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Attention everyone, we’ve got great news! Many of your competitors ignore the submission of an article option because they think it takes too much time and money with dubious ROI. However, if you want to get your business to the top of Google's search results, an automated submission article approach is what you need.

We are here to explain why do-follow backlinks from trustworthy sources are so important for online business, and how to get them in two clicks. 

How Does Google Rank Your Website Now? 

Can you imagine that there are two to three million eCommerce sites on the web? Probably your business also belongs to eCommerce. In this case, you know for sure that the competition has become stronger than ever, especially in light of the recent crisis events.

Google takes into account a huge number of different factors to rank sites. It analyzes data in real-time using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are just a few of the factors that are important for ranking your business well by search engines.

  • Mobile site optimization. Since more than half of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices, Google considers mobile-friendliness or responsiveness to be a key factor for your ranking in search. Besides, the behavior of mobile device owners is also taken into account.
  • Behavioral factors. As we've said, Google analyzes patterns of user behavior to understand how relevant a certain search result is to their request. Also, it counts the value of the information contained on the page. Good behavioral factors form an additional bonus for your reputation in the eyes of Google.
  • SEO content. This requirement includes both technical SEO parameters such as metadata or a robot.txt file, but also materials published on your site. They should contain enough keywords, plus the text itself should be interesting, useful, and easy for users to understand.
  • Backlinks. This is a fairly serious parameter for ranking, and fortunately, you as a business owner can always improve this indicator. Google considers backlinks to be one more sign of the value of your content. That is, when other users link to your site, then your credibility in the eyes of Google increases.

That's when you may refer to the guest posting services. Why so? Because they help you acquire quality backlinks to improve your positions on SERP.

Adsy dedicates all the effort to provide its clients with a huge inventory of authority sites that accept guest posts. Let us tell you why cooperation with Adsy is so advantageous.

Why Work With Us
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What Are You Doing to Promote Your Business Online? 

So, we have briefly analyzed the factors important for Google search ranking, but there is another logical question. What are you doing to improve your position in the search results? What are you doing to outrun your digital competitors?

Yes, many of the ranking factors are beyond our influence. For example, about 60% of sites that appear on the first search page are about three years old. If you have a new business, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to influence that, except for waiting. 

However, there are particular steps you may take to improve your Google results. For example, you can always invest in SEO and quality content to engage users and show good behavioral factors, driving your leads through the sales funnel into the bargain.

Also, you can increase your number of backlinks and do it in a completely legal way. Ideally, Google thinks that you just need to wait for users to share links to your site. But you can wait for it indefinitely and still not achieve the desired result!

That is why it makes sense to increase the number of do-follow backlinks using the old but still reliable promotion method. Yes, we're talking about guest posting. And all you have to do in this case is submit your article to an online newspaper or magazine.

How It Works
  • 1

    Choose publishers in our open inventory or let them come to you

  • 2

    Order blog post creation or provide your own text for it

  • 3

    Have your blog post placed on a selected platform

  • 4

    Get quality backlinks from sites with real traffic


Submit Article to Develop Your Website

So, what are the advantages of the guest article submission approach?

  • This is a completely legal strategy, as opposed to buying bulk links on the black market. Google does not mind guest posting, since the owners of third-party article submission sites voluntarily agree to post your content along with a link to your site.
  • The strategic article submission process gives tangible results for the SEO in the first few months. Google needs time to get your pages indexed and figure out how to rank them. The presence of backlinks speeds up this process, but it is still better to build up your link base and create quality content for your website and blog in parallel.
  • In addition to a good backlink, you also get a new channel to connect with your target audience. Of course, for this, you need to choose the right website and theme. This is one more opportunity to tell users about your business and encourage them to visit your site.

Are There Any Limitations to the Submission of an Article? 

