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11 Email Marketing Benefits Every Company Should Know

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email marketing benefits

Why are we talking about email marketing benefits? Well, there are 4.14 billion* email users globally. So, that would be totally ridiculous to miss a chance to use this marketing channel for your good.

It's fair to say that email marketing is truly various. You can use it for corporate communication, partnerships, and, of course, for working with your customers. And we'd like to concentrate on the last example.

In fact, 73% of users* feel comfortable when companies reach them via email. And 46% of people* say it's the preferred communication channel.

Do you need more reasons to prove that email marketing is so beneficial? Then its ROI is up to $45 on each $1 spent.

Today, you will learn more about the 11 perks email marketing has to offer you. Read this article in full to get real-life examples, helpful statistics, and tips.


1. Write personalized and targeted content

In our previous articles, we mentioned that personalization in content writing is essential nowadays. And it is really a huge part of email marketing.

According to this article, when you personalize the message and subject line in the email, an average open rate is 5.9% better, and a click rate is 0.2% better.

So, you can do a few things, like adding the customer's name into the subject line. This way, users can feel that you really care about them and address a letter exclusively to them.

But we recommend going further. To do so, you need to segment your audience. That will allow you to target your clients better and, respectively, get better results.

You can segment your audience based on their marketing journey stage, shopping preferences, engagement rate, geography, and so on.

Segmentation and personalization show awesome results. In fact, you get^:

  • improved open rate (82%),
  • higher CTR (75%),
  • customer satisfaction (58%).

So, collect more data about your customers and think of what metrics you can use to segment them.

benefits of personalized email marketing

2. Nurture leads

Before selling something, you need to get engaged users. So, fine-tune your email marketing strategy to nurture quality leads.

So, how can an average user become a lead?

There are a number of ways you can go, to collect emails and start converting people into leads:

  • create landing pages about products, updates, events, etc.,
  • offer helpful e-books, reports, etc. in return for users' emails,
  • create lead magnets on your website.

After this, you need to compose email sequences to fuel leads' interest in your products. Don't forget to personalize your message and show what benefits a user will get if choosing your company.

Then monitor the results you get. You can extract email addresses that show low open rates and click-through rates. (For instance, the average marketing letter open rate is 18%, and CTR is 2.6%*. So, you can skip everything that is much lower than these metrics.)

Continue working with quality leads and get ready to start selling your products to them or directing them to your sales department.

email marketing benefits

3. Increase sales

Emails help you sell your products and services. First, you send an email marketing campaign to get users acquainted with your brand. Next, you fuel interest for your goods. And finally, after taking users through all the marketing funnel stages, you sell your products!

And statistics prove our statement. 50.7% of customers^ decide to make a purchase under the influence of marketing or advertising emails.

This way, you can use marketing letters to sell your products. In this case, you can mention goods or services that will be useful for your customers and relate to the email's subject line.

Of course, you need to send advertising emails. Their goal is, obviously, to make clients buy your goods or services. Once again, ensure to segment your audience correctly so that users have more chances to make a purchase.

Another effective way to increase your sales is sending abandoned cart emails. If you see that customers leave something in their carts, make sure to follow them up. Offer the product(s) once more as a user just might get distracted and haven't finished the purchase.

Pro-tip. We also recommend sending emails that offer related products to ones the user has already bought. Of course, schedule your emails correctly not to overwhelm people with too many newsletters.

email marketing for sales growth

4. Grow traffic to your website

Earlier, we've written that you can use email marketing for blog promotion. But the rule works exactly the same if you need to share your site or some of its pages.

Moreover, CMI reports that 87% of content marketers prefer to distribute content via email.

This way, you need to drive traffic to specific products, articles, etc., and you can confidently use email marketing. Therefore, you need to keep in mind several rules.

  • Provide value to your customers. You need to put clients' interests first. So, think about how you can improve their experience.
  • Clearly communicate your message. Your customers should understand what they receive and why they should go to your site.
  • Define great CTA. Just remember that you need to direct your consumers. So, don't forget to put an obvious CTA button with a personalized or engaging message.

This way, you ensure that your subscribers head to your website and bring more traffic there.

email marketing strategy for trafic growth

5. Optimized costs

Email marketing is a very profitable channel. Thus, by 2023 it will cross a 10 billion dollar* threshold. Moreover, as we've mentioned earlier, the ROI is pretty impressive too. For instance, marketing emails earn $45 for each $1 spent.

