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Where to Buy Non-Spammy Backlinks in 2024

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Buy Non-Spammy Backlinks

It’s no news that backlinks are very important for your online marketing efforts.

We know it.

We get it.

We might not like it.

But we have little choice…

And because acquiring backlinks can sometimes feel like a “mission almost impossible,” many simply go for the paid links.

Still, anything worth doing is worth doing well, and the same goes for backlinks. It's better to buy white hat backlinks than to go for any shady grady options.

But that’s where the challenge begins.

If you google “buy backlinks,” you’ll get millions of options in 0.3 seconds. Does that mean all of them are good for you?

You know it already. Of course, no.

So, how do you spot a truly good place with quality links that can get you the results you want and won’t waste both your time and money? Let’s check it today.


Though Google returns lots of results with pages where you can purchase links, you shouldn’t go for all. We’ve gathered the list of the most popular places where people get paid dofollow links.

You can use these ideas as your guidelines while acquiring backlinks. As usual, we remind you to bear in mind that you need to pay attention to site quality and publisher competence.

1. Backlinks seller or marketplace

There are countless backlinks sellers and marketplaces where you can buy bulk backlinks or just order a few of them. Still, you want to stick to the services with good Trustpilot ratings, transparent practices, and verifiable records.

Your seller must use only Google-friendly link building practices that get you genuine SEO organic backlinks.

This includes doing the necessary outreach in your place, carefully choosing the best sites, and creating useful content for your readers. All this leads to you getting quality links.

This is basically the same thing you would do when building links by yourself.

Except now, it's outsourced to experts who have more experience and have built up better friendships across niches to ensure more successful outreach.

In case you choose a marketplace, make sure it has a big selection of website prospects and many filters to find what you need faster.

guest blogging service

Needless to say, this approach works much better than placing spammy links in forums and comment sections or receiving useless press releases.

Marketplaces or guest posting services allow you to find all the vital information about sites and publishers promptly. As the screenshot suggests, you can pick fitting sites based on DA, Spam score, language, niche, and lots more.

On top of that, marketplaces like Adsy strictly support quality standards. This way, you can choose the top publishers possible. You will see exhaustive information about performers from their rating to the percentage of successfully completed tasks or lifetime of backlinks they build.

2. Freelance platforms

freelance platforms

Platforms like Fiverr or Upwork are often the first port of call for newbie bloggers and webmasters who want to purchase backlinks SEO.

Still, you must be very cautious not to end up with someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing or uses automated tools for placing spammy links.

If you know what to look for, you could potentially get a really good deal there. But prepare to spend some time (probably more than you expect) in search of good professionals.

And even if you’re new to SEO, you probably know that getting too many cheap backlinks is just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. So don’t bank on offers that claim to give you thousands of quality links for the price of a cup of coffee.

3. Blogs

Reaching out to various blogs (yet, related to your industry) to get backlinks from them is one of the most popular strategies out there.

Probably also one of the first tactics ever created.

If before, you could simply make a deal and exchange links (you link to them, and they link to you), now, this approach won’t work in most cases. So, it's time to get creative.

Today, there are two main ways how you can directly purchase links on websites:

  • Automatic,
  • Manual.


The manual approach requires you to try finding websites that have a "write for us" or "submit a guest post" page via Google.

To find them, you can simply use the query below, and instead of “education,” use your target keyword or niche. Then, visit these pages and look for contacts or a contact form to fill in.

manual guest posting search

The only trouble is that such websites are usually (but not always) spammy, and you might not really like them.

In that case, you can try looking for pages without dedicated “write-for-us” pages. Getting in touch with the webmaster will be harder, but it is worth it.

Simply sending an email to their info address might not get you anywhere if the website is really good. So, try finding website owners on social networks and contact them there.

When someone answers, make sure you can offer them a topic that is relevant not only to you but to them as well.

Why? Well, the recent Google update now flags low-quality content even when (especially when) it is published on high DA sites to gain more link juice.


Now, how does the automatic way of getting backlinks look like? For this, you will need to use special tools like Ninja Outreach or BuzzSumo.

buzzsumo outreach

With their help, you can speed up the communication process with webmasters by automating email distribution.

Software like this will collect all available emails and create mailings.

It sounds great, but where do you get the mailing list? Actually, it’s either easier than you might think.

You can check the links your competitors have via Ahrefs or Semrush. And compile the contact information from those websites.

Besides, try entering the keywords you need into Google and gather a list of sites in the top 10-50 for these keywords.

