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Blog posting services are your assistance in external Seo promotion. In short, seo blog posting involves writing articles for various portals. If you still use Blogger, WordPress, and others, take a look at Linksmanagement. With us, you can post useful content and get a dofollow backlink to your site on the best homepages you like. For guest posting blog optimizers, such publications help to:

  • Build high-quality link mass;
  • Increase traffic;
  • Establish contacts with reputable platforms.

As for the owners of the blogs, they benefit in the following aspects: 

  • Get high-quality thematic material for free;
  • Increase the authority of the site (due to a large number of authors);
  • Promote your platform with little effort.

Thus, you can see how much profit you get from using a guest blog posting service. Here, you will find a versatile and automated filtering system to locate the best option, especially for your promotion purposes.

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Let the leading and the most relevant media talk about your business
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How to find top blog posting services

Using the search systems, you can easily find a site for your guest post placement. It is enough to enter “blog posting homepages” and select a suitable website in the search results. In fact, many bloggers themselves invite their readers and subscribers to post guest posts.

You should visit a blog, get engaged in communication, and ask questions a few weeks before the proposal to place a guest post. Such actions will allow you to get to know the blog owner better and get ready for a conversation. 

It is best, especially in the beginning, not to try to break through to large sites, but to start by publishing guest posts on small blogs with lower quality requirements. How do I search for such blogs? Make a list, write down the parameters of their sites next to them, and contact webmasters.

How It Works
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Blog posting services effectiveness 

Why is guest blogging very effective? We will try to explain this from the point of view of search engines and ordinary users. Today, search engines put great demands on links quality and do not appreciate participating in references exchange schemes. 

For a link to work, it must be natural. The easiest way is to get such a reference in an article when the author, in addition to information, refers to a useful product or backs it up with the data from another resource. This is where guest blogging comes in handy when you open up a topic yourself and mention your product or link to a similar article on your site. It looks as natural as possible and does not contradict the requirements of search engines.

In terms of attracting new users, this is also very effective. If you write engaging material that will captivate your readers, they will be happy to follow a link in the post to study the topic in more detail or even purchase a product.

Thus, blog posting services solve several tasks at once: they help you to get high-quality links to your site, attract traffic, and possible leads.

The difference between an ordinary and guest article 

First things first, it is necessary that the owner of the resource on which you want to post a guest article introduces you to his/her audience.  Secondly, you need to put a link or even several links to your blog. You can leave a reference to the domain without an anchor or choose the necessary keyword to promote the page and place it in the anchor of the link. The main thing is that the link with the anchor leads to the page corresponding to the subject of the article.

How to write a perfect post 

The very first rule for writing a top text for blog posting portals is to think about the readers of another blog. If they are your goal, then you need to focus on them. You must clearly understand what they are interested in, what information is the most important and valuable for them. What questions do they ask?

If you want to attract their attention, you need to know what their purposes are. Be sure to read the comments and look for the information and things that would be interesting for visitors to read. This way, you can get material on the current topics.

It is very risky to write on your own, comforting yourself with the hope that your post will be accepted. This is already a gamble, which experienced writers rarely go on. Alternatively, you can agree on the topic with the blog author. He/she feels his audience better and can give you an idea. 

The next point is to study the format of seo texts’ publications in a blog posting site. If the author is used to focusing on large-scale analytical articles, readers expect a similar approach in subsequent publications. If you go the other way, it will be very risky. At the very least, they will not understand you. 

The next criterion is that you should write more than just an article for the sake of a link. Your task is to prepare valuable material. The reader is acquainted with your post, notes several useful points for himself, starts trusting you, and safely visits your platform.

Nevertheless, this can be a problem. If you are poorly versed in the topic of a blog you are leading, you are unlikely to be able to provide valuable information. The only rational way out is to rewrite or copy the “fancy” article, using the automatic translation. However, such actions are unworthy for a guest post. They will simply think of you as a beginner who is poorly versed in what he/she writes about. 

How to make a publication agreement 

In order to establish an effective contact with a blogger, carefully study a blog material where you want to publish a guest article. To do this, subscribe to the blogger's social accounts and be active there. Then write him/her a letter praising a blog and showing willingness to contribute with a guest post. Check with the blogger on how he/she will promote your article. After all, not only are you interested in its promotion, a blogger has a certain interest in it as well.

To get a blogger's attention, you need to write him/her a letter. To do this, you must use the following writing plan:

  • State your interest in the subject of the letter. Do not write a “guest article”, but rather “cooperation purposes”;
  • Introduce yourself. Mention who you are and what you do;
  • State the reason for the request;
  • Demonstrate knowledge. Show professionalism and ability to write interesting articles;
  • Suggest different titles for articles. Of course, you must be ready to write what you suggest. It also must be valuable to readers;
  • Express a desire to write on any topic according to his/her assignment.

Having written a letter according to this plan, you will soon see the desired result. A blogger will definitely notice you and you will receive a positive response from him/her.

After posting your article on another author’s blog, you need to start promoting it. To do this, you need to try to post links to the article wherever it is possible: make announcements of this article in social articles, in different communities, and so on.

Thanks to all these resources, your announcement will be able to get into the search engine and become visible to more users. Thus, providing you with good traffic to your resource. In addition, the indexing of the article on the blog will accelerate, which will have a positive effect on the website promotion.

The key to success, in this case, is the quality and quantity of the material provided. Obviously, the more you advertise your article on the Internet, the higher its traffic will be. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to promote your article on another author's blog.

How many posts you should place

If it is an authoritative site, mind the rule “The more, the better”. However, this will take a lot of time to write quality articles and get approvals. Also, bear in mind that such posts are a way of promoting and advertising your resource. That is, it should be regularly updated or at least have many articles that a new subscriber can read.

When you find 3-5 resources where you can place your material, it is not such a bad idea to have more than one article there. Especially if the site is more popular than yours, you can write for these resources one post per month for each. However, it is better not to limit yourself to posting only on three sites, but to look for new ones. 

As you can understand, placing guest articles on blog posting portals requires strenuous effort and responsibility in the preparation of materials. However, this promotion method has many advantages. With our service, placing your articles becomes an easy, useful and effective way to develop your blog. 

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