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Content Marketing Platforms: Top 7 in 2024

Content Marketing
content marketing platforms

Content marketing platforms are changing the game. They revolutionize the way marketers build all the processes. And the best content marketing platforms turn everything upside down. In a good way.

Just think about how many activities marketers had to juggle at a time. Planning, implementing, executing, and evaluating results - all existed separately. Imagine how tough it was to bring everything together.

These platforms gave a second wind to all industry professionals. In fact, their variety is as extensive as the content marketing essence is.

And as the median age of marketers is 32, they are eagerly taking on new technologies.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top content marketing platforms. Continue reading to find a perfect match and optimize your performance.


What is content marketing and why is it important?

content marketing platforms

Before going straight to the platforms themselves, let’s see what content marketing is. Let’s refer to the Content Marketing Institute definition.

Content marketing can be described as strategic marketing lead up. It focuses on content creation and distribution. A significant feature lies in the fact that content value, relevancy, and consistency is a must. The main content marketing goal is to attract and retain a peculiar audience.

That said, marketers use content to attract customers and convert them into buying clients. As we can see, the role of content marketing is vital for modern companies. Why so?

For starters, let’s highlight three main benefits of content marketing:

  • It enhances sales
  • It saves budget
  • It grows customer loyalty

Well, there is an extra benefit. In most cases, content marketing costs less than traditional marketing.

We’ve mentioned that content marketing is very versatile. To attract and retain customers, marketers use a variety of content types. Among them are:

  • articles
  • videos
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • case studies
  • infographics

And, of course, the list goes on. Taking into account the large number of content types and ways of its distribution, marketers need assistance. That’s when content marketing platforms come into the spotlight.

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Top 7 content marketing platforms

1. SEMRush

top content marketing platforms

SEMRush is rightly among the top content marketing platforms. For 12 years on the market, they managed to work with the top clients. Quora, Vodafone, Moschino, and many more companies trust SEMRush.

The platform claims to provide all-in-one marketing services. The company proves this with several can opportunities offered. Clients can use SEMRush for:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Research

Thanks to these options, professionals can execute complex marketing campaigns. Yet you need to keep one thing in mind.

The platform itself lets marketers collaborate with each other, set plans, access and evaluate data, find content ideas, and so on.

To get access specifically to the Content Marketing Platform and data reports, you need to get started with the Guru subscription. It’ll cost $199.95 per month.

2. Adsy

Adsy refers to content marketing distribution platforms. In fact, it is a sophisticated guest posting service. It deals with the content marketing part that caters to brand awareness growth, enhancing online presence, and building a strong backlink profile.

For over a decade, Adsy has been helping marketers in two main ways. Firstly, it lets companies who accept guest posts get quality content. Secondly, companies that need to build brand awareness receive access to the relevant sites. So, Adsy can help in the following ways.



  • get paid for placing content
  • have the run to DA40+ sites
  • grow their blogs faster thanks to guest posts
  • access publishers without waste of time
  • can share material from the industry experts
  • place content on authority sites
  • increase ranking and traffic
  • increase ranking and traffic

The platform gives marketers full control of the offered and placed content. They can track the progress of the task. Also, content placed with Adsy always answers quality standards and the ordering customer requests. In the end, both parties have a win-win outcome.

The minimum top-up price at Adsy is $25. It allows opening URLs in the inventory of 100,000+ checked publishers. Then you can spend this sum for the guest post purchase.

3. HubSpot

content marketing distribution platforms

HubSpot is a renowned company that works with inbound marketing. In fact, it unites all the features needed to execute successful content marketing campaigns. From opening its doors in 2005, HubSpot grew significantly.

The platform claims to provide all-in-one marketing support. In sum, HubSpot supports the following features:

  • Blogging
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO
  • Analytics

For sure, the list doesn’t end up on these options. Thanks to their unity and far-going reach, HubSpot helps marketers create better content to ideally fit customers’ needs.

Also, we can refer HubSpot to one of the free content marketing platforms. Why so?

Because it offers a pretty vast functionality with its free version. So, marketers can manage ads, emails, and add other forms of content as deals. Nonetheless, to enjoy the full range of services you have to pay $800 per month.

