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Top 20 Sites to Learn More about Local SEO

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If you own a site, you already know that taking care of SEO is vital. There are 5.35 billion Internet users. With the vast majority of them - 64.7% - accessing the Internet via Google Chrome.

But there can be another hint. What if you represent a local business?

Then, you might be interested in a special facet of SEO - particularly local search optimization. Exactly this direction of SEO helps users find your business and come visit you or order something from your site.

SEO isn’t always easy. Fine-tuning local SEO might be even more challenging. But no worries. We’ve gathered the top 20 sites where you can learn more about local SEO.

So, let’s delve into this helpful list to make sure your community can easily find you online.


1. Moz

improve local SEO

Moz is a renowned resource made by SEOs for SEOs. Its founders - Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig - are well-known digital professionals. Except for useful SEO tools, Moz runs an amazing blog.

Gladly, this site has exactly what we need; a special category called Local SEO.

This section has what it takes to understand local SEO peculiarities. You can check helpful articles, watch videos, or learn terms from the glossary.

2. Ahrefs

local SEO tips

Ahrefs is, probably, one of the most popular tools in the SEO community. Except for widely-used tools like keyword finder or backlink checker, Ahrefs has created a vital SEO metric called Domain Rating.

Moreover, Ahrefs runs a super-professional blog about search optimization, including tips for local SEO.

Find lots of helpful information - from building local links to optimizing Google My Business or local keyword search.

3. Search Engine Journal

local SEO guide

It’s time to meet a respected online publication. Many SEO specialists share that they eagerly read this journal. Reading this site is an incredible opportunity to hear the voices of professionals from all over the world.

Surely, this journal covers a wide range of SEO matters. So, you can easily access a local SEO section.

You can find tons of helpful materials from SEJ writers, SEO experts, and business owners. Moreover, SEJ runs informative webinars quite often, so you are welcome to join them as well.

4. Search Engine Land

local search engine optimization

Another high-ranked search engine online publication we advise you to check. Search Engine Land covers all things search - from organic to paid strategies. This journal is a “child” of search industry veterans Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, so expect top-class information and insights.

Of course, this media has a local SEO division. This section will assist you in improving your local marketing and content.

You can find handy tips, insights, tutorials, and more. Search Engine Land shares articles from an in-house team of professionals and subject matter experts. Plus, follow the events SEL organizes to chat with professionals face-to-face.

5. Neil Patel

local SEO video

Neil Patel is a renowned digital marketer and New York Times bestselling author. He also co-founded NP Digital, a global marketing company.

He has been running his blog for over a decade and has fueled lots of industry professionals and business owners with helpful tips and pieces of advice. If you look for local SEO articles, you can check his blog.

Though Neil doesn’t offer a separate category for local search, you can use the “local SEO + Neil Patel” search operator to find fitting sources. This expert will spoil you with quality articles, videos, and even courses!

6. Backlinko

local SEO tips and tricks

Here comes another digital marketing blog by a famous industry expert, Brian Dean. Founded back in 2011, Backlinko is an awesome source for both experienced professionals and newbies.

Like with the previous blog, we’ve mentioned, there is no separate local SEO category, but you can search for needed articles online by typing “local SEO + Backlinko.”

One thing we’ve noticed - if earlier you would see content created solely by Dean, now the blog features lots of writers. Nevertheless, this respected blog keeps the bar high, and you still get quality content.

7. HubSpot

local SEO audit

HubSpot is a popular software company that caters to inbound marketing, sales, and customer service needs. And besides being a SaaS with over 216,000 customers, it runs a professional marketing blog.

You can find tips on local optimization in the Marketing section of the HubSpot blog. There will be various articles by the authors, who are experts in marketing, SEO, and customer service.

You can use the search tool within the Marketing section, type “local SEO,” and find various content that covers current trends, local SEO audit, comparison articles, and more. Also, there is the HubSpot community, where you can find answers to your questions.

8. BrightLocal

learn local SEO for free

BrightLocal is basically the tool that helps you improve your local visibility! It lets you do this by offering software for collecting, responding, and monitoring your company reviews. And, as you might already know, positive reviews are an inseparable part of your successful local SEO.

If earlier, we’ve suggested you read blogs, now it’s time for courses. BrighLocal offers a dozen informative courses on local SEO.

Enroll in free pieces of training on Google Analytics 4, competitor analysis for local SEO, local business listings, and much more!

9. Adsy

local SEO guide

Adsy is a guest posting service that has helped marketers and site owners post content and build backlinks for over a decade. Not only does this platform match those in need of publishing guest content and those ready to post it, but also runs an informative blog.

This company has an SEO section where you can find helpful articles about local SEO. Written by an in-house team of Adsy professionals and guest authors, it’s a go-for source for all things search optimization.

You can learn more about techniques for maximizing local visibility or improving local SEO with guest posting help.

10. Semrush

learn local SEO

Semrush is a widely used SEO SaaS. Many professionals utilize it for keyword research, competitive analysis, and more. Also, Semrush is a creator of an SEO metric - Domain Authority.

