10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing

10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing

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Updated: 29.04.2020

Whatever your business is, eventually, you’ll face the time you have to work on the expansion. But as soon as you increase your activity, it is inevitable that you’ll have to expand your marketing strategy. And this will eventually lead to the fact that you won’t be able to supervise the state of things personally. It means that the system you build has to be efficient enough.

If we speak of content marketing, it means you have to arrange regular updates and postings in a manner that doesn’t require your attention. Nevertheless, it could be quite uneasy, because the very essence of content marketing implies that you have to constantly invent something new and follow the process.

Though uneasy doesn’t necessarily mean impossible. Here, at Adsy, we have substantial experience in performing impossible tasks smooth and clear. So, here we go! Ten steps you should take to scale your content marketing without any significant issue.

1. Invest in your SEO

If users see your content on the first search results page, it will dramatically ease your work. Your team should consider SEO as a necessary part of your content marketing strategy. It means that at least all the necessary keywords must be incorporated into texts without further reminders. Moreover, there are also several actions that are highly recommended:

  • Search for additional distribution channels with backlinking, guest blogging, etc.;
  • Add internal links using guest posting service to draw traffic to additional website’s pages;
  • Mention your website on the Internet-discussions where possible;
  • Try to cover all the social media that are important for your business;
  • Work on the authority of your website.


In addition, you should also work on your brand’s optimization for local search. It means you should add your business’ address to your website. There is one Google’s feature marketers usually tend to forget, namely that this search engine pays great attention to local enterprises to satisfy users. Thus, on a search results page, your business will be shown higher for your local customers. It potentially may bring you lots of profit while working with some specific region.

2. Establish partnership within your industry

Your best way to increase your content marketing output is to create a community of same-minded people, sharing your interests. Usually, they can be found within the industry itself. For example, those who track your updates, share them, or start discussions. You can find them by investigating all the people around your sphere of interest. It could be influencers, bloggers, other publishers, or even people working for your competitors.

Finally, you can create a network of external authors, that will contribute to your business for some benefits as the reward. If that sounds quite uneasy for you, feel free to contact Adsy! We’ve got all the required assets to promote any kind of product. Anyway, when attracting outsource authors, you get additional promo efforts, that usually cost you almost nothing, and access to a new audience, you previously were not able to reach. It will help you to cover way more potential customers and spread your agenda as far as possible.

3. Cover all the media possible

Basically, you can split up your accessible media into three categories. These are:

A. Owned media. These are the media that are under your direct control – your website, your corporate blog, your social network pages, etc.

B. Paid media. These are the media that will help you to spread your agenda to various people, using paid methods, including advertisements, sponsored posts, banners and all the rest of paid promotion channels.

C. Earned media. These are the media that will promote you without your direct involvement through the reviews, shares, mentions, reposts, unpacking videos and all the similar means.

Your job is to get into the media plan of the third kind of media by using the first one. It means you have to publish the content people want to share and repost. When achieving this, you’ll be able to become visible for people in general and your potential customers in particular, thus, extending your audience.

4. Improve your branding

It is usually worth the efforts to work on some author's branding. If you can make at least a local star of one of your writers, it will help your brand a lot. People are more likely to trust a human opinion instead of a faceless corporation's message. It is always a good idea to show to your users who is the man behind content generation. It will help you to obtain more credibility, thus attracting new people by the witty authors figure.

To improve your personal branding, you can do the following:

  • Run an author’s column in a relevant blog;
  • Participate in online discussions as often as you can;
  • Launch a regular questions and answers session;
  • Publish regular interviews made by a specific author;
  • Work in collaboration with other authors and as an expert.

Your goal here is to make your authors recognizable. It means that running into them, users will gain more trust in their opinion and review, follow their activity and, eventually, come to your media resources to read and comment on them.

5. Work on your conversion

To measure the conversion of your content is halfway to the successful marketing campaign. Your job here is to determine what works good for you, and what should be adjusted. It can be applied to everything you produce, from blog posts and emails to articles and video clips. To achieve this, there are plenty of methods, including adding concise call-to-action messages, buttons and lots of other things that can be described in a separate article.

