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Rules for Publishers, Updated Metrics in Publishers’ Accounts, the Guarantee Period, Control of Link Presence, and Changes to “Search for publishers”

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As always, our goal stays the same - to provide qualitative services to our clients. That’s why we are improving our system, raising the standards, and making the workflows more efficient and fair.

In this article, you will find the updates to our service - from updated metrics to special guides.


Rules for publishers

We listen to the feedback really attentively. That’s why we want to introduce some Rules for publishers.

That will be your guidebook to what practices to avoid and what actions to take.

You can access this page by going to the Publisher - My Rating & Reviews - Rules for publishers.

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We gathered four essential unhealthy practices you should get rid of. They are:

  1. Addition of sites where you are unable to publish content.
  2. Deleting of published posts after they have been successfully completed.
  3. Site replacement in various statuses.
  4. Multi-accounting.

Let’s talk about each point more precisely.

Don’t add sites where you cannot publish content. We understand that competition is tough. Yet, adding as many sites as possible without having full access to them won’t do any good for you. Even if you are able to attract a buyer with a cool site, later it will become obvious that you are unable to publish content there.

At this point, you risk lowering your rate and getting bad feedback from a buyer. Moreover, we will decrease your completion rate which will make you less trustworthy. Also, if the completion rate for your site(s) becomes too low we won’t show them to buyers.

So, we kindly recommend you delete or deactivate all the sites that you cannot access or don’t have the right to publish on.

guest posting service metrics

Don’t delete published posts or links with anchors on the completed tasks. So, you can post on a certain site, get a task, make a publication, and receive money for your order. But after some time the post or links in the posts disappear from the task placement URL. Deleting the posts/links is one of the worst things you can do!

Keep in mind that we check the task placement URLs and if the posts with links are live. Of course, buyers also keep track of their orders and do notice if something disappears.

If we fail to find the live post with links your completion rate will become lower. Of course, you get a bad review from a buyer. But on top of that, you risk losing the money you received for this task.

guest blogging service metrics

Don’t replace original sites and/or change prices. If a buyer reaches out to you that means they want to place their content with links on the original site. Don’t try to offer them other sites especially the ones outside the Adsy system (the ones that are not in our base and without our evaluation).

Thus we understand that force majeure might happen sometimes. In this case, press the “Offer replacements” when your task is in the Completed status. That allows you to provide buyers with different replacement options.

Of course, we do not tolerate price changes. State the real price of your services straight ahead. Don’t try to put a lower price to attract more buyers. Tricking the buyers and the system will lower your metrics and ratings.

guest posting service tips

Don’t create multiple accounts. Your main goal should be to keep your account qualitative that said with high metrics and rates. If by any chance you get low ranks, do not try to cheat by creating new accounts. Adsy uses an automatic system for linking similar accounts.

If we notice multi-accounting we will transform everything into one account anyway.

Work ethically, and provide top-tier services from the very beginning. That ensures your metrics are high and buyers are happy with your work.

Updated metrics in publishers’ accounts

Now when you check the performer’s profile (from the buyer’s side by clicking on the performer’s name or from the publisher's side by pressing the Publisher - My Rating & Reviews) you will see the following three metrics.

guest posting platform

guest posting on sites

You have heard of the completion rate and the average lifetime of links. Yet, we will count them a little bit differently now. Plus we introduce a new metric called “Tasks with Initial Domain Rate.”

The main point here is that we calculate these metrics on a publisher and site basis. That allows us to provide deeper and more precise information.

Buyers can expect better results when working with certain performers as they know what publishers are capable of. It will be clear how big the percentage of the tasks they complete if they change the original domain attached to the task, and how long the links stay on the task placement URLs.

Publishers, in turn, can see the direct feedback on their work and understand if they are doing something wrong. If your rate for any of the metrics is below 70% - you are in the red zone. If metrics Tasks with Initial Domain OR Avg Lifetime Link is below 70% we won’t show your site in inventory (so buyers won’t see your sites). If your metric is equal to 70% and goes up to 90% you are in the orange zone. Metrics that are equal to or higher than 90% are the green zone. Surely, your goal is to keep your metrics 90% and up. That shows buyers you are a trustworthy publisher. This leads to more orders and more income for you.

The guarantee period

We understand how frustrating it is to order a content placement and not find your article or links. We hear your feedback and make our quality policies more strict. Moreover, we offer a special assurance system that will help you feel more secure about your orders.

Right now you can choose the option of links checking when the task is in the “Your approval” status. This way you allow us to review the links' presence automatically during 90 days.

white hat link building

You can find the list of sites on the guarantee in the “Guarantee period” tab.

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As always, we advise you to pick publishers Avg lifetime of links is 100%. That means the performer keeps all the links on the task placement URL.

As you might notice, many of our updates in one way or another refer to link control. We do aim to provide the best service possible and ensure buyers get backlinks and publishers are fairly paid.

That’s why we automatically check the links on the task placement URLs. If we fail to find the post or the link being life for the order, we will take the following steps:

  1. You will receive the letter with the notice that the link and/or anchor with a link is missing on the task placement URL.
  2. You will have seven calendar days to restore the link. At the same time, we will temporarily deduct the payment you received for this task from your balance.
  3. The second notice will drop when you have three calendar days left. Do your best to restore the link and ensure it stays on the site forever.
  4. If you fail to meet this requirement, we will return the money to the buyer. This way, you permanently lose the money received for the task.
  5. If you restore the link, we will send the money back to your balance.

It’s vital to understand that if you try to hack the system and restore and delete the link once again we will find this out. This is going to cause penalties up to your account hiding from our inventory.

Also, there are slight changes to the “Search for publishers” on the main page where the buyer lands.

Now the main tab is the “Verified publishers.” This is a list of top publishers with a completion rate, the average lifetime of links, and tasks with an initial domain rate equal to and over 70%. Their choice will be bigger compared to the previous release - now there are around 20,000 qualitative publishers to choose from.

Your choice of publishers is more secure now. We provide extended metrics for performers calculated on a site or publisher basis. Moreover, we evaluate performers with completed tasks, so that you will work with reliable publishers.

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As always, you can refer to FAQs to find answers about metrics and work for buyers and publishers.

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