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Your Guest Posts Will
  • Come from Relevant Blogs

    You can use multiple filters (DA, GEO, Language, Category, Price, etc) to find the most relevant guest blogs for your niche. We can manually select them for you and reach out to bloggers to get guest blog posts for you and save your time.

  • Be 100% White-Hat SEO friendly

    Google constantly updates its algorithms to make black-hat SEO tactics obsolete. With relevant permanent backlinks from guest bloggers you can be sure you stay on the safe side. Guest posts for SEO ensure a natural backlinks profile for your higher rankings.

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    Article Backlinks

    High quality permanent article backlinks will improve your website rankings. As a result you’ll get more traffic and increase your earnings. Guest post backlinks are considered 100% natural as they’re surrounded with content related to your business.

  • Boost Your Brand Awareness,
    Traffic and Sales

    Getting guest bloggers to write your product reviews and place sponsored guest posts on their website is a sure way to promote your brand. Buying guest articles from niche blogs ensures you get relevant visitors to your website and improve your sales.

    Results You Can Achieve With Sponsored Guest Posts

    • 7x better brand awareness

    • Up to 434% more indexed pages

    • 174% audience extension

    • Organic traffic increase by 10,500-22,500/mo

    • 10%-13% higher conversion rate

    We Do Guest Blogging for You

    • We develop advanced filters and checklists to sort publishers’ websites

    • We find the most relevant platforms, guest posting sites and top-notch publishers

    • We negotiate with guest bloggers until they agree to place the content you need with backlinks to your site

    • We’re always on your side in case you encounter any difficulties

    • We check the content’s correspondence to your requirements

    • We double-check that the task is created in compliance with our high standards

    • Our system regularly verifies the content’s presence on the publisher’s website

    • We make sure the backlinks to your website are present and work properly

    • Secure

    • Satisfaction

    • Privacy

    Website Owners and Marketers Are Using Adsy to:

    • Improve rankings by obtaining backlinks surrounded by relevant content

    • Increase both organic and referral traffic

    • Save budget and time by outsourcing content production and distribution

    • Raise brand awareness through guest posts

    • Get relevant and high-quality backlinks to your websites

    • Boost conversion rates and sales due to better rankings, quality traffic, and overall trust improvements

    • Attract active readers who like, share, and comment on the content on their websites

    • Reach out to target audiences byw getting posts on the most relevant websites

    • Find new target audience opportunities

    • Will all guest blog posts be relevant to my niche?

      You can browse our open inventory to find the blogs that are relevant to your business by using various filters (including country, niche, DA and price).

    • Can I see the guest blogs where you’ll place my articles before I buy?

      Absolutely. With Adsy you can review all blog pages before you purchase the post.

    • How are guest post prices set?

      All prices in our open inventory are set by publishers themselves.

    • Can I communicate with a publisher directly if I have any specific requirements?

      Yes. Once you create your order (by choosing a publisher in our inventory) you can specify any task requirements and communicate with the publisher directly via our messages tab.

    • Do I have to write the guest posts or will you write them for me?

      With Adsy you can do either. If you choose “Content creation and placement” publishers will create the guest posts and place them on their website with no additional fees (the price you’ll see in the inventory is final). If you choose “Content Placement” you’ll have to provide the creatives for the publisher.

    • Which payment methods do you accept?

      At the moment you can make payments via PayPal and with credit cards. The minimum amount of money you can add to your balance is 25 USD.

    • What if I don’t find relevant bloggers in your inventory?

      If you don’t find a relevant guest blogger - you can create a Custom order and we’ll reach out to the most appropriate platforms in your niche for you.

    15 reasons why your competitors are using our link building services

    • Real active guest blogs with traffic

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    • From $14 per 1 article+backlink

    • Friendly support team

    Customers’ Reviews
    Trevor Meyer

    We ordered a series of sponsored posts to be placed on blogs about real estate. After the first two guest posts ordered with Adsy, referral traffic to our website got 37% higher. Now, after 10 sponsored blog posts ordered, we have dozens of frequent visitors who comment on and share the info about us. I highly recommend Adsy to SME owners.

    Trevor Meyer
    Alyson Rands

    I wanted Adsy to find some bloggers to mention my online jewelry shop. After using their guest posts service together with other content marketing tactics I noticed that traffic to my site grew from 10,500 to 22,500 visitors a month. What’s more, my website now ranks better in search engines for relevant keywords. It’s still on page 2, but I hope to get to the top 10 soon.

    Alyson Rands
    Benjamin Wall

    Adsy helped our airline aggregator website attract new visitors by publishing paid blog posts. We finally found quality blogs that accept guest posts to place the backlinks on, and now are getting a decent backlink profile and moving to the top of the first page in search engines. 47% larger audience - this is our result after 15 excellent guest blog posts.

    Benjamin Wall
    Dave Shawny

    I regularly research new services to buy guest posts, as I manage many clients at once. At Adsy, I not only found the variety of guest blogging options but a great convenience in terms of the workflow. Dealing with 20+ sites is no longer a problem, as I have all the data and communication in one place.

    Dave Shawny
    Jennifer Rosenthal

    Three years of managing my business site’s link building taught me that quality guest posts is by far the most effective way to improve rankings and get measurable results in both SEO and sales. Thanks to Adsy publishers my site moved from 26th to 3rd place on Google for some essential keywords.

    Jennifer Rosenthal

    8 Guarantees of Safe Guest Blogging

    • Publishers’ sites are relevant to your business niche

    • The websites meet all of our high quality requirements

    • Text is written and proofread by native speakers

    • The content covers the topic and includes the keywords you need

    • The content contains the backlinks you specify

    • The content is placed as a new post on a publisher’s website

    • Internal links on a publisher’s website point to your content

    • The content you order is indexed by search engines

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