Handy Tips to Make Money Blogging

Handy Tips to Make Money Blogging


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When you start your website, you put your heart into it. In most cases, not only your heart is involved, but also your time, money, and resources. No wonder that soon after the site launch you are waiting for a reasonable payback. People are often wondering how to make money blogging? What is the essential tool for that?

If you are a marketer, you strive to reach your target audience, herewith make influential resources speak about your company or brand. If you are a publisher, you want to find out how to monetize a blog and place only relevant and unique content on your website. How to handle so many issues?

Here is a great decision for monetizing a blog! Adsy, a content distribution platform, is a real catch for both publishers and marketers. If you are a publisher, you will benefit from services provided by Adsy. It is as simple as ABC: you place awesome content on your website according to marketers offers, and receive money for that.

Marketers receive the similar benefits. Having an opportunity to choose publishers, marketers select appropriate resources to win their target users’ attention.

Adsy is a transparent platform allowing you to have a total control over your workflow. You will receive reliable payouts while working on challenging tasks.

Want to monetize your blog or a website?

Following instructions will reveal how to get a profit as a publisher.

  1. The very first step is signing up on Adsy website: https://adsy.com/ Adsy - content distribution platform
  2. In your Publisher interface, you can find the following information:
    • My platforms (your added websites)
    • Tasks
    • Balance
    • Notifications
    • Switch to Publisher/Marketer interface

“Tasks” menu section contains your tasks with various statuses, which you can learn more about by hovering over each tab with a status name.

Adsy - Task

  1. To start monetizing your website you need to go to “My platform” menu section. You can also find the requirements your website is ought to meet to be approved by Adsy.

Adsy - Add site

  1. Click “Add website” button, and you will proceed to the following page with Step 1:

Adsy - blog adding

Then enter the following information about your website: its URL, category, language, write appropriate keywords (up to five words), set a price, indicate the necessity of disclosure (to label sponsored content), select links type (DoFollow or NoFollow), and you may also state some special requirements.

Take notice that starred fields are required.

Adsy - Adding site

  1. After filling in the information in Step 1, you proceed to Step 2 where you need to confirm your ownership rights:

Adsy - blog confirmation

Here you have two options to select:

    • Follow the instructions in Option 1 or Option 2 to undergo moderation, and click “Confirm and send for moderation” button.
    • If you click “Add without moderation” button, you will receive the following message:

Adsy - finish site adding

  1. After your website has been moderated and approved by Adsy, you have an opportunity to get tasks from various marketers.
  1. The status of your tasks looks like that:

Adsy - Task bar

To find out the meaning of each tab, point it with a mouse and you will see a popup window with a description.

Adsy - Finding task

How to make money as a blogger? If you sign up as an Adsy publisher and follow the instructions for your site moderation, you will gain access to marketers who are eager to place their unique content on your website. You will have an excellent opportunity to select tasks and communicate with marketers via messages in the Adsy system. It simplifies the overall publishing process significantly, so as you may specify task requirements and get instant feedback.

And what about marketers? We know that unique content distribution may become a tough call. At the same time, we know for sure that mentioning your product on competent resources makes your Google ranking higher and bring you more traffic. The more traffic you have, the more customers and money you receive. Adsy provides marketers with not only a service that simplifies the search for quality and relevant websites, but it potentially helps you to make more money.

So, let’s get a look at the Marketer interface at Adsy.

You may switch to Marketer interface in such a manner:

Adsy Marketer

  1. In your Marketer interface, you can find the following information:
    1. Search for publishers
    2. Tasks
    3. Balance
    4. Notifications
    5. Switch to Publisher/Marketer interfac
    Adsy - Search for Publishers
  1. Here you have various filters that make your search for publishers more relevant. To reach your target audience, and place your content on the most appropriate resource, you may use filters:
    1. Domain Authority
    2. Page Authority
    3. Alexa Traffic Rank
    4. Price Range
    5. Links
    6. Language
    7. Domain Level
    8. Disclosure
    9. Pages indexed by Google
    10. Categories
  1. After you have found a suitable resource, you send your task to the chosen publisher. While creating a task you provide your content and specify all your extra requirements.
  1. “Tasks” section in Marketer interface is similar to the one in Publisher interface, which was described above.

Adsy - Task for publishers

  1. After receiving your task, a publisher may accept or reject it. That is why you can send the same task to different publishers, and then choose among those who have accepted it.
  1. If a publisher has accepted your task offer and you have approved him as the task performer, the task gets the status “Publishing”.
  1. Then a publisher places your content on the selected website and sends the task for your approval. Make sure that the completed task meets your requirements. If not, send the task back for improvement.
  1. After completion, all tasks go to the guarantee period of 30 days. Publishers will be paid only for those tasks that have successfully passed the guarantee period.

In your user account you can also find a “Profile” section where you can fill in and edit your personal information: name, phone number, email, password, and PayPal email.

Adsy - Profile

To sum up, Adsy platform responds to questions: “How to make money blogging?” and “How to monetize your blog?”.

Adsy publishers receive a decent remuneration for their work, and get unique content from marketers. Also, they are about to get an opportunity to create their own content in accordance with marketers requirements. This feature is being developed now. Quality content is one of many factors that stimulate Google ranking of your website. As a result, your website positions rise and you can even get to Google Top 10, which brings more marketers and higher income. Furthermore, publishers have an opportunity to communicate with marketers directly, and specify their requirements concerning the given task.

Adsy marketers can distribute their content on relevant resources chosen by smart filtering. Adsy anti-fraud control guarantees that your content will be placed and remain on a selected website. You can be sure that your content is fine and your money are well spent. What is more, you don’t need to check if a publisher made any changes or deleted your links. We do it for you!

Please, take into account that Adsy is still developing its functionality and services. So, you are welcome to give us your feedback, and feature requests.

Register now at https://adsy.com/, and handle your content marketing issues, should you be a marketer or a publisher!

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