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10 Ways For Websites To Make Money

get paid for what you love - creating and placing content
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Do you possess a well-established website database that counts tens if not hundreds of sites available for guest posting? Then register as a publisher, add your sites to inventory, and get clients fastly & easily with Adsy!

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  • Receive the task for content placement or content creation & placement.

  • Check if the task fits you, and accept it if everything is okay. After this, you get the funds reserved on your balance.

  • Publish a guest post and after it’s online, send the URL to your client.

  • Get approval from the client (or automatic approval after 14 days). Then your funds move from reserved to main balance and become available for withdrawal.

  • Withdraw your earnings easily via PayPal.

Our guarantees:
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    4% is PayPal’s commission, and 3.9% the one from Adsy.

  • You can reject an article placement. That ensures you publish only content that fits you.
  • You can communicate with the buyer within our service. That eases and speeds up all processes.
  • You can count on our client support service or arbitrage when any controversy arises.

The idea of using websites to make money might seem unfeasible for many people. Although the online business has been feasible and reasonable for a while, some still treat it as a modern myth about immortals having money-making websites. A fad or fairytale that does not happen to simple folk in real life. Well, there is nothing impossible about making money from websites. While an income-generating website is not a magically easy way out, where money flows in without any effort, it is a valid source of earning with many benefits

How to make money with a website? In this article, we have covered a few methods to prosper with a website. Plus, there is a bonus in the end - an opportunity for websites to make money with our help. Buckle up and learn more with Adsy

Selling Your Own Digital Products (Services)

Do you have some business already? Maybe, you are an artist bearing creative fruits of labor ready for sale. If you have a skillset to solve problems for others, why not monetize it through a personal website? 

This straightforward method is far from the easiest on our list. You cannot have a website and sell your talent or goods right away (unless you are famous and well-known, then you might give it a shot). To sell something on the website, you should make it. And if you want to stand out in the online market, you better make it good - not an easy task. Then, there are marketing, design-making, shipping issues, and many other complications on your way to a money-making selling website

We have mentioned only a tip of an iceberg, but it does look terrifying. However, all that effort can get you very far. You will not have any intermediaries. You will be your own boss. And, frankly, having an online store is less risky than a physical one. So, if it is something that makes you go daydreaming, getting your online business, then start working on it

Getting Paid Per Click With Google Adsense

How to put ads on my website and get paid? Well, you do not need to put anything with Google Adsense. What is that? 

Google Adsense is a program that allows your website to be a host site for various ads. Google has a whole network of advertising, where different advertisers can bid to show their ads. Your website can be the place for those ads. 

How does it work? Firstly, you need to apply for the program, which might not be easy as Google has a strict policy. You may want to look into the terms of use or support to know more about how to be approved. 

If you have succeeded and got approval for your application, Google will put a code on your website, defining what ads should fit your site’s content. Thus, you will have relevant advertisements for your niche. Do you have a blog about music? Then, there will be ads for instrument-playing lessons, sales for drum kits, and whatnot. 

How do you get paid? Every time someone clicks on an ad from your website, you will get remuneration for it. How much depends on the content of your website and its traffic. You can get from cents to more than 10 dollars per click. 

Google Adsense provides you with a great opportunity to get money for your content. If your website has an audience (readers, customers, extended family), you should definitely try Adsense out.

Selling Ad Space

There is an alternative route to selling ads without Adsense. You can sell your website space to advertisers on your own, taking more control over the process. There are enough companies out there interested in paying successful websites for ads. The already mentioned control enables you to choose how much your blank space cost. Just name your price - “sidebar or bottom site ads will cost something and something, respectively.”

How much can you get a month? It depends on your traffic and established price. Usually, there are two ways to get paid. 

The first one is to simply state your price for a month and get that amount at the beginning of each month. In the second one, you need to meet a certain amount of impressions (how many visitors have seen those ads per month). This way, you put a price for 1000 views and get paid for all the thousands reached in a month. Let’s say your webpage has generated 10000 views per month, and your price was 5 dollars - you will get 50$. The more views you get, the higher your check will be. 

If you have a highly-viewed website, you might want to try selling ad space. Some platforms can help you with that.

Putting Sponsored Content 

If you have a blog or information-oriented website, you might be interested in selling sponsored posts or articles. Some people want to reach a wider audience or get more customers. And there is you with an audience and their attention. The former plus the latter equals commercial cooperation. 

The benefits of this method are: 1) you decide what should be sponsored; 2) you can build long-term profit-making connections with companies, brands, and people; 3) you do not need to have the highest traffic to earn money with it; if you have a niche with a certain amount of visitors, there will be advertisers interested in your help (you need to wait for them or find them); 4) you get paid for the post, not how many people have seen it.

