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Answering the Most Popular Link Building Questions on Quora

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Nowadays, there is so much information that you can feel like drowning. Yet, this quantity of data does not always mean you can find answers to your questions straight away.

That’s why many people still prefer to search for solutions on special Q&A platforms. And probably one of the most popular ones is Quora.

In fact, Quora reports that it reached 300 million active users per month a couple of years ago. But that’s not only “just an audience.”

Statistics show that this Q&A platform’s users are working professionals and highly motivated and interested in finding solutions to their queries. So,

  • 65% of visitors have received a college degree, and 28% hold a graduate degree,
  • 37% of Quora users are more likely to be in management compared to other adult populations (Nielsen),
  • 18 years and older adults choose Quora over other information platforms (adults with a household income of $100,000+).

As you can see, most Quora users are educated adults with decision-making responsibilities. This way, we highly recommend you use this Q&A platform to get answers and promote your business.

It has so many industries participating and topics that you can promote almost any product or service. The key point is to value readers’ interests. To get noticed, keep this as your golden rule. According to Quora, 90% of successful marketers prioritize informational needs.


What is Quora?

Simply put, Quora is a question-and-answer platform. However, it does not work as a search engine.

It’s more like a professional community where users come to ask for tips, evaluate products, share experiences, and so on.

Generally, people can get the latest information about companies, industry news, emerging projects, etc. What is even better, company representatives can share first-hand information with readers.

Quora has an intuitive interface that allows users easy navigation. This way, you can follow topics or authors you like and write answers yourself.

Answering the most popular link building questions on Quora

Of course, Quora has millions of questions and answers. Yet, the main Quora (content marketing) principle is to bring value to the target audience.

As you are involved in SEO and especially in link building, let’s look through and sort out some top questions from this niche.

How can I generate more traffic?

That is the top trending question you can find in different forms. Here are only a few examples:

  • How do I generate traffic through the blog instantly to my website?
  • How do I drive more traffic to my website? Should I use SEO?
  • What is the best way to generate traffic to a WordPress blog?

And here’s what we have to answer:

There are different ways to receive traffic to your website. Yet, one of the most effective ones is guest posting.

Let’s see how it works.

  1. Firstly, register with the guest posting service.
  2. Then you will receive access to thousands of sites from various industries ready to post your content on their side. This content will contain backlinks that point to your website or blog.
  3. Thanks to this, you build a strong backlink profile.

Backlinks from relevant and high authority sites send signals to Google that your source is worth trusting and provides valuable information.

Accordingly, your positions on SERPs will be growing.

The higher your site appears on the search engine result page, the more chances it has to get noticed by a wider audience.

That’s how you can attract more traffic to your blog.

How can I get backlinks from the high-domain authority sites?

This question is very actual for anyone working in the SEO industry. Here are some questions you can come across:

  • What are some easy backlinks to apply with high domain authority?
  • How do I get backlinks from the high-domain authority sites?
  • How do I create high authority backlinks?

And here’s what we have to say:

The easiest and safest way to build backlinks from the high DA sites is guest posting.

Via guest blogging, you can find relevant sites from your niche and have the correct anchor text for your backlink. Moreover, the prices will be fair, and you’ll be sure that the links you get have a great ROI.

There is no need to check the sites you want to work with on external resources to ensure they have high DA. The guest posting service has special filters that will help you enlist only the sources you need. This way, you can set the metric from 40 to 100 DA to get the most authoritative sites.

quora link building

What are successful strategies to rank higher on Google?

Well, another logical type of question from people engaged in SEO. Some can have doubts based on company size, others - on budget. Here are questions to check:

  • What are effective large business SEO strategies to rank websites higher on Google?
  • What are effective business SEO strategies for struggling businesses to rank websites higher on Google?
  • What are effective small business SEO strategies to rank websites higher on Google?

And that’s what we have to say:

Well, the strategy depends more on the budget you are ready to spend on SEO strategy.

Yet, we can share the next approaches you can employ:

  • Link building. Backlinks are the most vital factor in ranking your site on SERP. That means you have to build backlinks from high authority and relevant sites to improve your ranking. The safest link building option is guest posting.
  • Brand awareness. Grow your brand and make it recognizable. The better people know your brand, the more they trust it. That has a positive influence on your positions on SERP as well.
  • On-site and on-page optimization. On-site SEO refers to optimizing both the content and HTML source code of a page. That will also allow you to rank higher.

