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8 Main Content Marketing Trends of 2022

Content Marketing
Content Marketing Trends Of 2022

Content marketing is evolving. The ideas that were fresh and relevant back in five will become old and obsolete by 2022. There is no chance you’ll succeed by using the same old pieces of content nowadays. That's why copywriters should produce content that correlates with the latest trends.

According to the newest statistics, about 92% of B2B companies actively use content marketing to promote their products online. It means not just using sponsored content but also creating new posts, images, videos, and news feeds. Moreover, 75% of marketers expect to gain more quality leads with the help of the content.

We’ve decided to gather the most important content marketing tendencies of 2022 in one article. The goal is to help marketers pick the most interesting ideas among the current trends and to assist in adjusting content strategy. So, buckle up for this exciting journey and find out more about the top eight trends in content marketing in 2022.

The state of the content marketing in 2022

Before jumping to the main trends, let's quickly see how content marketing is doing right now.

Content marketing has not experienced any fundamental changes and adjustments for some time, continually using the same old methods. It means that the very approach to content has to be adjusted.

Long reads that previously experienced a splash of popularity among marketers tend to be less effective rather than short posts. While social media format posts still win the hearts and thoughts of the audience, the increasing amount of people, consuming short messages from Twitter, continues to grow.

Besides, Google's top shared content is hovering around 1,500 words. Finally, social media, using short forms of content (the bright example is Instagram), is growing more popular these days. The time we are living in has become over-saturated with information, which means that users have less time to read any message at all.

Another noteworthy fact is that according to the statistics, B2C marketing budgets are going to increase.

By 2021, the content marketing industry was worth 412 billion, and last over 57% of companies have reported they are about to increase their marketing budget at least by 9% or more. The content generation requires the development of new approaches, thus demanding more investments and searching for new ways of promoting a business agenda.

And here come the top content marketing trends of 2022.

User-generated content

1. User-generated content

Recent studies have proven that in 85% of cases, consumers are more likely to trust user-generated content. While not containing any keywords and selling methods, content created by users appears to be the most engaging and shows the highest conversion rate. It makes the work of marketing copywriters both easier and more difficult at the same time.

Easier, because there is no need to invent anything, just maintain the false “users” accounts. More difficult, because it is quite hard to pretend to be an ordinary person while using all the methods available to promote such accounts in relevant channels. It looks like in the next few years content marketing will be filled with false-flag operations. Marketers should consider the influence of the marketing approach rather than corporate blogs and mailings.

2. Video content becomes more popular

While the average viewing time of video continues to decline and reaches 35 seconds, people tend to prefer video content to text. Over 80% of users chose to watch a video review when making a purchase decision, while over 50% of customers admit that online video was the factor that helped them to select the specific product. Finally, 55% of customers say they watched online videos right in the store while shopping.

It makes video content one of the most essential points when pushing people towards purchasing your products. Thus, in 2022 videos will become a more important part of companies’ marketing strategy. Marketers should consider producing both high-end clips and do-it-yourself-style videos, which can win the hearts of the audience.

3. Quality trumps quantity

The quality of the content is becoming far more important than the amount. While marketers try to produce as much content as possible, researches have proven that quality hugely prevails over the number of posts published. People are more likely to subscribe to you if you produce qualitative and interesting content on a regular basis, thus providing them with exquisite information.

People are drowning in information flow, that is why they prefer to get news from you more rarely but expect them to be more comprehensive. The perfect content posting model for 2022 includes consistent posting, while not drowning people in some irrelevant or repeating articles. The new long-read format should consist of ~1,500 words and offer not just information but inspiration.

4. Personalized approach

A personalized approach to content strategy will become even more popular in 2022.

At the end of 2019 over 90% of consumers told they trusted personalized content more than a regular advertisement and this number would grow. Meanwhile, 63% of customers admitted they were getting even more annoyed when receiving a generic marketing offer. Finally, 80% of customers acknowledged they’d more likely respond to the business, that used a personal approach, thus increasing a user’s experience.

An overall conversion may be increased three times by implementing a personal approach. Demand for personal special treatment is getting higher, thus making marketers depend on data science even more. Ordinary target audience portrait should be supported with additional info, including a user’s experience, habits, and even expectations of potential customers.

5. Podcasting popularity triples

Podcasts' popularity grows exponentially. According to the latest statistical data, the number of its audience has tripled within the decade. What’s more interesting is that the overall attraction to podcasts continues to grow. Generally speaking, there is a huge demand for audio content, which can be used to your agenda’s advantage.

podcast adsy

The promotion of products or services via podcasts can be a great advantage for any marketer, because of the really low competition in this market. Make sure you’ve got a firm schedule for podcasts because it is better to have none than to have episodes coming whenever the team has time to create one.

Another piece of advice for branded podcasts is to focus on one relevant topic rather than to try to cover everything that comes into your mind. This might be a new marketing way to establish your brand’s credibility.

6. Focusing on your topic

Experts advise focusing on a specific and relevant topic that concerns your expertise. Creating content strategically will help you build up your reputation as an honored expert in the area of your interests. This way, position yourself/the company's blog as an expert source.

Accordingly, people who are looking for specific information will visit your blog. That, in turn, will increase the number of your site's visitors. Work your specific topic out and provide people with as much relevant info on the field as possible. Thus, you’ll show that your brand has exceptional expertise. It will aid you in building up the brand’s awareness. While tending to trust user content, people still praise the recognized experts and value their opinion.

7. Raising popularity of interactive content

Two thousand twenty consumers are seeking not just relevant content but also an interactive one. While having resourceful smartphones at their disposal, people are eagerly looking for a new fresh experience. Modern-day customers are more than happy to see content with embedded interactive elements.

According to the polls, nearly 91% of consumers admit they enjoy all the interactive and game components the business can provide. After all, interactive content can be way more attractive to people, and at the same time allowing marketers to connect with the target audience, generate additional incomes and leads.

Modern days interactive content may include:

  • 360 degrees VR videos;
  • Augmented reality advertisement;
  • Interactive ads and photos;
  • Embedded supplementary tools.

Thus, the world of marketing enters the age of interactivity, and modern marketing departments must adapt to the new demands of the customers.

8. No more random acts of content

2022 will be the year when marketing departments must stop producing random momentary content, which may never have an impact on the target audience.

Like a TV network, advertising content should be planned and prepared beforehand. It is highly recommended to produce in general less content but make it way more effective. It means, aside from old but gold formats, marketing should consider new types of advertisement, including those never used before.

At least, marketers have to find the audience’s preferred channels and deliver the content in a constant stream at predictable intervals. Every piece of content nowadays must have a well-thought strategy behind it.

New approaches to the commercial must be developed, as the old ones are slowly dying out.


It might be a hasty conclusion but it looks like content marketing is the only marketing that is left to us today. Customers want to consume pieces of content first of all. And those pieces have to be engaging and entertaining.

Marketers should think of new approaches while embracing the fact that the world has become more advanced for the last decade.

Got any ideas on the main content marketing trends of 2022? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Let's discuss your opinion. Good luck!

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