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Using Adsy service would make your approach to solving any problems associated with promoting information on the Internet and the media creative and wise. With us, you no longer need to contemplate where to submit your press review. One of the most prominent benefits of cooperating with us is the opportunity to choose the place of your text publication. Only you are in charge of this decision. 

We work exclusively with well-known and long-established media. We do not only talk about the advantages for our customers but also look for and find those factors, which will contribute to a real increase in the popularity of products and the business as a whole. We offer comprehensive services for you to submit a press release and news. 

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Press releases marketing strategy in 2020

A press release is one of the types of PR texts that includes a certain kind of information that is significant for the company. The main task of this writing is to inform the media and achieve free publication in newspapers, magazines, electronic publications, and so on. 

Each company that has embarked on the path of sustainable development and wants to make itself known to a wide audience faces the need to disseminate press releases about its activities. Its publication in the media and on news sites increases the positive image of the company, brings new customers, and, if there are links, increases the position of the site in search engines. 

For promotion purposes, it is important to put some linking references in your text. However, you should do this carefully in a press release. Cover it with the nofollow attribute and every user who is interested in the news will follow it. If your text is good enough, you will definitely get natural transitions.

As for the number of references, 2 of them will be more than enough. For example, put it in the site URL or the keyword. If your web site has a separate page for the advertised event, add it, but remember that one link to your resource is enough. And if your regular partners participate in the organization of the event, you can as well add one to their resources.

Also, think carefully and make a list of the necessary keywords. The success or failure of the entire campaign will depend on how well you have done it. Each press release should be optimized for a maximum of 1-2 key phrases. This approach should be followed whenever you are dealing with press releases. Be sure to include key phrases in the title of the press release.

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How to submit a press release on our website? First things first, you should sign up and decide which of the following press releases you want to send us. There are several types of them: 

  1. Announcements. Such texts tell about an event that is due to happen in the near future. This is a kind of invitation for the press and people to some event. The purpose of such a text is to increase the interest of journalists and the public in a certain event.
  2. News. A news press release sheds light on an event that has already happened. As a rule, such materials contain explanations and comments of authoritative persons of the company.
  3. Informative messages. The subject of this text is the current event. It informs the readers about interesting and important details.

Moreover, there is a special form of a press release. It is a post-event release. If the first type of text portends a certain event, then the second conveys the results. It is usually published the day after the event. There is an important feature of post-releases: oftentimes its main focus is on visuals (photos/videos of the event) rather than a text description.

We offer exclusively the best places to submit your fascinating press releases. Use the special parameters in the search tab to select the desired filters. For example, put “uk blogs” and look through the proposed options. Then, choose the most appropriate homepage to submit a press release to the associated press blog. Here you are, obtaining the benefits of cooperation with us. Let us go through the major ones that await your business: 

  • Formation of a positive image. Regular mention of the company in the media creates a positive brand image. Nowadays, if you don’t have a presence on the news sites or influencers do not mention you, you simply do not exist. The publication of press releases in the media forms the image of credibility and brand reliability in the eyes of partners and customers.
  • Increase sales. Distribution of press releases leads to increased traffic to the company’s website, which increases the number of orders for your goods or services.
  • Seo website promotion. The text is instantly indexed by search engines. Also, the links contained in it are perceived by search engines as natural. The increase in links significantly ramps up the position of the company’s website.
  • Neutralization of negative content. It is no secret that sometimes unfair competitors engage in dishonest fights and disseminate negative information about other companies. Distribution of press releases will help supplant the negative from the first positions in the search results.

Submitting a press release on the World Wide Web is a great way to make yourself known. For a new company, it is an opportunity to get its first customers at a low cost. Also, for a business, it increases customer loyalty and brand awareness in the market.

Why your business needs press release 

It is important for each company that new customers learn about it as much as possible and do not sleep on its services. A press release can help with this. It serves as a tool to create and maintain a certain public opinion about the company and the provided assistance.

Unlike news that can be published in a separate section of the site, press releases are created for special news sites, portals, publications. Placing it on an authoritative homepage increases the value of the site itself, its link popularity, and citation. The main requirements for a press release are uniqueness, brevity, and an open reference to the site.

