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9 Effective Link Building Strategies for 2024

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link building strategies

Link building strategies can define how successful your site will be.

It's an energy-intense process. Yet, link building is an indivisible SEO part that influences your position on search engines.

Once again, link acquisition is still the top priority for SEO specialists. Why is it so? Because backlinks stay among the top ranking factors for Google.

The more amazing is that 66.31% of web pages have absolutely no backlinks and 26.29% have links from three sources or less. And we don’t want to let this situation happen.

Does this mean that you have to get whatever links possible? A sure thing, no. Moreover, there are some link building myths we've already debunked.

Today we are sharing nine working link building strategies for 2024. Keep reading to learn how to acquire quality links and grow your SERP positions.


1. Guest posting

This link building strategy is still in demand as it allows you to build links from high-DA sites effortlessly. Moreover, as those links are from the relevant sites and in content, they are more weighty.

You may have some concerns as you approach this tactic. Mainly, it goes around how much time you should spend on this strategy.

guest posting service

Yes, guest posting used to be time-consuming. But nowadays, with the help of guest posting services, you can build links faster.

For example, that's how easily you can gain backlinks with Adsy’s help.

  1. Register or sign up as a buyer.
  2. Top up your balance to open site URLs.
  3. Use 10 filters to find the best-fitting sources.
  4. See the list of suitable sites.
  5. Buy a post with your link in it.
  6. Enjoy a backlink to your site from a trustworthy site.

Thanks to this quick and easy guide, you can acquire natural-looking links and improve your ranking.

Moreover, while statistics claim that the typical cost of a guest post is $77.80, prices at Adsy start at $17.50 only.

2. Broken link building

When talking about SEO linking strategies, many beginner specialists miss broken link building. Make sure you are not one of them.

Top industry experts like Brian Dean and Neil Patel recommend using this approach. Ahrefs, an all-purpose SEO software provider, also recommends this approach.

link building strategies

Why is this tact so attractive? Well, because you provide real value to a website owner. Therefore, you don't beg for a backlink. Instead, you help a webmaster find broken links leading to 404 pages.

So, how do we apply the broken link strategy?

  1. Find the site you are interested in.
  2. Use tools like Check My Links or LinkMiner to check links and find the broken ones.
  3. Then write the site's owner and mention that you've found a broken link.
  4. Suggest replacing the broken link with the link to your article.

Of course, the page you offer should be similar to the page that the site owner has been linking to previously.

3. "Skyscraper" content creation

We've mentioned that some link building strategies are energy-intensive. Techniques like the “Skyscraper” one belong to this category.

Your goal is to create content that is 10x times better than those already existing articles. Of course, if you decide to proceed with this technique, get ready to:

  • write in-depth content,
  • create outstanding visuals,
  • provide value to readers.

Yet, that's only a part of the deal. The whole “Skyscraper” process will look like this.

  1. Search for the well-performing pieces of content in your niche (links- and keyword-wise).
  2. Study them.
  3. Now it's time to create better content compared to the one you've found.
  4. Publish your content.
  5. Promote your content to get backlinks.

Remember, even the top-class articles require promotion. So, after publishing your "Skyscraper" article, ensure you reach out to bloggers, influencers, and other people who can link back to it. Also, you can write brands or businesses if you mention any in your article.


To use this tactic, register at a special service called “Help a Reporter Out.”

Thanks to it, you'll be able to get links from great online publications. Basically, you will assist journalists who search for expert quotes. After you provide a quality, informative, and useful quote, you get a link back to your site or chosen page.

To turn the HARO link building plan into life, take the following steps:

  1. Register as a source.
  2. Get connected to journalists.
  3. Start pitching your articles to get links from authoritative media.

You will receive emails from HARO three times per day during a working week. Journalists will show their need in quotes on a variety of topics.

Reply to ones that are related to your niche and field of expertise. Do not spam journalists and try to build strong relationships with them.

