Created on August 28, 2023 | Updated on March 15, 2024

Buy High-DR Permanent Backlinks

Permanent Backlinks

Permanent backlinks are links from other sites to yours that will stay live for a very long time. This type of link is considered more valuable than temporary links and has the potential to pass on more link equity to your website. But not everyone can build these types of links, especially if you are aiming for quality. So how do you begin?


Got some questions? We have got you covered.

Why do I need permanent homepage backlinks?

Permanent homepage backlinks, and really any quality permanent backlinks at all, can greatly improve your search rankings and change your web performance. Each one you are able to get is a virtual thumbs up that signals to the search engine algorithm that your site is trustworthy and authoritative. This, in turn, means that the algorithm gives you a higher ranking, and the result is more brand exposure, which leads to more traffic from potential customers.

How to get permanent backlinks free?

There are many ways to build permanent backlinks and boost your domain rating/domain authority. You could try guest posting, where you publish a highly engaging post on a relevant niche. You can also try press releases or creating link assets like infographics and fascinating case studies that others will want to reference. Still, you will likely end up spending some money as you research, hire a writer, and sometimes pay the webmasters who may demand payment. So, in theory, even free link-building does come with some kind of costs in terms of resources, time, and indirect financial costs.

Is it ok to buy permanent backlinks to improve my business website performance?

It depends. Google's guidelines are clear on paid links: they’re considered manipulative and a violation of the rules and can attract penalties. So, if you wish to buy backlinks, you must do it the ethical way by going through a white hat agency. The difference is that these SEO experts will get only links that pass PageRank and will do so using natural link-building techniques. Essentially, it's like outsourcing your task to them. This is the only way to buy permanent backlinks without violating Google policies.

How do I spot spammy links?

When you're trying to build permanent backlinks, chances are that you are going to run into prospects that are on the surface but are actually spammy. So, how do you recognize them? Spammy links often come from low-quality sites filled with ads, clickbaity, poor-quality content, and other red flags. You want to avoid these sites as well as adult and gambling resources.

Where can I buy backlinks cheap?

Again, depending on your niche, skill, and time, your only option might be to buy permanent backlinks. At the same time, you may not have the budget to go for expensive links. Still, you want to avoid all black hat sources and go only for white hat link service providers. At Adsy marketplace, you can use the filters to search for your preferred skill and experience level and even the budget range. This way, you are sure to get quality results within your set price range.

Can I place a bulk order for permanent backlinks?

Yes. Anyone can make bulk orders or just request to get a couple of backlinks from high DR/DA sites. Be sure to tell them what you need, what you expect to get, and, of course, the budget you are actually working with. This way, you and your service provider can be on the same page: chances are that they will be more than happy to brainstorm with you and work out something that will suit you. When done this way, you can always get the links you need to grow your traffic and push your search ratings.

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