At present, public opinion is largely affected by the media. Positive press coverage of the company gives it a significant level of trust, which is difficult to gain in other ways. That is why the management of the company, which forms the development strategy a few steps forward, should pay attention to such an aspect as public relations. 

A well-prepared press release, in this case, can serve as a good informational occasion for creating materials in the press and, subsequently, form a positive public opinion about the company.

The press release is more typical for the sites of production companies, and those that provide certain services. In this regard, the press releases are no longer directly related to SEO site optimization but rather to site marketing.

Actually, there are no restrictions for submitting a press release according to the type of your business. It could be an online store, large, medium, small companies, and sites. The main tasks that the press release solves include:

  • Informing the target audience. Are you releasing a new product or inviting people to open a new store? Distribute the press release so that as many potential customers as possible learn about it.
  • The attraction of new clients. The more they know about you, the higher the chances of success. Each new press release distributes information beneficial to the company and therefore expands the base of potential customers.
  • Maintenance of the interest and reputation of the company. People are more likely to trust public companies because it demonstrates their openness.

Thus, a press release is an extremely valuable text for posting. Its purpose is to inform the target audience about important events in the life of the company and to shape its image.

Tips for writing a successful press release 

Anyone who deals with writing texts knows that a lot depends on the title. Potential readers are the ones who determine if the publication deserves their precious time. The same goes for press releases. 

The title should be concise, catchy, and informative. However, it is very important not to get carried away. All media have a very clear gradation - business, entertainment, and tabloid or “scandal”. If you submit a press release to a newspaper headlined in the style of a tabloid newspaper, most likely it will be sent to the basket.

Start creating a headline only after having finished writing the text itself. The easiest way is to extract all the keywords from the text and use them to draw up a catchy statement. By the way, the use of keys not only improves search results for lookup systems but also helps readers and journalists to quickly grasp what it actually conveys. Headings are usually written in bold. The usage of present tense prevails. Besides, the first word in it is capitalized. 

The following crucial part of your copy is a lead-in. Only a lead-in can compete in terms of significance with the headline. Its task is to tell when and where something is going to happen or has already happened. This part is the informational basis of the entire text. It is designed with the purpose to instantly draw attention to the main part of the material and complement the idea of the headline. The main feature of it is pithiness. Just 2-3 sentences are enough to give the reader answers to the questions: when, where, how, and why.

Make the text of your press release as condensed as possible. Do not waffle since long sentences and paragraphs will only make your readers vexed. By the way, jargon is also inappropriate in this type of writing.

The body of the press release should become a logical continuation of the lead-in and reveal all the details of the news feed. There might already be excerpts from research, facts, figures, statistics, arguments, quotes from experts, the leader.

Pay special attention to the first paragraph, make it as informative as possible, because it is no secret that the reader’s attention is scattered from paragraph to paragraph, so do not neglect the “introduction” part.

Remember, you have to tell a story. Of course, this is not a literary text and the requirements for conciseness do not coincide with the storytelling, but people will always be more willing to read stories, not just the raw facts. So, you should find a certain balance in this matter and make the news interesting.

At the same time, avoid too obvious advertising. This is one of the drastic mistakes that make a press release just a flyer. And in this case, the editor has every right to simply delete it.

Speaking about the volume, the text should not exceed three printed pages. One page is considered good, but try to make sure that all necessary information fits on this page. Press releases consisting of two or three sentences are of no interest to anyone. Also, include contact details and company information.

In order to create an effective press release, include real-life examples to prove that the represented firms (goods or services) actually solve the problems of clients, helping to satisfy their needs. By focusing your readers’ attention on the result and the positive impact on consumers' lives, you establish trust in your product and dispel skeptics' doubts. At the same time, official information and verified data should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid exaggerating the properties and characteristics of the product.

Words and phrases in a superlative degree should be avoided unless this is supported by concrete evidence and indisputable facts. For example, quotes and comments of authoritative persons like managers, specialists, or experts give the release an official and even confidential character. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms. Your text should be clear to the average reader.

If you are determined to use press releases as one of the ways of effective promotion, think through every detail. After having written a high-quality, competent, informative, and unique text with the right links, relevant keywords, post it on good resources. Consider your budget and get better results with Adsy service.

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