (Adsy)
  • Guest posting allows a 75% increase in direct sales thanks to the hot leads. (Adsy)

Catch the full statistics in this post.


Whether you are already using guest blog posting to boost your SEO or only planning to do this, we hope this infographic will come in handy.

Guest posting has long been known as an opportunity not only to buy links but also to grow your brand awareness, get partnerships, acquire referral traffic, and lots more.

Do you use guest blogging? How effective is it for your business? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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