4. CoSchedule

free content marketing platforms

Another content marketing platform types you might notice are organizers. That said, this software helps industry professionals effectively plan marketing activities. CoSchedule is one of those companies.

Founded in 2013, CoSchedule offers customers a special marketing suite. It helps to plan a variety of activities from email marketing to content distribution. So far, brands like Yamaha, Microsoft, and others prefer to schedule campaigns with CoSchedule.

You have three options to choose from:

  • Blog calendar
  • Marketing calendar
  • Marketing suite

Marketers who are the best content marketing platforms users, tend to deliver better results. And platforms that help to organize and schedule the workflow play a huge role in it.

By far, marketers get very powerful tools with the Marketing Suite. They are able to check the work, cooperate with teams, sort calendars, and so on. Yet the price of the suite is unknown.

5. Percolate

what are content marketing platforms

Percolate is one of the best content marketing platforms for enterprise marketers. For almost a decade, the company has helped brands achieve goals in the fast-changing environment. Percolate is trusted by industry giants. Among them are Cisco, DocuSign, Levi’s, and so on.

This platform aims to fine-tune all marketing processes. It does it through the range of available products:

  • Marketing planning
  • Content coordination
  • ‘Content in action’ management
  • Digital assets management

Once again, you can perform all these activities at the enterprise scale. The platform lets marketers coordinate and produce content at a bigger amount without losing quality.

Like many other companies that offer enterprise-level services, Percolate doesn’t show the price. Yet after entering the company details, marketers can request a quote. Potential customers have to state the country and industry to get a precise price range.

6. ContentStudio

who are the best content marketing platforms

ContentStudio is a content marketing platform that enables marketing activities across various channels. This software is a nice fit for marketing agencies or marketing departments of SMEs. Many clients point out ContentStudio's UX-friendliness.

This platform’s differentiating feature is the ability to compose material for multiple channels. Besides, ContentStudio provides the following opportunities:

  • Content publishing
  • Content discovery
  • Content planner
  • Analysis

The content discovery option gives an unfailing source for your ideas. Thanks to this, marketers can create engaging content for their companies or customers.

To work at a professional level, we advise you to start with the Small plan. It costs $99 per month. With it, you can manage teams, automate campaigns, and run a variety of blogs.

7. SendPulse

best content marketing platforms

Finally, we’ve reached one of the top content marketing platforms that deals with email marketing and push notifications. SendPulse managed to grow fast from 2015. Right now, its clients are LOT, Jack Wolfskin, Radisson Blu, and other popular companies.

This software supports marketers’ urge in reaching clients. With SendPulse, professionals can execute campaigns on all stages of the marketing funnel. So, what are the options?

  • Email marketing
  • Chatbots
  • SMS marketing
  • Web push notifications

It’s really easy to integrate SendPulse with different eCommerce platforms. To get maximum results, the company offers extended features for email marketing. Marketers can benefit from the drag and drop option, subscription forms, automation flow, and so on.

Unlike other platforms, the SendPulse price depends on the number of emails, notifications, or SMS you want to send. It is possible to start from a free account. Nevertheless, to unlock a larger scale, spend $25 on email marketing or $15.88 for push notifications.

Characteristics table of the content marketing platforms



Type of service

For whom

Free trial


from $199.95 per month

Content marketing

freelancers, SMEs, enterprises



from $25 per month

Guest posting

site owners, bloggers, freelancers



from $0 per month

Inbound marketing

SMEs, enterprises



unknown (for marketing suite)

CM* Organizer

freelancers, SMEs, enterprises




Content marketing




from $49 per month


freelancers, SMEs, enterprises



from $0 per month

CM* & push notifications

freelancers, SMEs, enterprises


* CM - content marketing


Content marketing platforms are marketers’ main assistants. From scheduling to guest posting or team coordination, the platforms help to optimize content-focused work.

So, what are content marketing platforms? It’s special software that lets marketers unite and streamline their marketing efforts across different channels. As we can see, it is possible to use content marketing platforms for different goals.

In today’s article, we’ve shown what platforms may come in handy. You can always choose one based on your current strategies and long- or short-term plans.

Tell us what content marketing platforms do you like to use? Or do you still utilize good old spreadsheets?

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