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Blog Writing Services 101: Usage, Benefits, Results

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Blog Writing Services

No matter what industry you are in, content creation is an indivisible part of your business’s growth and development. That’s why we are talking about blog writing services so actively today.

Are you only thinking about running a blog? Or do you create content without a strict schedule?

Well, then you’d better rethink your tactic. If you really want to make your business profitable and popular, it should be online. And to be visible on the Internet, you need to have a site that can’t function without content.

Yes, that’s content that glues everything together - from helping you get more traffic to providing information about your products and services.

And SEO content writing services are exactly a kind company that will help you achieve great results. With the help of such an agency, you will do this without a fuss, breaking the bank and spending lots of time.

In the next couple of minutes, you will learn more about content writing companies and the benefits they can offer you.


What are SEO content writing services?

Before jumping straight to perks, let’s figure out what these services really are.

As you google “writing service” to hire a company to compose content for your site, you will see different names. For example, the result page can have titles like website writing services, blog content services, etc.

Though the names are different, the services you’ll get are equal. And we’d like to define these firms as follows:

Article (content, blog) writing services are companies that provide content creation services. That includes but is not limited to web blog, white and research paper writing, the composition of landing pages and product pages. Also, such firms can help you with infographics creation or provide proofreading services.

As you can see, these kinds of companies offer a pretty wide range of services.

Thanks to them, you can be supplied with quality content: be it an article or a product’s description page.

blog writing services

Every service has a different approach to its work. Based on this, you can:

  • Subscribe to pay for a certain number of words,
  • Register to pay on a monthly or annual basis,
  • Make a subscription to order content within a certain number of words.

So, the models of these services may be really diverse. It’s totally up to you what to choose. Yet, as we’ll move further into our article, you will understand what model fits you better.

After we’ve understood, what writing firms are doing, let’s see why you really need them.

Why do you need content writing companies?

A blog writing service is anything but a waste of money. There might be numerous reasons why you need a little help from an agency like this.

The most common reason is that you are not a writer. And there’s nothing wrong with this. If you’ve decided to grow your business online, you shouldn’t do all things by yourself.

It seems usual to hire people to create a website for your company. So why should it be any different with content creation? You simply let professionals do their job to help you. Be you a real estate agent, carpenter, or auto part seller - concentrate on what you can do. Leave the writing to special firms.

Another ground to use the service if you can’t afford an in-house marketing team. This situation can be popular among startups and SMEs owners. Due to limited resources, founders or CEOs have to look for other solutions. And hiring writing agencies can be the way out.

Yet, we’d like to give you a deeper understanding of why you need to work with the article writing service.

seo content writing services

Check the reasons and statistics we’ve gathered to show you why business owners take advantage of these services.

Importance of blogs

Firstly, let’s start with the data that 55% of marketers report that blogging brings results. Moreover, one in five marketers describes those results as strong ones.

Yet, that’s not all data that new OrbitMedia research offers.

Did you know that 23% of bloggers (!) face many struggles while blogging? The point is that content creation is not the easiest thing to do. Nevertheless, if you are not involved in constant content production, it may be hard for you to beat competitors. That said, the blog is a must-have element of your site.

If you refuse to run it, you can lose your rivals. So, that’s when website writing services come to the rescue. They can help you fine-tune content creation and grow your blog.

But wait. What exactly are those results we’ve mentioned earlier? Well, a blog can offer your company some impressive perks.

That’s basically an astonishing opportunity to hook your potential customers. With such a number of users who engage with blogs regularly, you have great potential of showcasing your brand.

blogs in content marketing

Moreover, blogs still have a huge influence on the Internet audience. Here are some statistics to prove this.

  • 71% of B2B shoppers read blog content during their buyer journey,
  • 84% of shoppers have purchased products based on information they consumed via blog,
  • 12% of eCommerce sales happens thanks to blogging (for businesses that blog regularly),
  • 60% of Internet users purchase goods or services after reading a blog post about them,
  • 30% of people surveyed utilize blogs to confirm their buying choices.


As you can see, having a blog on your site is vital. Accordingly, to keep your blog active, you need a constant flow of content. That leads us to the necessity of partnering with a writing service.

Cost optimization

In most cases, new or small-sized companies are on a tight budget. Yet, the same can apply to any other firm.

And while you want to direct all resources into your product’s development and production, content marketing still stays a vital part of your business processes.

In turn, blogging as a part of content marketing gives a lot of perks. And we’ve described them in the previous section. Yet, content marketing in general grants 3x more leads in comparison with paid search, according to CMI. Moreover, this strategy has a more long-lasting effect than paid activities.