But you should note, that involving users is good, yet you have to work accurately on it because it is really easy to annoy people with constant efforts to get their emails or making them do something. The more actions you offer users to perform, the less your conversion can be. Before involving people in subscriptions, you have to offer a list of profits they gain from doing so. Finally, do not forget to run separate tests to figure out what is more effective and what can be adjusted. Sometimes a few modified words can affect the general effectiveness of your email above all your expectations.

6. Figure out what works good for you

...and do it again as many times as possible. To succeed in content marketing scoping, you have to know exactly what has a great impact on your audience, and what is not worth the efforts. There are numerous factors here, including the format, topics and even the length of a specific piece of content. To understand what’s good for you, keep an eye at least on the traffic rate, time spent on a page, a bounce rate, a number of shares and conversion rate. That’s the mandatory minimum.

Besides that, you should follow everyday analytics to track the issues in real-time. Pay attention to KPIs over a month, a quarter and a year. It is useful to see the trends and to react to them. It is also very useful to take personal control over all the most complex situations, allowing your team to resolve some minor issues. Do not try, however, to control everything.

7. Develop a unique content

The harder your content to duplicate, the easier the scaling process is. Make sure your content-marketing allows you to stand out among your competitors. Invest efforts into developing a plan with unique and really innovative articles. Your goal here is to be the one they repost, not the one who reposts someone’s else content. Take into account your content characteristics, such as its length, expertise and value, readability, etc.

Your job is to provide people with something really unique and not just post the trendy things. As usual, something good is always hard, yet this is something you have to keep in mind. Make your team dig for little known facts, offer them look at the problem under some unexpected angle, or investigate something that is hidden. Add as much value as you can, and make sure you’ve added more of it than your competitors have done. If you provide people with reallyawesome content, scaling your marketing will be way more easier.

8. Put your successful posts to work once again

There is always something more that can be said on almost any topic possible. Your past successful posts will give you a direction to develop further. First, you can use those old but gold articles to enter new channels. Second, those posts can always be rethought, expanded and supplemented by new and fresh ideas and tendencies. Third, you can use new forms and concepts and turn your gold post into an infographic, video, or even a book. Do not forget the articles that once gathered a lot of people and try to revive them.

Another good idea is to look at the pieces of content that haven’t brought you lots of readers. Perhaps, you can do something to improve that result? As mentioned above, it is always possible to add new info or change the angle of the article. Or, perhaps, the post was not successful because it was too long? Work thoroughly with all the texts you have, because you can always breathe new life into them.

9. Make sure your content is user-friendly

And by user-friendly, we do not mean you should publish things people would love to read. First of all, you have to keep in mind that nearly 75% of users consume all sorts of content via their smartphones. Thus, you have to take into account that it will be demonstrated on relevantly small screens, while people consuming it don’t really have much time. It means you have to be brief and lean more to the images, rather than to texts. Nevertheless, remember that the content over 2,000 words length is one of the most popular in Google.


When developing your content plan, make sure you’ve learned Google Analytics for your industry to figure out the amount of mobile traffic. After that, you have to make a decision whether to take it into consideration or to postpone the mobile audience. It doesn’t mean you have to ignore them at all or work for smartphones only, but, usually, it is relatively easy to understand the major priorities. It will help you not to lose your share of the market.

10. Plan your future

For all you do there should be a purpose. You need to get a strict plan for your goals and what you want to achieve. IT will ease your strategy development. Make sure you adjust your plans according to the analytics output, trends and opportunities. There is nothing worth than a marketer not flexible enough to react to a situation. There are lots of unpredictable factors ahead, and it means you have to be smart enough to react accordingly.

Make sure your team also knows why you work and what you want to achieve. And don’t be afraid to ask their opinions and gather all the ideas. An arrogant marketer who thinks his vision is the only one worth implementing will eventually end up failing. You’ve got a team, remember? Make the best possible use of their expertise and pay attention to everything they have to offer. Sometimes a good idea can’t be implemented immediately, but it doesn’t mean you have to abandon it.

In conclusion

The steps mentioned above are something that should be implemented whatever you are promoting. It is a necessary base for absolutely any product and can help you to build your content marketing campaign from zero. Yet, there always will be something we can’t cover in a single article due to a specific of your business or some unaccounted factors. It is a base you can build your strategy on, yet you always can – and have to – supplement it with further ideas.

Got any other ideas on how to effectively scale your content marketing? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!

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