Does “Write For Us” Feature Really Work?

If you want to prove Google that your page is the one they should be pushing to the top of the customers’ searches, start with typing “write for us” in the search string. Whether you are dealing with a health care system or working in a home improvement industry, your goal is to get as many backlinks to your website as possible. How, exactly?

Some say the right link building strategy is a must, others rely on keywords optimization, we choose guest posting. If the site owners offer you: “Write for us in a blog to boost your referral traffic, ” why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

URLDAMonthly trafficCategoriesCountryLanguageDomain levelLinksMarked “Sponsored by”Price
Publisher's URL is hidden59434Business
United StatesEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$28.57
Publisher's URL is hidden6419,069GadgetsIndiaEnglishTop levelDofollowYes$71.43
Publisher's URL is hidden5552,077Gadgets
United StatesEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$142.86
Publisher's URL is hidden4931,051Entertainment
For Women
MexicoSpanishTop levelDofollowNo$20.00
Publisher's URL is hidden50186Business
Career and Emp...
SwitzerlandEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$35.71
Publisher's URL is hidden57851Internet
Leisure and Ho...
ArgentinaSpanishTop levelDofollowNo$50.00
Publisher's URL is hidden59140,001Beauty
United StatesEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$392.86
Publisher's URL is hidden602,183Business
Marketing and ...
PhilippinesEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$42.86
Publisher's URL is hidden5615Business
BangladeshEnglishTop levelDofollowNo$14.29
Publisher's URL is hidden5311,790News and Media
UkraineUkrainianSecond levelDofollowNo$14.29
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Explore How to Write for Us as a Guest Blogger

Becoming a guest blogger is a great way to get powerful and long-lasting backlinks, skyrocket your rankings, grow your audience as well as sales, and improve brand awareness. This digital marketing tool allows you to reach the target audience and build up authority within your niche. Moreover, guest posting affects traffic, link juice, backlink profile, and other essential SEO factors.

How does it work? You use the section “write for us in our blog” to contribute and create a guest post. And when it is published on someone else’s page, you get a “natural” backlink to your website. Sounds easy and genius, doesn't it? Such a collaboration is equally profitable for both an author, who writes an article, and a blog owner who posts it. The first one generates traffic, attracts new visitors to a beauty/ lifestyle/ travel page, improves link juice, and raises position in Google. The publisher gets regular site updates and free, high-quality, and unique content.

Now, the question remains open: how to create high-quality content, using the “write for us” feature? Before reaching out to a parent blog owner, for example, here are a few steps you need to take.

1. If Your Niche is Health, Do a Research and Stick to It

This is one of the most crucial things you need to do to grow your audience. When it comes to blogs and the “writing for us” section, the niche is just a fancy word for your area of specialty as a guest blogger. So, if you are eager to drive more traffic to the website about mental health, focus on writing blog posts for web pages that mark themselves as professional resources for that niche. According to all of the SEO rules, writing tons of posts for the music portal is not going to boost your traffic at all.

Make an extensive list of all the businesses, agencies, blogs, websites, and social media accounts in that area. Even if not everybody is a perfect fit to be a publisher for you, the more “write for us” option in the health industry you have, the better you are going to be as a guest blogger candidate.

Content distribution on relevant platforms
Content distribution on relevant platforms

2. Know Your Target Audience (Hint: Sport and Fitness Lovers Are Perfect)

They also call it a client’s avatar. All you need to do is to figure out the exact persons who would make an ideal visitor to your website. You should ask questions like, “Who is he?” “Where does he live?” “How much money does he or she make?” “What does she do for a living?”. If we are talking about the health industry, avid sportsmen and fitness lovers are someone you can market towards, since pages about health education and a healthy lifestyle are what they are searching for on the web.

Next, know the places they get their info online, what websites do they read? If you want to get a natural backlink, using the “write for our blog” feature, then you need to start reading the publications on these pages as well. Analyze current trends, hot discussions, and the latest news. You should be familiar with the new concepts within this field, so when you are writing a guest post, you can be up-to-date and speak the same language as them.

3. Before Applying to “Write for Us”, Evaluate SEO Juices of a Webpage

How to run a white hat guest posting campaign in order to get your domain rankings up, build your backlink profile, and drive more traffic to your website? When guest posting and choosing from dozens of “write for us” opportunities, rely on SEO!

First of all, pay attention to such factors as the quality of the content on the website, domain rank (DR), and regularity of publications. Each blog has a certain DR that depends on the authority of a page, the number of backlinks, and overall expertise in the eyes of Google. So, you want to make sure that you go after a page with a similar or a higher domain rank to yours. Before submitting your text through “write for us in a blog,” use free SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or Ubersuggest to check a page’s parameters mentioned above.

