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Security Check: Why Adsy Guest Posting Service Is Safe

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If you type guest posting service in Google’s search box, it returns 85,200,000 results. Well, not all of them will be the service’s sites. Yet, we cannot deny that this number is pretty impressive.

Without a doubt, your question is, “How do I find a reliable guest blog posting service?”

There are so many sites claiming that their services are the best ones that it might confuse a new user. Nevertheless, there are some foundational elements every marketer should look at.

Today, Adsy’s team has come together to give you a little bit more insight into our work. We’ll share how we choose publishers to form an inventory, ensure high quality, and more. Also, you’ll see what steps we make to guarantee your safety.

Continue reading to make sure you get top-tier content, backlinks, and service if you choose Adsy.


How does Adsy check publishers?

So, you’ve finally decided to submit a guest post. But how do you ensure that the guest posting service’s inventory is worth trusting?

We are all aware that not all sites can provide quality links. Accordingly, you should access sites with high domain authority and ratings. Of course, there are other numerous parameters that should ensure site class.

Here we will tell you how Adsy’s team works with inventory and selects sites that accept guest posts.

Publisher’s journey starts with registration and the “My platforms” tab. That’s where a site owner or contributor can add the website.

Similar to the two-factor authentication famous in the digital world, we have a two-step site check. It consists of an:

  • automatic check,
  • manual check.

Automatic check

Let’s take a closer look at the automatic step quality requirements.

After the publisher presses “Add website,” he/she has to agree to the "Terms&Conditions."

Then publisher chooses between two options: either to add a website or a list of sites. After a publisher click the "Next" button the site(s) go to moderation.

Though publishers do not need to confirm the site's ownership, we precisely check if a contributor (that's the initial role of all the publishers without ownership confirmation) is able to place content on the state site(s). If a contributor fails to perform the tasks we will suspend the site.

If everything is alright, we move to the manual check.

Manual check

That’s when Adsy’s dedicated professionals step into the spotlight. They have strict guidelines to stick to. This way, we check 11 more quality assurance points and have 20 forbidden site categories.

If the site fits these requirements, there is one more point we look at. And it’s the site’s visual part. We go the extra mile to ensure the site is user friendly. As Google pays attention to the site’s UX, we want to keep only top publishers in our inventory.

In case if the site isn’t user friendly, the team declines the site.

guest blog posting

Only after all these checks, Adsy adds a site to its inventory. As you can see, we thoroughly investigate the site’s quality. This way, you, as a buyer, have access to top-tier publishers only.

How do buyers control the process?

We belong to the guest posting sites that offer various control tools to their clients. That’s another way we guarantee security to our clients.

Buyers can control the process by pressing the “Tasks” tab. There are seven statuses:

  • Draft,
  • Publisher’s Acceptance,
  • In Progress,
  • Your Approval,
  • Improvement,
  • Completed,
  • Rejected.

You’ll see an explanation of each step once you hover over its name.

Your tasks will shift from step to step to reach the final Approval from you. There are two stages you can pay more close attention to:

  • Improvement,
  • Rejected.

The “Improvement” stage lets you add some corrections to ready tasks. It’s an amazing opportunity to polish the task before the site owner publishes it.

Another way to control the process is the “Rejected” option. You may apply this option if publishers don’t send the task after the stated deadline or your requirements* weren’t fulfilled.

*Yet, you need to remember that you should clearly state what you’d like to see in your article.

Moreover, Adsy also has your back. This way, we also check the tasks from the publisher. We ensure that content:

  • includes all the links you provided,
  • has correctly written anchors.

So, only after this, you receive the task. Still, we want to safeguard you even more! And we tell you how in the next abstract.

guest posting service

Do buyers have any risks?

We do our best to protect you from any possible risks. That’s why we have the “Dispute” option.

If you have arguments with a publisher and can’t come to a mutual conclusion, you can open a dispute. We will help you solve the problem.

Of course, we have precise T&C for both buyers and publishers. This way, you can learn more about the rights and duties of both sides.

The guest blog posting with Adsy is risk-free for you, thanks for another reason. If you can’t find your text and link after some time after the publication, you can notify us. We will contact the buyer and ask to restore content with the link.

If this operation is impossible to implement, we will restore the payment to your balance.

How do guest blog posting prices differ at Adsy?

Guest posting on blogs, in most cases, is not too cheap. In our previous article, we’ve compared the main essentials of the top guest posting services.

What we’ve discovered is that Adsy’s price is the lowest* one. Moreover, unlike many other services, you can manually pick each site. We do not sell anything in packs.

So, how can you ensure that you receive an acceptable price?

You have two primary filters in this case - the “Price range” and “Sort by: Price (from the lowest).” That said, you can pick sites that fit your budget. Yet, you won’t end up with a backlink from some low-quality source.

*Based on DA and content length of the compared guest posting services.


After reading this article, you learn more about our guest post guidelines. We enjoy showing you how everything works. Adsy strives to provide the best user experience possible.

That’s why we are always happy to educate you and answer your questions (check the FAQ or write to us). We also have many articles to show you how to use our services in the best way possible.

An insider look at our inner checks and publisher’s acceptance process shows you how thorough we are! That guarantees the guest posting service provides the best value for you.

So, that was the security check from Adsy. What’s about your experience of working with a guest blogging service? What features do you enjoy? Which ones would you like to change or improve? Leave your comments, and let’s talk!

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