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5 AI Image Creation Tools to Boost Your Visual Marketing

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AI Image Creation Tools

34.3% of content marketers shared that visuals comprised at least 20-50% of their overall content marketing strategy.

That’s an impressive number, and we recommend paying attention to it. Why so?

Well, images help your content shine brighter and be more recognizable. You can add more meaning to your articles, provide visualization on complex topics, and even get extra traffic, thanks to your visual content! (If you don’t forget to optimize for Google image search.)

Exactly AI image creation tools can help you with unique pictures to wow your audience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to create something unique that will be associated with your brand or company.

We’ve selected five free AI visual creation tools to help you boost your visual content strategy.


1. Canva

Canva is probably one of the most popular image creation tools. One might know it for wide use when it comes to creating visual content for social media.

Yet, it perfectly fits when it comes to creating pictures for your articles. You can not only use hundreds of pre-made designs but also use in-built AI image tools Canva has.

Let’s start from the beginning. Firstly, you need to create an account. Canva is free to use (unless you decide to create a paid account, which will also be free for a month).

canva visual marketing

After you’ve logged in, make a blank page with a fitting size or choose the ready format. Then, go to Apps on the left menu and choose AI tools that will assist in creating images.

ai image creation tools

This screenshot shows what integrations Canva has. You can add the following AI image generators:

  • DALL-E,
  • Magic Media,
  • Mojo AI,
  • Imagen,
  • Illustroke,
  • Paintify.

Anyway, the list goes on as there are more image tools to help you with certain things, from improving quality to adding special effects.

But you already have an extensive list of AI visual creation tools in one place. Pick any you like the most to start generating the pictures. Let’s create one text prompt to use across all services shared in this article:

“oil painting of a garden with a lake and a wooden bridge”

In the case of Canva, we decided to test DALL-E as it’s a hit AI tool by the well-known OpenAI. As you can see, we’ve made a text input and received two options to pick from.

dall-e ai tool

The image itself is really qualitative and looks like a true oil painting! The thing is, it’s square, while we need a bit of another dimension. Also, can we say that the background looks like a garden? It’s more like a forest to us. But maybe we should have made a more detailed prompt.

Nevertheless, this example shows that DALL-E integration in Canva understands your demands pretty clearly and gives a worthy result.

As Canva offers lots of integrations, let’s try one more just to compare. This time, we put the same description to Mojo AI.

ai image creation tools comparison

We’ve placed the picture generated by Mojo AI next to the DALL-E’s so that you can compare. The Mojo’s art looks more like a garden and a bridge we’ve expected to see. Yet, it seems to us more like a photo turned into a painting while DALL-E has created a true oil painting-feel image.

Nevertheless, Mojo AI provides more options. This way, you can choose the fitting dimensions (so square and landscape formats are available), there are lots of styles (digital art, 3D, anime, impressionist, etc.), and there are more credits available.

mojo ai image creation tool

But it’s up to you. Which option do you like the most? Don’t forget to share your opinion about these free AI image creation tools in the comments down below.

2. Fotor

Fotor is another Free AI image generator you can try. As usual, you need to register to start using the service.

There are various AI products this service offers, but we will concentrate on the image creation tool.

fotor ai image generator

The main Fotor page has a prompt window. So, let’s test this out and see what picture we receive. Remember that we will use the same prompt, “oil painting of a garden with a lake and a wooden bridge.”

ai image creation service

This tool offers two options to choose from. Here’s an example of one. Let’s say it’s a beginner oil-painter version.

Though the generated image looks like a painting, the quality is somewhat questionable compared to images generated by DALL-E or Mojo AI.

Some art from the Inspiration section looks more advanced and high-fidelity.

ai image examples

Of course, many things depend on the prompt you make and the style you choose. Thus, we keep using the same text for the test integrity.

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3. Craiyon

Craiyon is another free AI visual creation tool you can try. Register to start generating your image.

As you can see, you can apply a certain style straight ahead.

craiyon ai image generator

We think the “Art” style fits our goal, so we only need to paste our text prompt. You will receive nine (!) options to choose from.

ai-generated pictures

Though you receive more variants, they are pretty similar. The color palette is close on all pictures. Some generated images are not very accurate (the upper right pictures the bridge on the grass while it should go across the lake/river).

The quality of the picture itself is, unfortunately, very questionable.

Thus, we cannot deny that some art from the “Inspiration” section looks nice. We’d rather get it generated for our prompt.

ai-generated content

What we’ve noticed is that other users have given more direct instructions including that these should be Monet-style paintings.

4. Wepik

Wepik is a popular design tool for banners, brochures, cards, menus, etc. But recently, the company has added an AI image creation tool anyone can use.

Start by visiting the site and logging in. After, type the needed prompt. As usual, we use the “oil painting of a garden with a lake and a wooden bridge” text.

wepik free ai image generator

And that’s what we’ve got after waiting for six seconds - four AI-generated images to choose from.

ai image-generated example

This is our favorite option! It really looks like an oil painting and though it doesn’t have a full-scale bridge, it still passes the vibe.

Anyway, the other three options look quite qualitative, too. But what we’ve noticed is that the style of one picture (the last one on the right) is somewhat similar to the one generated by Moji AI (from Canva).

how to use ai image generator

That’s not bad anyway, as we all have different tastes. In fact, you will have 40 credits total to create an AI art.

5. Runway ML

Runway ML is an AI research company. Sounds technological and complicated. But, basically, it allows you to turn text into images or videos. Earlier, we discussed how to create videos with Runway ML’s help.

Today, we’ll show how you can generate some pictures. As always, open the site and sign in.

runway ml ai research company

After you log in, select Images - Generate in the menu on your left. Our next option to choose is “Text to image.” Use the “Settings” menu to fine-tune the perfect options for your images.

Then, type in the prompt. As always, we use the “oil painting of a garden with a lake and a wooden bridge” input.

runway ml ai image generator

That’s the results we’ve received. We need to mention that we’ve chosen the “Impressionist” style to make our pictures more painting-like.

We have to admit that the results are pretty qualitative, and the images really imitate the oil painting.

ai-generated art

This way, if this kind of style fits you, Runway ML will be a nice AI image creation tool. However, besides the “Impressionist” style, there are a lot of others, from digital art to 3D or cartoon art. So, you have a lot of space for creativity.


As you can see, there is a variety of AI image creation tools you can use for free. They have different capabilities and the final quality of images.

Also, you need to take into account that usually free account will limit you by credits available for image creation. Some, like DALL-E (integrated in Canva), offer only two credits, while Mojo AI (integrated in Canva) provides 76 credits.

What we’ve learned from using AI image generation tools is that your prompts should be rather precise. If you leave the AI algorithm with some broad topics, the results can be not too accurate.

Moreover, it’s a worthy idea to choose the AI image style to match your expectations. Thanks to this, you can fit your content mood and goal and complement your post or article in the best way possible.

Regarding the quality we’ve enjoyed the most, we would probably name DALL-E (but you need to take the dimensions and limited number of credits into account), Wepik, and Runway ML. The last two AI tools understand the prompts pretty well, generate high-fidelity images, and have many free credits.

Have you ever used AI image tools for your content? How do you like it? Leave your comments down below!

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