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Content Marketing Tips for 2023: Experts Roundup

Content Marketing
Content Marketing Tips

What's going on with content marketing in 2023? How does it differ from the previous years? Will it change drastically?

Perhaps, these are the questions content marketers ask themselves. And it's totally understandable.

Content marketing is a highly variable substance if you will.

For example, 2020-2021 heavily influenced the state of marketing. 94% of content marketers even modified their strategy. They put more emphasis on attracting quality leads and promoting their products. SEO gained more attention in virtue of more businesses going online.

As you can see, content marketing best practices may shift based on the changes humanity is living through.

Well, the pandemic was not always the matter. Content marketing can modify because of trends, demographic changes (aka generations' shift), technological developments, and so on.

It's not always easy to keep up with those updates. Yet, there are content marketing tips, and predictions industry experts make. Today, we have gathered some of them to help you navigate and build effective strategies.


Experts on content marketing

Now it's time to check some quotes from industry professionals. We've grouped them based on various content marketing directions.

SEO still matters

42% of marketers still consider improving SEO performance challenging. Yet, this task will be vital in 2023.

Many specialists and agencies say that SEO will be the same if not more important. That's because organic search traffic dominates the search channel share.

Here's a good tip from the content marketing advisor Lilach Bullock.

SEO strategies are of great importance this year. By focusing on the right keywords and SEO strategies, you can improve your rankings and generate more traffic and leads from your content.

Lilach Bullock, Business & Mindset Coach

Also, considering constant Google updates in algorithms, you have to take care of SEO to rank well. For instance, the latest update - Core Web Vitals - confirms that search optimization still matters.

Metaverse and immersive commerce

Marketers need to surprise and engage their customers and it's getting harder and harder. Now, you won't make something out-of-the-box if you just add a video to your blog post.

Instead, immersive commerce is gaining momentum. Simply put, marketing departments of brands actively use the capabilities modern technologies can offer. They actively implement VR, AR, and MR elements into companies' marketing strategies.

With Facebook announcing its re-branding into Meta and introducing Metaverse last October, it's time to embrace new ways of doing marketing. Moreover, analysts predict that the metaverse will grow into an $800bn market by 2024.

I believe absolutely that the advent of graphics-based computing and 3-D environments is going to change many of the technologies, standards, conventions, and monetization models. It’s going to have profound generational change. And, most importantly, it’s going to reach many of the categories we’ve long hoped would be altered by mobile and the internet and yet haven’t been.

Matthew Ball, renowned metaverse expert and author

Being flexible

The only constant in content marketing is its constant change.

And it's essential to fit into those changes. Otherwise, you won't be able to compete with your rivals. Here's what content marketing guru Neil Patel says about flexibility.

Being able to anticipate trends and changes in audience behavior based on technology trends and updates can help you adjust your (content marketing) strategy and get ahead of the wave.

Neil Patel, Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital

So, you need to know:

  • when to change,
  • what to change,
  • how to continue to provide value for customers.

Live, AI-driven, and other content - try everything that fits your company goals and strategy. Research how your audience will interact with those updates and if it enjoys them.

Content repurposing

Content creation has always been a challenge. And 2023 will be no exception. The best marketing advice here is to repurpose content you've already created. That's what Val Swisher says.

Reusing the same content for different deliverables saves time, money and allows you to personalize content and scale.

Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, Inc.

The renowned Content Marketing Institute utilizes the same approach. Its team calls it "fracking."

content marketing tips

This way, CMI re-works videos into blog posts or gathers articles into helpful eBooks. But it may be vice versa when you frack reposts, eBooks, or long-form content into smaller pieces.

We, at Adsy, also love to repurpose our content. For instance, our blog posts serve as a basis for presentations and podcasts.

Data from our informative newsletters can then be transformed into social media content.

This way, we optimize our content creation process and can focus on personalizing our message.

Another content marketing expert, Virginia Parsons, shares that content repurposing can bring better results.

3 rules for getting more results with less content: 1) Defining what "enough" content means, 2) Using content instead of just creating it, 3) Remixing, repurposing, & optimizing your content marketing.

Virginia Parsons, Founder of Media Spotlight Marketing

So, try this approach to achieve the best content marketing results in 2023.

Content personalization

As we remember, content marketing is creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and successive content.

We can hardly provide any value if we don't personalize content.

You can approach this tactic from various points of view. Firstly, there are a lot of people. They live in different places, have different jobs, and are from different generations. Secondly, even when you find your TA, keep in mind that users normally interact with your brand on different marketing funnel stages.

This way, your content marketing strategy, and content should cater to a broad number of goals. And the sure thing it may be tough.

marketing advice 2021

Well, we agree with this approach. Segmentation helps you create more peculiar content to engage users and deliver the right message.

Let's assume you sell air conditioners. After getting down with your target audience in general, you have to build your message to cover users' needs at every stage.

Accordingly, you need to educate your audience about air conditioners, their types, and their differences at the first stage. Then you may share other users' feedback on them. Only then you may start selling your products.

That applies to almost any good or service. We also segment our audience to deliver the correct information. We strive to make our content valuable and beneficial to the specific segment.

You may assume personalization from another angle.

Personalization means sending real people information from other real people – that's why employee activation is the future of marketing.

Michael Brenner, CEO at Marketing Insider Group

Yes, employees can add value to content personalization. Nowadays, people like to hear stories from real people. You can employ brand storytelling best practices to strengthen your content marketing strategy in 2023.

Putting customers first

Everything is customer-centric right now. This way, you should build a content marketing strategy with people in mind.

Choose content topics on purpose.

Marc Guberti, Breakthrough Success Podcast Host

Well, this statement is so right! Nowadays, you can't throw a random piece of content and get backlinks for it to make a difference. Thus, Google has its mechanisms to check content's quality and relevancy. Multiply this by the fact that real people will read your texts to understand how essential the content's message is.

Also, content marketing turns away from aggressively selling goods or services. Check what marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi says.

content marketing tips joe pulizzi

Aim at creating valuable and helpful content. Engage your potential customers, educate them about your products, solve their problems, and only then sell.

Did you know that 60% of users buy a product after reading a blog article about it first? So, make sure you develop your blog as a part of your content strategy.

Working on links

Like a decade ago, links continue to be an inseparable part of content marketing success.

Yet, the approaches to link building have changed drastically over the years. To rank high, your links should answer some serious criteria. That's how Joshua Hardwick describes the situation.

Struggling to get high-quality backlinks to your website? That's why it's STILL a ranking factor.

Joshua Hardwick, Head of Content at Ahrefs

Yes, to get high positions on SERP, you should curate an awesome link building strategy. We are glad to say we can help you with this goal. Our guest posting service lets you build links from the high-DA sites from the relevant niches.

Did you have some excuses or hardship that Sam Oh voiced?

marketing advice sam oh

Then that's the right sign to check our service and grow your rankings on search engines!

The sum up

And we think we've found the perfect quote to sum up the exerts roundup about content marketing. Here's what Tim Soulo says.

content marketing tips tim soulo

Tim clearly shows how you can use content marketing to its fullest. So, it's your time to shine!


96% of the most successful content marketers stated that content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.

And you can be among them!

Use these tips from the industry experts to improve your marketing strategy. Make sure you think a few steps forward. Create content that is valuable for your audience.

We at Adsy are always glad to help you, be it quality links or outstanding content.

Tell us what quotes you liked the most? What do you think about content marketing in 2023? Leave your comments down below.

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