So, content marketing itself can help you optimize your costs.

Add to this a partnership with a blog writing service, and receive a palpable cost optimization. Let’s see why hiring an agency is better for your budget.

Constant content creation requires an in-house writer. Yet, everything depends on the content quantity you’d like to produce. And now think of what steps you should take to hire a writer.

  • To start with, you have to look through dozens of resumes.
  • Then, you need to interview the most fitting candidates. Sometimes you will have to ask for a test task. (This means you need to prepare terms of reference).
  • After hiring the right candidate, you need to onboard them.
  • And then you have to pay salary and bonuses to your new writer.
  • Also, let’s admit that the first steps require additional help from the HR department. So, you start to spend money even before hiring a person.

Now, let’s see how much you can spend. To figure out the rates, we referred to Glassdoor’s data.

copywriter salaries

The average salary you are going to pay is $58,658 per year (US-based). Nevertheless, you should take into account that the numbers differ based on the seniority levels. That said, senior copywriters receive $92,105 yearly.

Besides, the average annual salary can differ based on the specific job title. Content writers get the least salary of $48,715 per year. The highest salary is $55,665 and belongs to the marketing copywriter.

Apparently, hiring an in-house copywriter will cost you a lot more than using a website writing service.

Professional approach

Of course, you don’t need to think that if hiring a blog writing company costs less, it’s not professional.

Vice versa, you will be able to get connected to the right copywriters who can compose quality content for your site. Well, the best content writing services really care about the writers’ class. That’s why these companies thoroughly pick copywriters they partner with.

Usually, the services work with copywriters who are native speakers with experience in certain industries.

And this aspect is essential. Quality content creation requires not only writing talent. In order to write a top-tier article, writers should have knowledge in some fields.

We think you’ll agree that a writer with experience in the medical industry will write a better post about cold treatments types than a technical writer.

Also, a professional can catch your idea even from brief requirements you can leave.

Besides, copywriters from the agency will know better how to create fitting SEO texts. Moreover, you can suggest a scratch of title for your article, and a writer will optimize it. Altogether, that will allow your article to rank better on SERP.

Another thing that speaks in favor of blog writing service is volume. Let’s imagine you run a large-scale company or multiple businesses. That leads to a greater number of texts you have to produce.

Thanks to the service, you can easily connect with any number of writers at once. That means you don’t need to wait for ages until you get the full volume of required content. This way, you can continue growing your sites with quality posts.

How to hire a blog writing service

To get top-tier content, you need to partner with the best content writing services.

But how can you understand that you work with top-class service providers?

If you start searching for blog content services, you get back an overwhelming 6,080,000,000 results. So which one will be the most fitting one for you?

blog content services

Firstly, look at the reviews to understand how other clients are finding the service. If everything is fine, move to the next step.

Then figure out which model works best for you. In the very beginning, we’ve given some examples of how writing services can work.

For instance, you can choose a certain subscription type with a limited number of words per month. Or you can pay for every content piece you order. Then, most probably, you will pay for a number of words.

Yet, the question about content quality stays open. Well, some companies offer a trial period when you can test the service. Other firms provide refunds in case you don’t like the content quality.

After you’ve gone through the preparation work, it’s time to hire the writing company. Let us show you everything in Adsy’s example.

1. Sign up with your email or some social accounts.

article writing service

2. As soon you register, you can start working with the “Content purchase” interface.

3. Click the “Order article” button to start the process.

order content online

4. Start filling in the required fields. They include words count, category, keywords, and brief requirements.

buy articles online

5. Also, you can provide some further information. For instance, it can be title suggestions, target audience, content goal, and sample content.

6. After, hit the “Order article” button at the bottom of the page.

blog writing service

That starts the process of content creation. Adsy will make sure to address your task to the most fitting copywriter.

You can track the content’s progress in the “Tasks” section. As soon as your article is in the “Your Approval” status, you can review it. If you like everything, you see you can accept the task. If the copywriter has to make corrections, you can send an article to the “Improvement.”

Thanks to this system, you get exactly what you need. Moreover, Adsy’s rates are based on word count. So, you pay exactly for what you get. You won’t waste a single penny.

Benefits of blog content services

For now, you can understand that partnering with the website writing company has lots of perks.

Except for the reasons we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s a number of other benefits the service can help you with. In general, these improvements are connected with blogging.

Grow your positions on SERP

Many of you know that content is one of the elements search engines take into account when ranking sites.