Of course, the advantages of article submission are quite significant for the business, but does this idea have pitfalls? The correct answer is as follows: it can actually be difficult and disadvantageous to submit news articles if you are not doing it properly. These are the limitations you might face when deciding to implement your backlink strategy manually:

  1. Finding suitable sites manually takes a long time. Just imagine how many actions you have to do! You will have to look for sites in your niche that are ready to accept an article for publication, manually contact the owners, and conduct lengthy negotiations.
  2. Creating quality content for publication in a journal or a third-party blog may take a lot of time too. What is more, each of the potentially suitable websites will have their own requirements for the content that they can accept. This means that you constantly have to adapt to these requirements, create your articles in accordance with them, and perhaps even end up redoing them several times.
  3. The cost of publication in a well-known journal may exceed the limits of your marketing budget. Top publishers and best blogs will seldom publish someone's content for free. What is more, there is another extreme. Even if someone agrees to publish your content for free, then most likely it will be a young site with minimal traffic, which is also looking for opportunities for promotion.

Submit Your Article with Adsy! 

Remember Steve Jobs' words about business development? He said that you don't need to work more or longer. You need to work smarter. And he was absolutely right. The implementation of a guest posting strategy can be automated so that getting backlinks does not require constant effort on your part. All you need to do is use a dedicated service to submit an article and get an SEO-friendly backlink.

The Adsy guest posting service offers you to get in touch with third-party website owners, skipping the stages of long manual searching and negotiation. All the websites gathered in our database have already agreed to publish guest posts with a link to your business. What is more, if you want a specific website that is not listed in our collection to publish your article, we can personally negotiate with its owner and find the best options for collaboration! 

Article Submission Sites - Parameters to Choose From

When evaluating your backlinks, Google measures not only quantity but quality as well. This means that the authority of the site that contains your link directly affects your authority in the eyes of Google! And this is not the only parameter that you need to take into account when choosing a site to submit a news article.

  • Domain Authority. Adsy offers to post publications only on authoritative sites (with 30+ domain authority).
  • Site topic. Your guest post should be interesting and relevant to the readers of the third-party service. Moreover, the topic of the site should at least partially coincide with your business niche so that the readers of the site do not feel any dissonance when reading your article. Your task is to get an influx of fresh target audiences, and you can only do this if users are interested in your topic and the topic of the site at the same time.
  • Site language. Everything is obvious here. Of course, you should choose a site that uses the same language as your platform. However, if you are working to promote multilingual versions, then the Adsy may also offer sites in various foreign languages.
  • Price. In general, the price of publishing an article is very affordable even for small businesses. The price may vary depending on the authority of the site and subject matter, as well as on the type of content that you want to order and place.

How to Submit an Article

So how to start the guest posting process with a minimum of effort? Here is a step by step algorithm.

  1. Register on Adsy. Please note that your profile can be used simultaneously as the publisher's profile (that is, the site owner) and the buyer's profile (that is, the business owner who wants to strengthen his Google position with backlinks).
  2. Choose the most suitable site considering the parameters that we described above.
  3. Create your first task. At this stage, you can choose to either post the already written content, or create content from scratch for the purpose of subsequent publication.
  4. Now you can track the status of your task, communicate with publishers, and have no doubts about the result.

How Many Articles Should You Submit to Get Real Results?

Of course, you need to know the number of articles required to plan your strategy and budget. Our practical experience suggests that 3-4 publications per week will be enough to significantly improve your SEO results and attract a new target audience to your site.

Plus, don't forget that there are other methods for posting backlinks. They are not as effective as automated article distribution, but they still have a right to be used.

For example, you can post your links on thematic forums, communicate with users, offer them possible solutions to their problems, and invite them to visit your site. Social media can also be a good tool for promoting your website and finding new places to meet with your target audience. To do this, you can use a whole set of tools, such as contests, marathons, and user-generated content campaigns.

Forum links, as well as social media links, are not do-follow ones, however, they can work well for attracting new users, increasing traffic, and improving behavior patterns on your site.

Final Words

So, are you ready to leverage your guest posting and backlinking strategy with a competent service? We are here to streamline this task for you! Collecting high-quality do-follow backlinks with us, you are getting closer to your target audience and good visibility in Google at once! Let’s boost your business in this way, attracting new customers and getting into top search results! 

What You Get Using Adsy
  • Quality backlinks on sites with traffic

    Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic as well as referral traffic.

  • Boosted amount of referral traffic

    Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about your company on the most relevant websites.

  • Increased number of customers

    Direct sales and expanded target audience thanks to creating and placing content on relevant resources.

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