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Business Career and Employment Culture
last active
DA: 53; DR: 58
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 32,865
Country: United States
Price: $1142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
last active
DA: 51; DR: 47
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 76,032
Country: United States
Price: $85.71
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Computers Internet Mobile
last active
DA: 51; DR: 56
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 51,793
Country: United States
Price: $142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Food Health Lifestyle
last active
DA: 57; DR: 4
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 444
Country: United States
Price: $35.71
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Education Leisure and Hobbies Lifestyle
last active
DA: 55; DR: 33
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: Not provided
Country: N/A
Price: $42.86
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Business Finance Personal Blogs
last active
DA: 69; DR: 60
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 1
Country: N/A
Price: $14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Beauty Fashion For Women
last active
DA: 57; DR: N/A
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 422
Country: United Kingdom
Price: $14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Animals and Pets
last active
DA: 66; DR: 73
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 10,067,368
Country: United States
Price: $71.43
Publisher's URL is hidden 
Beauty Fashion Shopping
last active
DA: 69; DR: 36
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: Not provided
Country: N/A
Price: $14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden 
last active
DA: 63; DR: 52
Language: English
Links: Dofollow
Monthly traffic: 5,660
Country: India
Price: $71.43

Getting high-quality backlinks was and stays among the most important things when it comes to growing sites' authority and ranks. But the amount of work involved might be overwhelming sometimes. (Spoiler alert! Things can be different with the blogger outreach service. An outreach agency can work magic, trust us.)

Just remember how the older generation of link builders or SEO specialists did it. They spent days if not weeks finding appropriate sites. The next step was to reach a site owner and pitch your link or guest post. Could anyone predict an outcome? Well, that was difficult to make.

As such, all your effort and time could be completely wasted. So, some professionals still assume link building is torture. Yet, you cannot avoid blogger outreach. Gladly, a blogger outreach service can become your safe haven. 

In this guide, we will tell you how these services, also referred to as guest posting platforms or guest blogging services, work and how to find the right one.

Finding a fitting link outreach agency

We will be honest, searching for the correct guest posting service or link outreach agency is not always a walk in the park. But don’t get upset yet. Here are some handy tips you can save.

You can start your way with the simple search query “top guest posting service.” Then you’ll see lots of agencies pop up on the SERP. There are lots of them, that’s right. But can we somehow cut the list?

We advise you to check the comparison articles where the authors describe each link outreach agency, so you pick the best one based on the services you require.

But as you landed on this very page, we’ll tell you why exactly is a match made in heaven.

So, here are features you’d like to see in your guest posting service, and what we actually provide.

What features should a guest post outreach service have?

First things first - you partner with the guest blogging platform to automate the link acquisition process. This way, the guest post outreach service should have tools, that will help you with this.

Intuitive and easy-to-understand interface

Getting backlinks is already complicated. The blogger outreach service is the best option to not get another pain in the neck. 

Ensure the guest posting service has a clear menu, filters, helpful sources and links, extra explanations, etc. Nothing should bother you when you are using the platform.

Adsy did everything to make its interface as clear as possible. You can find an extensive number of available features in the main menu that is on your left. With its help, you can choose various sites that are ready to accept guest posts. 

There are two main inventories - with Verified publishers and with other Publishers. Both include hand-picked sites with .us, .au., .uk, and other types of domains. We recommend choosing verified publishers as partnerships with them are more secure.

Other menu sections will help you jump quickly to your tasks and track their progress and communicate with performers. Also, you have easy access to your balance and a variety of payment options to make a top-up.

All-in-all, you have various options with clearly defined titles that allow you to easily use the guest blogging service.


Filter presence plays an important role in the convenience of the guest posting platform. It speeds the process up and lets marketers access only fitting sites.

USA, UK, India, Australia - the link outreach agency allows you to build links from different countries. You can pick the destination of your choice by simply choosing a special filter. 

Do you need to grow your site's authority? No worries! Just set your filters to higher DR and DA and get the required donors.