Besides this, Semrush runs a renowned blog where SEO is one of the main topics. You can easily reach local SEO articles as there is a special section for them.

There are packs of informative and well-written articles about adding your business to Google or local SEO tips for specific businesses or local page strategies.

11. Google My Business Help

google my business profile

Many of you know that setting a Google My Business profile positively influences your site’s local visibility. So, why not refer to the first-hand source itself?

Google provides a complete guide on improving local SEO for your business. You will find all the needed information regarding how to optimize your presence online.

You will see the crucial points your profile should have to ensure Google shows your company when a user searches for something locally.

12. Yoast

local seo extension

Yoast is a special plugin that helps site owners with search engine optimization. There’s a set of free and paid options to ensure your site on WordPress or Shopify works smoothly. Nevertheless, on top of this, Yoast offers lots of helpful resources.

There is a wide variety of articles on content and technical SEO, as well as pieces of training and access to the SEO community. Though there’s no separate local SEO section, you can type “local SEO + Yoast” on Google to find multiple articles on this topic.

On top of this, this company sells a local SEO plugin you can use for your WordPress-based site.

13. Whitespark

tips about local SEO

Whitespark is a company that creates tools and services to assist businesses with local search marketing. This way, local businesses can enjoy easy management of their GMB profile, local rank tracker, and more.

Besides specialized tools, Whitespark runs a blog about SEO and also has a YouTube channel full of videos on local SEO matters.

But you can jump to a blog if you prefer reading. The SEO section is dedicated to local search optimization, so you can find lots of tips and guides.

14. Search Engine Watch

local search

Search Engine Watch is another popular publication we’d like to recommend. Founded by Danny Sullivan back in 1996, this online media is one of the destinations professional search optimizers use to stay in the know.

You can easily jump to the Local section to educate yourself about running local search campaigns and strategies for your business.

There’s hands-on data on working with reviews, helpful guides, analytics, trends, and more.

15. Digital Marketing Institute

local SEO courses

Digital Marketing Institute is a huge learning and certification hub for industry professionals. Its main directions for certification are SMM, Search Marketing (including SEO and PPC), and Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership.

As DMI is a learning hub, you can dive into its helpful blog and try micro-lessons, skill tests, webinars, and more. There’s no separate local SEO section, yet there’s a general SEO section. Surely, it’s filled with useful data.

Additionally, you can enroll in a free Local SEO micro-lesson.

16. Crazy Egg

local SEO services

Crazy Egg is a professional tool for SEO specialists and site owners. It helps to optimize online experiences by offering services like heatmapping, recordings, A/B testing, and more. By the way, Crazy Egg was initially founded by Neil Patel.

The service runs a popular blog called The Daily Egg, where you can learn more about marketing, SEO, design, copywriting, etc. Of course, this blog covers local SEO matters, too.

Unfortunately, there’s no separate section for it. However, you can use the “local SEO + Crazy Egg” search operator to find useful articles from this source.

17. The Local SEO Guide

the local seo guide

The Local SEO Guide is an agency that helps businesses, media, eCommerce, etc., with various SEO tasks. One of the main services is exactly setting up local SEO campaigns - from link building to citation audit and more.

Surely, this agency runs a blog dedicated to local SEO.

You can find numerous articles dedicated to working with maps on various devices, rankings, helpful extensions, and lots more. Moreover, the company offers lists of various local SEO tools you might enjoy.

18. WordStream

improve your local SEO

WordStream is a company that offers solutions for online advertising. Co-founded by the marketing industry veteran Larry Kim, WordStream helps thousands of business owners improve their Search Engine Marketing.

The company runs an insightful blog featuring authors who are experts in SEO, marketing, PPC, and more. You can check the blog to find fitting content on local SEO matters.

You can use the “WordStream + Local SEO” search operator to read articles regarding local search optimization.

19. uSERP

local SEO copywriting

uSERP is an SEO agency with a focus on link building. It works with some big clients (like ActiveCampaign or Robinhood), and Clutch named it a top link building company for four years in a row.

But this agency also gives access to educational and helpful content totally free. This way, you can learn more about SEO-related topics. Though there’s no local SEO subtopic, you can use search to find what you need.

This way, you can read more about local keyword tracking, top tools, competitive analysis, and more.

20. SE Ranking

how to improve local SEO

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform. It provides professional SEOs and beginners with a site audit tool, keyword rank checker, and even a local marketing tool!

Besides, this platform gives free access to a huge scope of expertise and educational materials made out of a blog, courses, and webinars. You can type “local SEO” on the blog page to uncover related articles.

Learn more about creating SEO-friendly URLs, working with different languages, industry-specific local SEO strategies, and so on.


Local SEO is of utmost importance for small businesses serving communities and having brick-and-mortar stores.

This type of search optimization helps you ensure that customers see exactly your site, Google My Business page or company reviews when looking for something locally.

We hope these useful sources will assist you in the best way possible! As all blogs and the majority of courses are free, don’t miss a chance to improve your local SEO knowledge.

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