Google shares its requirements in the Webmaster’s guidelines. According to them, you have to provide:

  • Informative content,
  • Content that accurately describes the chosen topic,
  • Content that is able to provide many readers.

Sure thing, people have to find your content valuable and useful. That’s the main reason for the search engine to show your site in response to a user’s query.

content quality

Moreover, companies that run a blog and consistently post on it have 434% more indexed pages.

That means Google, Bing, or any other engine can learn more about your site.

Also, content should unite UX and SEO approaches. That means you should keep both real people and search engines in mind.

And a content writing agency will help you with all the nuances. Its writers have all the needed knowledge to create texts that search engines and readers will like.

Besides, you have to ensure that you publish content consistently. Statistics say that you can notice traffic increase by 30% after you publish 21 to 54 blog posts.

So, to rank higher, you need to have a constant flow of quality content.

Attract more backlinks

Backlinks are another element of top positions on search engines. Basically, content and backlinks go hand in hand when it comes to SERP ranking.

In fact, one element supports another. If you work on link acquisition together with content quality, you can achieve really great results.

Now buying backlink packages can harm your positions rather than grow them. Copywriters from the blog writing service will create the right texts that will attract backlinks.

What content attracts more backlinks? Here are a couple of suggestions from industry experts and popular publications:

  • When it comes to ... backlinks, longer content tends to outperform short blog posts. Brian Dean.
  • If you can find your niche and be that source, your research can be a wonderful source of backlinks. Michele Linn.
  • List posts, “how-to” posts, and infographics are the best types of content to attract lots of backlinks. SpyFu.
  • List posts, guides, infographics, influencer look, statistics drive the most backlinks. QuickSprout.

These are the main pieces of advice you can base on. When preparing terms of reference, notify a writer of what type of content you’d like to get.

Another thing to remember is that long-form content performs better. So, order 1,500 or 2,000 words articles to achieve better results.

buy backlinks online

Increase authority and readers’ loyalty

Sure thing blog helps to make a name for your company. And that’s highly essential nowadays.

Just imagine that you have an amazing product or offer some great service. But how will people know about this? How can you attract them?

That’s when a blog can do all the job for you.

You will show the world or your local audience that you are an expert in a certain field. It will be possible to provide helpful and in-depth information about topics related to your area of focus.

That’s how you will gain authority among readers. By offering answers to questions, they are searching for or giving valuable information on some issues; you will build trust. After people understand you are worth trusting, they will be ready to take the next step.

And this step can be subscribing to your service, buying a product, getting a piece of service from you, etc.

A writing company connects you with the right copywriter, as you remember. This way, you get authoritative and quality content.

Yet, above this, the writer will know how to work with text correctly. So, your content will be written with the right message and tone of voice.

Turn your expertise into content

You are true professionals in what you do. We do not doubt this.

Your team can consist of amazing web developers, or doctors, or builders. And they don’t have to be talented writers. Yet, sometimes you need to publish in-depth and expert content.

And blog writing company will help to transform pure knowledge in a certain field into badass content!

All you have to do is ask your teammate to get brief information about a topic and add some professional comments.

buy articles online

A writer will make sure to put everything together.

Depending on your target audience, writers will create appealing content. For example, let’s assume you work in the automobile industry. The description of some auto parts will be different depending on who’s going to read the post.

If you are planning to target auto shops or car repairs - the text will be more professional. It can include professional definitions and show the main features that can interest your readers.

If you are planning to target people who want to buy this auto part directly from you, your text might be more educational. The goal is to educate the readers and show how everything works. The text itself doesn’t have to be too complicated.

And based on the data your professionals share, a blog service will create the correct article.

Partnering with a blog post company is an optimal way to show your expertise to people. Moreover, you will do this at a reasonable price. And this is highly important for small businesses and startups.

best content writing services


So, what are blog writing services, and can they be helpful?

In this article, we’ve tried to tell you about all the major things connected with writing services.

Firstly, you have to remember that these kinds of services help you with all things content creation. This way, you can get content for your blog, research papers, product descriptions, and so on.

Secondly, you have to remember that these companies help you optimize costs. No matter how huge your company is, using your budget smartly is always a thing. And the writing company will offer you top-tier content at a reasonable price.

Thirdly, professional writers that work for blog services will supply you with amazing articles. They will use the best SEO practices to help your site better on SERP. In addition to this, copywriters will make sure to use the right tone of voice to attract more readers.

All in all, cooperation with an article writing company is the right move if you want to grow your site and become more visible online.

Do you use the services of writing companies? If not, are you eager to try it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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