You can also sort sites based on their monthly traffic and organic traffic (provided by renowned Ahrefs). This way, you can not only influence your blog or site rank but also get referral traffic.

Can you get PR links with a blogger outreach service? Well, Adsy has a “Surfacing in Google News” filter to ease your search.

All-in-all, there are 21 filters you can use to find appropriate blogs, publications, and sites. Moreover, you can save up to five filter combinations to quickly access the most fitting donors.

Special offers

Of course, when it comes to the outreach platform, it should provide a wide range of services. That’s why it is great when it provides special offers like content writing or package deals.

Content writing is a helpful feature when you want to receive qualitative content but do not have enough time for its creation. Sure thing, you can order content from the site owner or contributor. Yet, this option can not always be available or content quality can be not high enough. That is why content creation as a separate service can be very helpful. 

Adsy has a wide range of professional writers that can cover different topics. This way, you will not only get your backlinks attached to the right keywords or keyphrases but also enjoy articles that can attract users to your site.

The situation with the packages can be a little bit trickier. But do not worry yet, we are here to tell you about what you should take into consideration. Usually, a blogger outreach service has a network of sites it partners with. If they are top-class, the outreach agency will not mind showing them to you.

That said, you should have an opportunity to control what’s inside the package. If the guest blogging platform refuses to share the sites it has prepared for you, you should question the platform’s transparency.

We, at Adsy, form a package based on your requirements (that can be DA rating or traffic amount), validate the list of sites with you, and only then create and place content there.


Usually, guest blogging services have thousands of sites in their inventories. It is easy to get overwhelmed by this number of sources. 

Yet, if the blogger outreach company has a smartly made menu it won’t be a problem for you. Lists are exactly a feature that will help you keep everything organized. Have you found a fitting site but are not ready to work with it yet? That is not a big deal! You can easily add it to the “Allowlist” and quickly access it afterward. 

Besides, you can also add publishers you liked to the allowlist of performers to work with them later.

Of course, sometimes you see sites that fit your parameters but you don’t wish to work with them. Well, “Lists” will give you an opportunity to hind them from the inventory. Simply add the sites to the blocklist.

You can do the same action with publishers. If you don’t like their performance or have any other reasons, send them to the blocklist for publishers.

New publishers

We often mention that it is better to build backlinks from new domains each time. Sure thing, you can acquire links from the sources you like. They are in the short step to you thanks to pre-saved filters or allowlists.

But what if you need a constant source of new donors? A good guest posting service will suggest you a special feature with an inventory of the freshly added sites.

New sites from the UK, USA, India, Australia - a worthy blogger outreach service will provide this to you in one click! And that’s what Adsy actually does thanks to the “New” sites feature. This is a special inventory that Adsy fills up with new sources every three months. This way, you can be sure you place your content on new domains and get the link juice.


If you want to be successful during the guest posting process, you need to know some special metrics. Normally, you can find them in the filter.

The most common (and important) metrics are: 

You can easily sort the most fitting sites based on these parameters.

Yet, there are other essential metrics you should not forget about. And you are very lucky when the guest posting service clearly provides them. We are talking about the publisher’s metrics now. The names for them can be different. Yet, it’s es have them present.

Adsy came up with in-depth and illustrative metrics to help our clients choose the best performers.

Your first stop is the filter. There are seven metrics associated exclusively with publishers. They will help you understand how reliable they are. These metrics are:

Publisher’s TAT or turnaround time. This metric shows how fastly the publisher performs tasks. That’s why if you need real results from blogger outreach in no time, pick performers with a TAT under three or two days.

Publisher’s rating. This parameter will show how fellow marketers evaluate this publisher. The higher the score - the better. Of course, we advise you to partner with performers whose rating is 4.7 and up.

Security deposit. This metric shows if a publisher made a special deposit to reimburse you in case content or URLs are deleted from the domain you’ve chosen. Publishers who deposited the money have a green shield sign next to them, so you can easily detect them.

