Created on August 28, 2023 | Updated on February 7, 2024

Get a Wide Variety of Tiered Backlinks for a Natural Backlink Profile

Tiered Backlinks

Quality tiered backlinks refer to a type of link-building tactic where you build a multilayer of links, and each one supports the previous layer. The idea is to pass maximum link juice that pushes your site to the top of the rank in your niche. Is this even ethical? Keep reading to find out the answer to this question and more.

Are tier backlinks considered white hat backlinks?

Tier backlinks are quite common amongst black and grey hat SEO, causing many people to draw the wrong conclusion that it's rather unethical. But the truth is that, like with the other types of backlinks, what really makes it white or not is the techniques or strategies you employ to gain the said links. If you use quality content, organic and natural anchors, and so on, then you will have white hat tier backlinks.

Who needs tiered backlinks?

The question is rather, who doesn't? Whether you are running an online store, starting a new blog, or just want to scale up your growth, you can benefit from tiered backlinks. What's more? Because they are designed to pass in prime-like juice, you will be able to quickly get a competitive edge in any saturated niche. So, if your goal is to skyrocket your brand credibility and drive up conversions in a competitive niche, then this is something you should be taking advantage of.

What is the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks?

Tier 1 backlinks are those that point the audience and search engines back to your main page, aka your money-maker site. The tier-2 backlinks are like backlinks to your tier-1 links. This means they point to the pages with the tier-1 backlinks. The first tier links are like the main characters of the movie, while the second tier is the side ones. By creating content that links to pages that have links to your main site, you create a natural and authoritative link profile. This boosts your search rankings and improves traffic to your website.

How do I buy tier 2 backlinks?

You can buy tier 2 backlinks by placing an order on the Adsy Marketplace. You'll be able to enjoy the benefits of tiered backlinks when you ensure that your links are placed on high-ranking authoritative sites. This is exactly what Adsy Marketplace service providers can do for you. You get to focus on running your business or blog while they take care of all link-building needs.

How do you guarantee that I get the best tier 2 backlinks?

At Adsy Marketplace, the focus is always on the best quality, which is a rule to follow to get the best tier 2 backlinks and also other types of links. How do we achieve that? We maintain a strict, transparent policy so your service providers will keep you in the loop for the duration of the contract. You'll also be able to check a full weekly progress report on your links, making it easy for you to verify their DR ratings, etc. Please note that all order placement also comes with a refund guarantee in the unlikely event that you are not happy with the job done.

Is investing in tier 3 backlinks worth it?

It will depend on your strategy. If you only use the third tier of links, you will barely see any notable results. But these backlinks can be a decent addition to your backlink profile because the most important thing is having a diversity of links (i.e., different relevancy, anchors, both dofollow and nofollow, etc.). Still, you have to remember – the only things that remain constant are quality and relevance. Again, quality and relevance should be your priority (sounds boring, but it is what it is). But the good news is that you can worry much less about quantity, which is absolutely secondary.

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