Created on August 22, 2023 | Updated on November 29, 2023

​ Best YouTube Backlinks for Your Site

YouTube Backlinks

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When a credible YouTube channel embeds a link to your web page in the description box or the end of their video, it signals that you are an authoritative source on the topic. Using the providers’ services on the Adsy Marketplace, you can increase your search rankings, which results in more web traffic to your pages and increased sales.


Got some questions? Read on.

Are there any stats to support the claim that buying YouTube backlinks is beneficial?

You’ve certainly heard that video ranking backlinks can boost your visibility, increase traffic, and basically transform your web performance and sales rates. Still, is there any proof of those claims, or are these just gimmicks? Well, let’s look at the numbers. 82% of all internet traffic was supposed to be made up of videos by 2022. Besides, videos also have a chance of showing up higher on search results. This means that a link from a YouTube video directly influences your ranking, allowing you to reach a larger audience and engage them with your brand.

What is the average cost of backlinks?

This is one of the most common questions for people who want to buy YouTube video backlinks. The answer is not so simple, though. You can get them for as low as $20 or as high as $300 or more, depending on where you look. Still, you should know that credible backlinks generally don’t cost less than a lunch. At the same time, affordability is just as important as credibility for many business owners, and that’s where Adsy Marketplace can be a great resource - you can find service providers for any budget.

How can I get backlinks for YouTube videos?

At this point, you might be considering doing the work yourself and getting the backlinks without using a service provider. This is actually a good option as you get to be in charge of the entire process, at least to some extent. Remember that link building is notoriously unpredictable, so you should expect that some things may not go exactly as planned. Aside from buying YouTube backlinks, you can do outreach to relevant channels and hope they agree to collaborate with you. Still, it can be a lot of stress for one person, so don't hesitate to reach out for help at Adsy when you have too much on your plate.

Are there any risks when getting backlinks on YouTube?

The thing is that there's some risk with any sort of link building, and it’s true whether you're DIYing or using an agency. You could get spammy backlinks that hurt your site and may lead to unexpected loss. The only way to avoid those risks is to collaborate only with high-DA sites if you decide to supervise the process or choose a credible service provider like those at Adsy if you opt for the help of a specialist.

Do I need to buy only from the Adsy Marketplace?

You are free to try different agencies that offer the same services. Still, you want to check and confirm you are using agencies that use ethically acceptable natural link-building techniques, like Adsy marketplace. This is the only way to get quality YouTube backlinks and avoid being penalized by Google for spammy or toxic links.

Does Adsy Marketplace give any assurance or incentives?

The best incentives are quality and trust. Orders on Adsy come with trustworthy assurance and a full refund policy. Thus, you can focus on running your business. You get quality, first-rate service from only the best and most experienced providers.

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