Publisher’s completion rate. What makes a blogger outreach service the best one? Most possibly, the presence of the metric like completion rate. It demonstrates the percentage of tasks performed by the publisher. The higher the percentage the better. It’s better to choose publishers with a rate of 80% and up. This means, there are more chances to get the job done qualitatively and on time.

Avg lifetime of links. This parameter shows the duration of links on the chosen domains. We calculate it in percentage in regard to the time passed from the completion date of the task. Once again, the bigger the percentage, the better. We also suggest picking performers with 80% or more.

Tasks with Initial Domain & Price. When you perform a blogger outreach via guest posting service, you want to ensure your content with links appears exactly on the site you’ve picked. So, Adsy created a special metric that shows if the publisher places content on the original domains at the price they initially stated. Choose performers with 80% and up.

Confirmation status. The Adsy team hand-picks and moderates the publishers you work with. Yet, you can choose from two available statuses. Site owners will have more control over the sites you work with. That’s why you can be more sure that links and content will stay on the source unmodified and for a long time. 

Of course, you can work with contributors. These are publishers who have access to sites and are eligible to post content there. The partnership with publishers is also safe. As you might have noticed, you have multiple metrics under your elbow to ensure the performer is trustworthy.

Why do you need to partner with a blogger outreach platform?

As you can see, blogger outreach service has many tools that save you lots of time and effort. You can skip the part when you have to spend weeks striving for guest post placement on desired sites.

  • Speed, 

  • Guarantees,

  • Assistance,

  • Choice,

  • Result,

Is what you get when partnering with outreach services. 

Moreover, you know the outcome at the very beginning - your content will be placed and you will get the backlink. You will also know the price you will pay - no pig in the poke. 

You can access tens of thousands of publishers ready to accept your posts in under five minutes!

So, why wait any time longer? Adsy is a worthy blogger outreach platform whether you need PR links, reach a blogger from London, or place content on popular IT publications.

What people say?

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A is best baclinks service provider site. I got some quality backlinks from I suggest all people to create account on These backlinks really help me to rank my website.

Easy to monitize a blog with it. Service does a good job in enabling you to monetize a blog by placing sponsored content. The website streamlines the process with a workflow that's rational and easy to follow. I was able to monetize my blogs quite easily without spending a dime.

Adsy is a fantastic platform for online advertising. It is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features for advertisers to effectively promote their businesses. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their campaigns to their specific needs. The Adsy team is also extremely helpful, providing excellent customer support and guidance to ensure success. Overall, I highly recommend Adsy for anyone looking to boost their online advertising efforts.

So far Adsy has proven to be the best guest posting marketplace and service we've found. Advantages include: simple, easy to understand interface, substantial inventory of sites to choose from, good stats on each site (DA, DR, traffic, etc), great filtering functionality. Plus, internal competition amongst "performers" both in terms of price as well as their ability to execute (with tracking the overall % of completion) and a relatively responsive customer support are also excellent differentiating points for the service! Some EBI Though not critical (this won't change our view that so far this is the best service for guest posting that we've tried), a couple of things can and should be improved: From the SEO "best practices" perspective a published guest article offers the optimal value if (a) article contains 1-2 internal links, +1-2 external links to "high authority sites" (e.g. Government, WikiPedia, etc.) +1-2 "other" external links (those that customers are interested in), and (b) article should also contain images / charts-graphs / infographics as this makes it truly readable and interesting to real humans (and search engines know this and take this into account when deciding how to index each article and how much weight to give it as a "source of authority"). Allowing for the above would make the service even more valuable. To enable this there should be a requirement (or at least an option) for non-commercial links to be included, and there should be an ability to upload images along with the article text. Potentially, there should also be an option / ability to upload articles in full (with images, and charts) in MS Word or PDF to show "performers" how these articles should look like once published on their websites.
DA: 43
DA: 54
DA: 35
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