Why is link building important? or Why is link building a must-have?

Quora is a network for professionals and also beginners. So, we can find some general but really vital questions. Moreover, cosmetics brand representatives who are not marketers or SEO professionals can wonder why everybody is talking about link building.

So, here are some questions we’ve found:

  • Why should we do link building?
  • Why is SEO link building very important?
  • Why is link building important for ranking in SEO?

And that’s the reason why you should build links for your site or blog:

Link building is essential for SEO because backlinks are among the most crucial ranking factors.

Without backlinks, you cannot rank high on SERP. And considering that there are 1.17 billion sites, you definitely need to rank on 1–2 SERP to get noticed.

Of course, not any link building tactic will be effective. To my mind, you should pick guest posting as your primary technique.

Why is it significant? When you build backlinks with guest posting, help you ensure that your backlinks are:

  • from relevant sites,
  • from sites with a similar niche to yours,
  • from the high-DA sites,
  • in-content,
  • do-follow,
  • attached to the correct anchor text.

As a result, you gain quality links that allow you to get higher positions on SERP.

why backlinks are important

What are link building mistakes?

Nobody is perfect. Yet, Quora can help you avoid some of the pitfalls. That is the reason SEO specialists wonder what tactics they shouldn’t use.

Some of the common questions are:

  • What are the 7 link building mistakes to avoid while building backlinks?
  • What are link building mistakes?
  • What are some link building mistakes, and how does it affect SEO?

And now catch the strategies you’d better avoid:

There might be a few of the most common link building mistakes.

  1. Thinking that guest posting is dead. In fact, this is the only practical link building tactic that is safe and won’t lead to penalties from the search engines.
  2. Building links from sites that do not refer to your industry or niche. Yes, it’s a good idea to gain backlinks from high DA sites. Yet, most of the sites you get links from must be related to your field of activity.
  3. Not checking link building services and buying link packages. In this case, you risk getting links from low-quality sites with no traffic, PBNs, unrelated sites, etc.
  4. Getting lots of links from one site only (even if it’s a rather qualitative one). Remember, it’s always better to get 50 links from different related sites rather than 100 backlinks from one site.
  5. Using exact match anchors for your links. In this case, your link profile may look too spammy. Don’t forget about balance and use different types of anchor text.

Also, you can check what link building assumptions you shouldn’t trust in our article 5 Link Building Myths of 2022 Debunked.

What are the best link building strategies?

But of course, success builds on the efficient strategies you employ. In your day-to-day SEO activities, don’t use shady tactics and employ some proven approaches to link building.

So, what question considering this topic can you find on Quora?

  • What are the most effective link building strategies?
  • What is the best backlink strategy and why?
  • What are some unusual but effective link building strategies?

Our reply to queries like these can be as follows:

Google’s demands for backlinks get stricter and stricter each year.

If a decade ago or so, you could buy link packages and expect higher positions on SERP, now this tactic won’t work. Moreover, it will even harm your site as you most probably get under the filter.

So, what is the best backlink tactic and why?

The white hat link building strategy is the best one nowadays. It saves you from any misunderstandings and restrictions from search engines.

One of the white hat link building strategies we’d want to suggest to you is guest posting.

Guest posting is a process of posting content on thirty-party sites with the goal of getting backlinks.

Why is it significant? When you build backlinks with guest blogging, help you ensure that your backlinks are:

  • from relevant sites,
  • from sites with a similar niche to yours,
  • from the high-DA sites,
  • in-content,
  • do-follow,
  • attached to the correct anchor text.

Moreover, this method is relatively easy, won’t cost a fortune, and will bring tangible results. The trick is to use the guest posting service’s help.

This way, you won’t need to manually search for guest posting opportunities and will get a guarantee that your article with a link will 100% appear on the site you’ve chosen.

Also, you will receive access to particular metrics that will help you choose the best fitting sites. Accordingly, backlinks from those sites will be weighty and will positively influence your positions on SERP.

best link building strategies


As you can see link building questions are in high demand on Quora. SEO is an inseparable part of every successful business strategy, so no wonder many professionals are curious about this direction.

Today we shared the most common questions about building links. We hope you’ve already known the right answers to them. If not, we are happy to help and provide some clues and suggestions.

Thus, if you need in-depth information on SEO and link building, we encourage you to read our SEO section of the blog.

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