Created on November 17, 2021 | Updated on September 20, 2023

5 Benefits of Guest Posting for Startups

Guest Posting Tips
benefits of guest posting

A guest blog posting and startup. Is there a connection between these two terms?

Well, there is a bond and even stronger than you can even imagine.

Picture that you've started a company. You believe in your product. So, you start gathering a team and developing a good. But the point is that in the very beginning, you will face a lack of capital. That said, your company's digital promotion won't be your priority.

The truth is that 29% of startups fail due to running out of funding. Sure thing, you will strictly prioritize your funding breakdown.

Yet, guest posting outreach can be your way out. Even with limited resources, you can introduce your startup to the world and attract first customers.

In this article, we will tell you how guest posting can help your newly founded company stand strong and develop.


1. Higher positions on SERP and more traffic

92% of entrepreneurs believe that having a site is the most efficient digital marketing strategy.

Sure thing, you can't go anywhere without having a website. But just launching one is not enough. There are more than 1.7 billion sites. This way, your goal is to make your site visible to as many users as possible.

And site promotion is one of the benefits of guest posting. And, perhaps, this perk is the most powerful one.

Firstly, let's figure out how you can get higher positions on search engines.

There are a variety of factors that influence a site's rank on SERP. Content quality to on-page SEO or keywords - all counts in when you want to rank on the first page.

Yet, still one of the most important factors is backlinks.

Backlinks serve as a "vote of confidence" for search engines. Thanks to them, for instance, Google understands that other sites assume your site as a reliable source. That means your content is worth trusting and relevant.

And that is a reason to show content on your site when a user makes a certain query.

backlinks guest posting

Guest posting, in turn, will help you build backlinks in the safest way possible. That's vital because Google bans sites when it notices any unnatural promotion activities.

The process of getting backlinks via guest blogging is pretty simple (if you use a little help from the guest posting service).

  • You need to choose the site(s) where you'd like to place your content with a link to your site.
  • Make sure these sites have high DA and are from your industry. That makes backlinks more weighty.
  • Provide or order high-quality content that will be informative and helpful to online publications' and your audience.
  • Place your order and wait until the publishers place your article on their sites.

And here was your first step to growing your ranks on search engines. Higher positions, accordingly, will expose your site to more users.

This way, you can get more traffic to your site.

2. Brand awareness growth

Building trust with search engines is a great and right thing to do. Yet, all these processes stay invisible to users.

And people are the reason your startup blossoms or fails.

That's why you need to show your company and tell people about it. As with link acquisition, there are various ways to do this. Nevertheless, guest posting gives you one of the most powerful toolsets.

You can access top sources in your industry to spread the word about your company. Moreover, you can contact sites that operate exactly in your industry and the relevant ones as well.

For instance, you produce automation services for real estate companies. You can place your content on real estate magazines, where professionals may learn about your solutions. Also, you can go for technology publications, where real estate firms might search for new sophisticated solutions for work optimization.

guest posting service

This way, placing content on already popular publications with a huge audience helps you introduce your startup to huge amounts of potential customers at once.

3. Audience increase

This benefit of guest posting results from the previous two points.

  • Guest posting will help you climb higher on SERP. That will bring you more traffic meaning more people will visit your website.
  • Brand awareness growth will also strengthen your positions. In fact, more people will search your site online, bringing more organic traffic. Or some may click the links you leave in the guest article allowing referral traffic.

Thereof, you will be able to grow your audience.

An extended number of visitors will help you convert a bigger part of them into your customers (an audience that buys your products).

Once again, the growth will depend on the sources you choose and the content you prepare. Fundera reports that 14% of businesses fail due to not considering customers' needs.

So, place guest posts on sites your potential customers visit. When submitting articles, ensure they solve customers' problems, offer further information on topics that matter to them, or foresee questions they might have.

That's how your site, once has been unknown, becomes trusted and visited by many users.

4. More quality customers

Quality customers are as good as gold.

That's especially true when you have limited capital and try to offer a completely new product to the world. That being said, you need people that will be interested in your services straight away.

And guest posting can fulfill this calling.

We've repeatedly told you that you should place guest posts on related sites. That has to be an essential part of your guest post strategy.

The reason for this is that you showcase your startup to an audience already interested in topics you cover. So, your article (if written correctly) will be receptive to readers.

And when those readers come to your site, they will find what they've expected. Thanks to this, they are much more likely to order from you.

Also, it's important that they already can trust your brand more than visitors who simply googled your company. The reason for this is that they read about your company in the publication they already trust.

5. Cost optimization

This benefit, perhaps, is the most vital for any startup or small business. It's all because of the limited budget these types of companies have.

In fact, guest posting can grant 62% budget savings through relevant audience interactions.

That is basically the situation we've described in the previous section. Customers that come to your site after reading a guest post are already interested in your services or goods. So, you spend less time, effort, and money to convert them into buying clients.

Yet, in general, guest posting helps you optimize your costs thanks to its versatility.

Of course, you could pick guest blogging to fulfill one of your goals. Nevertheless, you'll get much more at the outcome.

By executing a guest posting strategy, you will be able to get all the mentioned benefits at once. That means you don't have to spend money on two, three, etc., strategies. You get impressive results just by investing in one direction.

benefits of guest posting


It's hard to underestimate the benefits of guest posting.

By using this strategy you can give your startup a palpable boost on the Internet. Just check this data about guest blogging. With it, you get:

  • 80% growth in organic and referral traffic,
  • 75% increase in direct sales in virtue of the hot leads.

And your perks don't stop here. You will also increase your traffic, grow brand awareness, show your expertise, build up a loyal customer base, and more. Imagine, all this is thanks to one strategy!

What's most important, you will optimize your budget. That's vital for startup owners, as many new businesses fail due to the lack of capital.

So, don't miss your chance to partner with a reliable guest posting service to introduce your company and start getting your first clients.

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