However, there is a risk that your audience will dislike the sponsored content. If the sponsored article stands too much out from your other content, you will denigrate your image as a sell-out. You should convince your audience that you truly support a sponsored idea/product/service. Show your readers how valuable it is, how they can benefit from it. Be gentle with your advertising. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote some product or service through banners or posts. How is it different from selling ad space or sponsored content? Affiliate marketing is something in between those two. Selling ad space does not oblige you to support products or services; you can sell your webpage space to anyone interested. Affiliated marketing is, however, about sponsored cooperation with certain products or services. The difference from the previous ‘selling sponsored content’ method is in the payment. Here, you get paid per click or impression. 

Therefore, you find a product or service that you like and want to promote. You reach an agreement with that company or brand. You make articles with links or ad banners, and you get paid for the number of clicks, visits, or views of the links/banners. 

Often, your links and banners will have special discounts for your audience. For example, they will buy an item with 20% off. In that case, you might get paid a split of the sold items’ sale price. The commission might be higher than 20% or less - it depends on your deal with a company. Some deals might give you really high pay-offs.

Generation of Leads

You can use your website to generate leads for those interested in new business targets. If you see the term ‘lead’ for the first time, do not panic and google it. Leads are prospective customers for your business. For example, you are selling courses on creative writing - your lead can be any aspiring writer (novel writer, copywriter, content writer, etc.). Where to find them? Aspiring writers might be readers of about-writing or art blogs.  Wait a minute… Do you have such a blog? Then, you can generate leads for those courses.

On the one hand, it is similar to affiliate marketing since you serve as a mediator between a company and new customers. But you get paid for the information here and not the results. It does not matter whether your leads will buy those courses. Your job is to help a potential customer and company find each other.

If you want to know more about this method and get started with lead generation, check this article.

Pooling Donations

You have probably noticed how numerous influencers ask their audience to support their Patreon. Donations might be a satisfying answer to how to make a profitable website. The amazing thing about donations is that it does not matter what traffic and how many visitors you have. What matters is the respect and love of your community. And, obviously, the quality of your content is of utmost importance. 

The donation gathering may not be the quickest path to your well-deserved wealth. Still, it is a good way to get money for your work. 

Setting Premium Content

You can set a premium content section on your website. To pull it off, you need to have high-quality content. If people see that your free output is incredible, then the premium section will be a real temptation for them. You can tease them with the sneak-peaks and promises, and surely, many will get interested in paying a double to get more of your talent. 

Creating Email List

An email list is an effective tool for reaching your audience. Creating an email list for your website will not necessarily get you money. What it gives is an informed community of your readers or customers. Your site might be the place with a lot of valuable information, but people tend to drift too fast through the internet to notice important things. If you have an email list and get it proposed to all the strangers visiting your website, your chances of finding new loyal followers will be higher. 

So, an email list might work as an anchor to make newcomers stick to your place. And it is a handy tool for keeping your audience well-informed and up-to-date with the updates. Besides, you can use emails to direct your subscribers’ attention to offers, deals, and other goodies. 

If you want to know more, this article might help.

Flipping Money-making Websites

If your site has some following, there will always be an opportunity for you to make quick money. The more visitors your website has monthly, the higher your chance to sell your online business to someone else is. Obviously, it is a one-time gig, so to say. But if your site can bring money, you can sell it for a high price. 

Some people are ready to pay thousands of dollars for a website. Do you get 500$ per month from the ads on your website? Someone might pay you ten times more for the ownership of your site. 

If you have no sore feelings for separating from your creation, consider this method of getting money.

Bonus From Adsy! Guest Posting - How To Make Money With A Website

We have provided you with a variety of ways to earn money from a website. While there are some easy methods that you can start using immediately, most of them require some effort. For example, you need some time to find eager-to-sponsor companies or brands for a successful “affiliate marketing” deal. Adsense from Google might be too constrictive. Does building an email list seem like too much work?

Well, we might have a solution for you. If you want to get paid for content-making or placing, we can bring that desire to a result. With Adsy for publishers, you can have your website monetized in no time. We offer you the opportunity to be a part of our guest posting network.

What is guest posting? Essentially, when you write some article (blog, post) for another website or let another writer post content on your website - it is guest posting.

Yes, you can guest post on your own, offering cooperation to other sites. But it is another tedious method. We have a much easier way for you. Add your platform, verify your ownership, pass moderation, and you will get instantly connected with content buyers. You are in total control over the content choices and price questions on your site. Do you want to create? You can write sponsored content. Don’t want extra work? No problem, just place already written sponsored content on your site and get money!

If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask us.


We hope that this list of methods to make money from websites will be helpful to you. 

If you want to know more about marketing and online business, check our blog.

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