For instance, we've used this tactic and written an article called "How Will AI Influence SEO in 2024? [Explained by 19 Experts]?".

link building strategy

5. Listicle link building

Well, we've all seen listicles or listings. Simply put, these are articles with titles like:

  • Top 10 properties…
  • Best 9 cafes to check…

So, the article will include a list of some goods, services, or places that an author recommends to readers.

Your goal is to become a part of a listicle with a link back to your site. Another option is to find an existing listing with your brand in it. In this case, you have to check if it has a backlink. If not, kindly ask to insert it.

In general, link building tactic for listicles looks like this:

  1. Use search operators to find listicles related to your industry.
  2. Ask their authors about an opportunity to include your business there.
  3. Provide short information about your company.

This method is an awesome opportunity to acquire backlinks from trusted sources. Moreover, by putting your brand on the listings, you also grow your brand awareness. And that is also an essential SEO part.

seo linking strategies

6. Resource page link building

Before executing more complicated link building tactics, we suggest you try this one.

As with some other strategies, it will go around providing value to users. That said, this link building technique has to deal with creating amazing content. Aim to compose a resource page that will be useful for your target audience.

Thanks to this, you can end up in a listing on some educational, local government, travel, or information sites.

So, here's how to get a link to your resource page:

  1. Find sites that link to resource pages.
    1. You can do it by using a backlink tool to spy on your competitors' links,
    2. You can use search operators for a manual lookup.
  2. Then you can build a content strategy aiming to attract their attention.
  3. Or, you can prepare an outreach campaign telling why you deserve to be on the list.

This way, you can get some awesome backlinks even from government sites. Thus, give this strategy a try.

resource link building strategies

7. Testimonials

Testimonials or reviews play an important role in the brands' lives. A well-written testimonial can positively influence company's reputation and help to sell faster.

Yet, sometimes it really hard to get a review even if a business provides a top-class service.

So, you can help out a company you like. Write a review about its tools or services. Make it comprehensive enough, and another company will gladly share your review on its site with a link to you.

Or you can even negotiate with a brand and offer to craft a case study about how its tool has helped you. The majority of companies will gladly accept a case study or an in-depth testimonial and link back to you.

Therefore, your steps for testimonials link building strategy are:

  1. Think of businesses you truly like and use.
  2. Reach out to them, offering to write a testimonial or a case study.
  3. Ask to link back to your site.

In such a way, you get a win-win deal. You help other brand reputation and acquire a worthy link.

link building techniques

8. Roundup posts link building

Add this link building strategy to your plan. Thanks to roundup posts, you can build links and also get prospects interested in your products.

Roundup posts are articles that some companies publish. These articles are mostly about particular topics. Usually, they include a list of recommended blogs or sites with a short description to them. Also, posts may consist of quotes from industry experts.

As you can see, these articles have multiple benefits. So, let's see how to get featured in the roundup post.

  1. To get links from the roundup posts, type "keyword" + roundup in the search engine.
  2. Find topics that relate to your business.
  3. Reach out to the site owner.

Businesses that compose roundup posts normally do this regularly. Most probably, they will be glad to receive your submission.

link building tactics

9. Unlinked brand mentions

Typically, when we mention some brands in articles, we link to them. But it's not always the case.

Thus, here comes another chance to apply a link building tactic to this situation. Thanks to various brand monitoring tools, you can track what companies name your brand.

How do you track unlinked mentions and then build links?

  1. Use brand monitoring tools to track your brand mentions.
  2. Filter the mentions and leave the ones with no links.
  3. As you gather unlinked mentions, start reaching out to webmasters asking them to add a link to a mention.

As always, don't be too pushy when writing to website owners. Firstly, show that you've got acquainted with the article. Then thank an author for mentioning your brand in it.

Only after this ask if a webmaster can add a link to your website. Try to make sure that putting a link will bring editorial value.

link building tips


As you can see, link building strategies are so diverse! It's only up to you which ones to choose.

Make your choice based on the link building techniques you've used before and your industry. Be consistent and follow your link acquisition strategy whether it's guest posting or listicle link building.

Share what strategies you use or would like to try. We'd like to hear your thoughts.

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