Content distribution on relevant platforms

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How to “Write for Us”? Guest Posts for Home Improvements Websites

  • Rule #1. Follow the Guidelines on “Write for Us in a Blog”

    It does not matter whether it is a website about real estate, home improvement, modern technologies, or travel. If it accepts guest posts, the chances are there will be a precise guideline or a page called “how to write for us in a blog.” The instructions usually include the topics that the editors prefer and the format your guest article should be in. If you can’t find this info, search for guest post guidelines on the web or take a look at what people wrote for them in a blog previously. Is there a lot of headers, images, quotes, or bolded text? Do they use special formatting? What subjects do they cover? Do they appeal to beginners or to the experts? Come up with several ideas for the post. Suggest a few ideas for the article. Make sure that your guest post has similar elements to match other blog posts on the site.

    For instance, the guest blogging policy of home improvement websites may permit only one backlink or may require your article to have a length of over 1000 words. One of your main challenges as a writer is to meet the site standards and editor’s requirements. Take time to fully read, understand, and comply with all the regulations.

    Analyze the most effective posts on the site you want to write an article for and realize what the readers want to know by checking out the comments.

  • Rule #2. Focus on the Product

    When you write for someone else’s site, remember that this article is not about your service. Your first goal as a writer is to provide valuable information. After that, you can think of presenting your company in a natural way (that is how you get an original backlink). Occasional mentions and examples are OK to illustrate a point, but the better half of the guest post should be focused on something other than your business.

  • Rule #3. Include a Call to Action

    It is the golden rule for any kind of guest post: at the end of your well-thought-out article, be sure to include a call to action for comments. The more discussion your post generates, the better!

How to Search for Guest Posting Opportunities: “Finance” + “Write for Us”

Let’s imagine you are looking for new sources of guest posting about the future of public finance. You may be surprised, but there is an endless number of ways to find blogs that accept guest articles. Yeap, the combination “write for us”+ “finance” is not the only option.

Here are 10-ish search strings you can use to find guest blogging opportunities with ease (don’t forget to replace keyword below with a one within your industry):

  • “[your keyword]” + “guest column”

  • “[your keyword]” + “become an author”

  • “[your keyword]” + “contribute to our site”

  • “[your keyword]” + “accepting guest posts”

  • “[your keyword]” + “guest article”

  • “[your keyword]” + “submit post”

  • “[your keyword]” + “send a tip”

  • “[your keyword]” + “writers wanted”

Therefore, you will find a pile of guest posting opportunities and pages that welcome blog posts related to your brand, niche, and audience.

Another efficient method to try is to search for guest posting websites in reverse. What does it mean? Analyze the link juice of your competitors. Spot popular bloggers who have already posted a lot of guest articles in the finance industry, for example. Take a close look at their content, find out what blogs they’ve written for and where they were published before. In order to do so, just try to type the following search queries:

  • “a guest article by”

  • “guest post by”

Then, use Ahrefs or Monitor Backlinks to see what other backlinks they have – some of them may be guest posts.

Fashion Blogs: “Write for Us” with Style

The good news is that fashion is one of the broadest topics on the web. So, if you google “write for us” + “fashion,” the articles about makeup, beauty products, hair, nail polish, and even handmade tables will pop up. In this case, the main thing is to look for blogs that fit your business goals. And now, we are back to “Step 2.” Choose pages in your niche that appeal to your target audience (if you want to expand the audience, write for blogs of a more general topic; if your ideal website visitor is a designer, look for specific pages in that narrow niche.)

When it comes to content, one of the common questions is whether you should be using your best articles for your own blog or for the “write for us” section on someone else’s page. Well, it depends on the quality of the website you are trying to submit your content to. If it is a relevant source that is ranked in Google’s Top10, the chances are a backlink from that page will bring you way more traffic to a website than the same material placed in your blog.

Use a Long-Term Strategy While Writing Guest Posts for Us

Any SEO specialist would agree: when guest posting, you save 85% of your time. But the secret here is to do it on a regular basis. If you try to get the traffic back to your website, publishing guest posts once or twice won’t help you. The consistency and building of a long-term concept is your recipe for success.

Start by publishing 2 or 3 guest posts per month and gradually increase their amount. If it seems too much for you, try to use reliable guest posting services that will boost your traffic, increase your sales, and improve brand awareness. Guest blogging might be one of the best decisions you can make for the growth of your website in a long-term perspective.

And Lastly, Know Your Goal When Searching for “Write for Us” Blog Opportunities

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