That means this type of marketing can really optimize your costs. Various free email marketing tools will help you set up successful campaigns.

So, without spending a penny or paying a reasonable price for email marketing software, you can get stunning results.

Email marketing allows your marketing to spend budgets in the most effective way. Email campaigns are much faster to produce compared to printed or direct campaigns. Yet, it gives palpably better results.

free email marketing for cost optimization

6. Collect feedback

Users' feedback is a part of your company's progress. That's why email marketing best practices include feedback collection.

Create surveys or questionnaires and send them to your customers. Ask how clients find your product, is everything clear, what difficulties they experience, and what they want to improve. Try to learn about customer experience as much as possible.

Of course, any type of review you get is essential. Anyway, customer satisfaction surveys are really helpful. They can keep your reputation neat. It's always better to discuss any negative experiences in the inner communication and fix the odds asap.

email marketing best practices

7. Build strong relationships with customers

Over 90% of consumers say they're more likely to purchase from companies that recognize and remember them.

Email marketing helps to build that bridge between you and your customers. And relationships with customers influence your company's success to a great extent.

Well-thought, useful, and targeted emails will help you make your clients more loyal. Users are highly likely to appreciate your effort if they get the information they need.

This way, ensure you schedule your letters smartly and segment the audience. Share helpful tips or guides, offer subscriber-exclusive offers, provide discounts, etc. Show your customers that you care about them and want to make their experience with your company outstanding. Don't forget to enable BIMI for your email so that your customers have more trust in your email.

email marketing campaign

8. Collect useful metrics

Emails can tell you more about your clients. Well, to be more specific - some email marketing metrics can do so. That's why we recommend you thoroughly check your letters' open rate, CTR, and CTOR.

Perhaps, CTOR or click-to-open rate requires preciser attention. It shows you the ratio between the number of unique clicks to unique opens. In other words, it's the number of clicks out of the number of email opens.

For instance, an average marketing email CTOR is 14.1%*.

So, monitor your rates to learn how your campaigns are performing. Open rate will show how successful your subject line was. CTR will show how engaged your customers are. And with CTOR, you can make your letters more clickable.

For instance, here are quick email marketing tips we can share:

  • your email should be easy to scan,
  • create a clear copy with headings, lists, and visuals,
  • put the most important information first,
  • make sure to funnel your reader down to the CTA.

Of course, as always, we suggest segmenting your audience for better results. And don't forget about the A/B testing.

email marketing statistics

9. Offer more value to your customers

Email marketing allows you to offer more value. And that leads to the more impactful outcome - you get returning customers!

People like to feel that they belong to a specific group. And newsletters help you create that feeling. We mean, what could be better than huge numbers of loyal users?

The value you can provide does not always equal sell-related emails. You can send helpful tips, articles, white papers, or useful sources. The point is to know your audience well. That ensures you create highly relevant content.

Of course, if you represent an online store or generally sell goods and services, you can create unique offers for your subscribers.

email marketing tips

10. Acquire new clients

It's always a good idea to introduce your brand to more people. And if you stick to email marketing best practices, you might already have some brand evangelists.

That means if you create engaging and useful emails, your customers are highly likely to share them with family and friends! Moreover, email marketing is one of those channels that make things share effortlessly.

Once again, thoroughly think over your newsletter content, and send emails to the right people at the right time.

email marketing for customer acquisition

11. Get instant results

Email marketing statistics say that users open 21% of sent letters^ within the first hour of delivery. That means you can see your results almost momentarily.

That said, you sell or cross-sell faster, drive more traffic to your website without waiting for months, get customers' feedback, and so much more.

To get even more perks from this email marketing feature, you can use limited-time or short-term (24-hour) promotional letters.

email marketing perks


Are you coming for the benefits of personalized email marketing? Or do you want to attract more traffic?

If you fine-tune your email marketing strategy correctly, you will definitely feel the power of this marketing channel. Remember that 80% of industry experts* shared that they used email as part of their marketing strategies.

Are you using email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy? What benefits have you received so far? Share your experience by leaving a comment down below.

Data marked with * and ^ comes from the same source.

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