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Influential Search: Picking the Right People to Promote Your Product Online

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Updated: 29.04.2020

Bet you’ve heard about how good the influence marketing is, and how it is profitable for your business to attract several of them. Perhaps, you even considered to include an influencer to your marketing strategy. So, how to find one, and how to get the most of the influencer marketing? That’s what we are going to talk about.

There are plenty of reasons for you to seek for influencers to promote your goods, services or products. After all, good old trick stops working as good as it was five years ago. People prefer to listen to the opinions of other people, rather than trusting your best advertisement slogans. According to several polls, near 75% of Americans in 2019 made their purchase decision basing on other users and favorite bloggers reviews, not on marketing messages.

Not mentioning a good impact influence marketing has on your brand awareness, reaching new layers of the audience and broadcasting your message to the people you never thought of. It is really useful, indeed. However, to look for a person who will agree to promote your product can be challenging.

Lucky for you we’ve taken care of the minor issues and did some homework. Consider it a brief yet comprehensive guide on how to define what sort of influencer you need, how to look for one, and what to do to make sure that a particular person will double your sales rate. Here we go!

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is a media person who has a platform where his or her media presence is carried out. Moreover, your influencer has to have an audience who is ready to trust whatever the message is. Of course, it is better if that audience is wide enough – starting from 1,000 users and more. That means you have to attract someone who prefers to work on the Internet. Your perfect influencer could be:

  • A blogger running some niche online journal;
  • The Instagram model with a vast audience and an agenda;
  • Industry expert – official or self-proclaimed;
  • Independent journalist, running a column in a profile media;
  • Traveler or photographer, who attracts people showing some enviable lifestyle.

But you know what? Your specific influencer can be anyone. The only things that matters are the number of subscribers and at least some level of expertise in your field. And of course, that person should have the intention of cooperation with you. Oh, one more thing – there are “macro-influencers”, usually working with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and “micro-influencers” who have from 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers.

What profits the influencer marketing brings?

Before we begin paving the way to your influencer search success, let’s figure out why do you need an influencer at all. What profits can you get, attracting someone who will start to speak highly of your product? Why you can’t rely anymore on your old marketing department?

As mentioned before, people these days are fed up with the same advertising messages and do not trust ads the way it was back in 2012. Instead of that, your customers will seek some seemingly independent opinion among bloggers, YouTube reviews, comments, and social media. Given that everyone today has instant access to the Internet, your advertisement has to fight people’s opinion. It is proven that we trust to the relatives and the authority figures. So, a review of a favorite blogger in lots of cases is way more important than the best selling text.

The good point is that your influencer can aid you in coping with almost every problem a marketer can face. Using influence marketing, you can:

  • Improve the brand’s awareness or build it from nothing;
  • Get instant access to the already engaged audience;
  • Dramatically increase your customers base;
  • Build up people’s loyalty towards your product;
  • Maintain the reputation of a trusted company.

And many many more. Analysts say influencer marketing will inevitably displace the usual forms of marketing in the next ten years. That might seem to be a quite bold idea, but, nevertheless, it is a profitable and advantageous form of promotion of almost anything. Now let’s see what we can do to find your perfect influencer!

Influencers: Getting Started

There are several steps that should be taken before you’ll find a person that can help you promote your product. Before starting, you should strictly define the goals of your campaign. What do you want to achieve? Get some subscribers? Expand your client base? Become a number one on a search results page? Sort this kind of things before you begin. Why do you need to understand your goals? Well, because you don’t need any influencer possible. Instead, you should look for the right influencer.

After that, you should understand what kind of influencers campaign you are ready to launch. More simply – how are you going to pay to your influencer. There are dozens of ways for cooperation. You can offer you products as a gift for direct or indirect promotion of your goods. You can ask for permission to write on their blog. Either provide them with sponsorship for some sort of a contest, give a discount or even pay money for the promotion. Anyway, you have to be clear about what you are ready to invest.

How to Find an Influence

Now, when you’ve figured out all the things mentioned above, it is time to start looking for the right influencer. Just open your Internet browser and get to the search engine page. Enter the keywords that are the most popular in your field and look for the bloggers writing about the products in your field. You should check not just the websites, but the social media, forums, blogging platforms like Quora or Medium. Look for the people, discussing your niche everywhere you can.

Moreover, get yourself an Instagram and start browsing the hashtags. It is a great way to find your influencer – to seek one through the hashtags. No matter whom you will find at first – check random users, interested in your field, and see who they are subscribed to. Eventually, you’ll find the right person. Another good idea is to check your competitors’ influencers and try to reach them too. You don’t have to be the only client of this influencer – in fact, it is even better if the influencer will survey your product as well as your competitor’s.

Customers, Not Celebrities

What you should keep in mind that through the influencer, you are reaching for new customers. That means the quality of the influencer audience may be even more critical than the influencer itself. Here is another hint: look for someone who is not necessary into your field of interests, but have an engaged audience. When selling surfboards, you don’t have to look for a surfer – you can as well attract a photographer or a traveler. Or even some hot chick with numerous beach pictures. You have to find an engaged audience, and you’ll never know where it can be. Make sure you’ve made a thorough target audience analysis, and you’ll know where to find your customers.

Finally, before negotiating the terms, you have to make sure that the person is authoritative enough to promote your agenda. To find this out, take time and check some factors that are essential for your success. Make sure you are satisfied with the number of followers – and check whether they are real or bots. Look at the engagement rate of those followers – do they comment, share and repost? Measure content marketinge and make sure it is high-quality. And see how good the influencer at your niche. Are there any factual errors? Are there any lies or prejudices? Is that particular person competent enough to promote your product?


In conclusion, we can say that searches for influencers can be tricky, but they are totally worth it. When you know the specifics of your product, you can easily define what message you want to spread. Make sure to check the results of your promo campaign and make proper adjustments based on them. And don’t be shy and ask for help – you can always address Adsy, and we’ll take care of the rest. Good luck!

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