Content Marketing in 2017 - INFOGRAPHIC

Content Marketing in 2017 - INFOGRAPHIC

Adsy often shares some statistical information about content marketing, and we decided to gather most of this information in one place. This way you’ll have access to it whenever you need to prove a point or get some inspiration to keep doing content marketing.

At the same time, if you’re at the beginning of your content marketing journey, this data will provide you with some overview of the subject.

In 2017 there’s no point in denying the content marketing ability to affect potential customers and their purchase decisions. Last year the majority (88%) of B2B companies were already using content marketing to achieve their goals.

The infographic will show you the results different types of companies (B2B and B2C) were able to achieve with content marketing, including brand awareness boost and organic traffic growth. In addition, you can see some of the predictions for content marketing development and changes it’s expected to go through.

Adsy's Infographic of Content Marketing

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