If you want to save time, there are tools like ScrapeBox to help you out.

scrape box seo

In the end, you will get a list of potential pages for guest posting. Imagine – if you have a database of 100 target keywords, you can get 1,000-5,000 sites for your mailings.

The tough part is to get those webmasters interested in your offer.

Nevertheless, if you want to skip the process of finding email addresses, creating an outreach email, and waiting for days (or even weeks) for a reply, you can use a guest blogging platform help.

That’s the service that already has a huge database of sites that willingly accept guest posts. You can still use Ahrefs or Semrush to check where competitors take links from. Then, simply enter the URLs in the guest posting service search box.

Most probably, you find the desired sites there.

If not, you can use similar metrics like domain authority, domain rating, and spam score to build links from the no-less qualitative domains.

4. SEO forums

SEO forums are great online communities for all things that are search engine-related.

They come in different flavors, too, from super nerdy platforms to your run-of-the-mill SEO subreddits.

While not specifically designed as a place to sell or purchase backlinks, they still prove to be a place to get paid links if you know where to look.

Such communities are populated by optimization experts with different degrees of experience who can help anyone struggling with anything SEO, including acquiring paid links.

These SEO (aka digital marketing) forums are a big thing. Still, you have to choose one wisely.

Many beginners go straight to places like BlackHatWorld (BHW). But those options are definitely not for everyone. Why?

seo forums

Well, first of all, you risk falling into scams. And if you don’t have the experience to catch one, you will regret getting there in the first place.

Secondly, forums like BHW often have a focus on gray- and black-hat practices, which might get you in trouble (especially if you are lost in SEO).

Still, those places have some true hidden gems. And if you know what you’re looking for, you will definitely find it there. But again, remember – safety first.

How to get backlinks for free

Alright, but isn’t there a way you can get links for free? Truth be told, even if you buy backlinks for SEO, diversifying your tactics with some free methods to acquire links isn’t the worst idea.

Some of the most common ways you could try include:

  • Conduct thorough research. Take your time to find the best guest posting sites and then invite experts to write quality guest articles. The better your content is, the higher the chances of getting published.
  • Publish teasers of your content on Facebook, X, or LinkedIn. This way, more people can learn about your articles and share them. Try to make your teasers fresh, fun, and unusual if you want people to pay attention.
  • Arrange interviews. If you interview an interesting expert, many people would want to see it and spread the word about it. Just remember to stick to your niche and make your interview truly interesting and valuable.

buy backlinks

Source: @brendanaw on X

But all of these tactics invariably require a lot of consistent effort and budgets.

Sometimes, you end up spending more on these methods than you would have if you used paid links. Yet, you have little to no instant results to boast.

What’s worse is that even when it works, you may still end up experiencing link rot (aka link death) just when you are beginning to enjoy the benefits – the worst kind of a letdown.

About 66% of links from the last nine years have been going through this, according to a study by Ahrefs.

link rot 5 by domain

Source: Ahrefs

how to use paid backlinks

Source: @chimammeje on X

Still asking, “Should I buy backlinks for my website?” The truth is that it depends on the niche rather than on your attitude towards them.

If everyone in your niche uses paid links, then most likely, you will have to as well. Besides, there will be instances where paid links will help you reach your goals or targets faster.

Remember that backlinks have a big impact on your ability to rank higher than your competitors. But the decision is yours, though.

When you do choose to buy permanent backlinks, be sure to only collaborate with genuine trusted link services.

But whatever you do, keep in mind that successful SEO isn’t about paying or not paying for links; it’s about having a clear strategy.

how to effectively use link building

Source: @SEOKeval

No backlink (no matter how good of a quality it has) can help you if you’re just randomly trying different optimization tactics.

The only thing that will work in the long run is a STRATEGY.

Where should you start?

  1. Get your technical SEO in place (if your website takes ages to load and your images are the size of a hippo, link building won’t do).
  2. Optimize all your on-site pages (choose your target keywords, craft valuable content, etc.).
  3. Make sure your internal linking is organized (and you have it, in the first place).
  4. And only then start with link building. This one is definitely easier said than done.

As you need to have a strategic approach to your anchors, surrounding text, website choice, and dozens of other things.

But you can always leave all-thing link building our expert team, just FYI.


Knowing how and where to buy backlinks for SEO can save you from so many potential issues.

Of course, backlink quality is one of the major things you have to worry about. But apart from that, you have to ensure your link building strategy is sustainable and scalable.

Because spending months on acquiring one link won’t help you get to the top of search results, especially in a competitive niche.

So, keep that in mind when choosing your place to purchase backlinks.

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