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How to Increase Traffic and Get Paid to Blog

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Get Paid To Blog

Assuming you have a blog and you'll eventually come up with the idea that it would be awesome to get paid for what you do. Making money via online blogging is becoming popular day by day. A personal blog is something that can be easily turned into a profitable business. Besides, it is really a very interesting occupation.

One of the basic things you have to achieve before attracting someone who is ready to pay for your posts is to draw as many people as possible. No one is interested in a blogger, who has seven subscribers, yet the audience of seven thousand is an asset you can monetize. Thus, to start earning, you make sure your amount of subscribers and followers instantly grows.

The main trick here is to produce excellent content that will help you to stand out among the rest of the blogs. You have to choose your niche and become an expert in it, and that will guarantee the increase of subscribers and followers. Besides, you ensure that you publish content on a regular basis. Thus, people will expect new pieces of content from you and subscribe more willingly.

For more details, check the article "How to Start a Blog and Get Paid" on our website. There you will find a step by step guide on how to promote your blog from scratch and what to do in order to attract and keep your audience. And here we will speak of the ways to make people pay you for your texts, aside from increasing the amount of traffic.

BLOG AND MONEYSo, let's imagine you already have a blog. You fill it with engaging content and see your amount of subscribers is growing. Now you have to turn this assets into something that will help you to pay your bills. We've gathered all the useful tips that every blogger – whether a professional one or wannabe – should know.

Get paid for blogging with these proven techniques

Join a contest

Your best way to drive more traffic to your blog while attracting investors and even new subscribers is to run a contest with a noteworthy prize. It is quite popular among bloggers, yet it is not always clear how you can be paid in such a manner. The answer is that you should be the one selling tickets for this event.

Moreover, event organizers are constantly looking for influencers to promote their event, so you can take the initiative and contact them first. This way you can make money by selling tickets, signing a promotional contract and attracting sponsorship.

Finally, you can become an event organizer yourself! To run a blog you have to be an expert, thus you can share your expertise via training, seminar or lecture. It will help people to know more about you and to drive lots of traffic to your blog.

Attract sponsors

It is one of the most secure ways to get instant cash-flow to your pockets through your blog. But attracting sponsors can be quite tricky. Usually, there are two ways to get a sponsor.

  1. It is either they find you,
  2. Or you find them.

And we cannot say for sure what is easier. On the one hand, some engaging blog filled with regularly updated trending content will definitely attract attention. Companies like to cooperate with bloggers working on the same field they do.

On the other hand, when looking for a sponsorship, you have to be persistent. Even if your blog still lacks some advantageous content, you, eventually, can find a company that is willing to invest some money in your development. In this case, negotiate the terms of financial aid thoroughly as there is always a chance to lose sponsorship if they don't like what you do.

Anyway, you have to make sure your advertising capabilities are good enough to fill the requirements of your potential sponsors and regarded as an authoritative resource.

To ease your searches of a sponsor, you can do the following:

  • Add the "About us" page to increase the credibility of your resource;
  • Make a special page for sponsors to simplify your communication with them;
  • Emphasize the number of your subscribers to prove the investments in your blog won't go in vain;
  • Make sure your tone of voice corresponds to the topic;
  • If you want to attract a specific sponsor, add links to their website.

Another great idea is to add your blog to Adsy base, thus you'll guarantee yourself a constant flow of sponsorship offers. We work with numerous companies and will inevitably find a sponsor for your blog.

Affiliate advertisement

If you are promoting your personal skills, services or even product, you can attract financing by adding affiliate text links to your content. When users read about your product, they will be able to follow the link to your website at the moment they become curious.

Of course, you should add links to the right words, since they should fit into the context and be relevant. And, by the way, this is one good way to promote a product of your sponsor, so you can combine this method with attracting sponsorship.

This method is often underestimated, yet the outcome can be more than surprising. Usually, this is how you can increase the number of users buying your product. Besides, it is an excellent way to reroute additional traffic to your website.

Finally, if you add the links into some manual, it will create a literal chain of purchases, because, having read step by step guide, users feel like trying themselves. The guide can also be a list of profits, thus inspiring people to make an unplanned purchase.

Direct sales

As mentioned before, your expertise can become your main product. If you are good at something, you can think of teaching people to do it, or compose a book of your blog posts, or create a personal e-book. Whatever you can turn your experience into – just sell it! If it is worth it, people will gladly buy everything you have to offer. And do not limit yourself to texts.

A good artist can make an album of photos or paintings. And if you are good at skating, you can make a series of video manuals on how to perform various tricks. Here are some ideas on how to pack your expertise into a digital product:

  • Compose an e-book – sell them, give for free in exchange for a share, email address or a link;
  • Online courses or training – sell it as a book, an album or even as access to an online conference;
  • Application – it always can be added to any online app store;
  • Mobile game – never gets old and will always be popular among users;
  • Photo album, video pack, or music collection – great things to sell online via a blog.

If you prefer to sell your product, make sure not all the texts in your blog will be about it. People are attracted by some useful, engaging or fun information, and if they don't see it in your blog, they will start to leave. Thus, you will start losing your subscribers.

Make sure your selling offers will not annoy your audience.

Pay-Per-Click advertisement

More widely known as PPC, this sort of advertisement means the advertiser will pay for every click on the banner or a link. It means all you have to do is to allow to put a specific banner on your website or write blog posts with incorporated links within the text. You can even directly ask your subscribers to click the link.

Another value of PPC for you is that it can increase the traffic to your blog, because it will be attended by the people, looking for the product you advertise in this PPC. Placing PPC on your blog will bring you more or less stable income, even if your blog is still being developed. Of course, the higher the conversion rate and the bigger your subscribers base is, the more income you'll get.

pay per click

And, by the way, the setting and customization of PPC advertisement block will take just a few minutes, and you don't even have to know how to code. After placing a PPC banner, you can forget about it, just asking your subscribers to click it from time to time.

Guest posting

Sometimes your blog can be merely a start for you as an expert. After you've developed your reputation as a niche expert, you can offer your services as a guest blogger or outsource expert to any company that operates in your field. There are more than average chances they'll gladly accept your offer providing you with a stable income.

Moreover, you can negotiate a right to add links to your own blog in all the guest posts, thus increasing the traffic of your website.

Leaving guest posts, you can provide your audience with links to them in your blog. That is how you can increase the credibility of your website as well as your authority. It will raise your blog on the search engines result page, so, if done right, you can make sure your name is tightly associated with the specific niche you work in.

Banners and widgets

If you allow adding an affiliate banner or a widget to your blog, you, in fact, don't have to do anything at all. The advertiser will pay you just for the right to add those banners. Of course, the more audience you have, the better your income will be, so your job here is to work hard on increasing the number of subscribers and followers.

And do not forget to place the relevant banners, because that's how your audience can get annoyed very quickly if you force them to look at the advertisement of something that's absolutely not from your field.

Another advantage of using banners is that you have full control over them. In case something goes wrong, you can always turn them off or adjust them the way you like. Supplement them with links for maximum effect, and, when cooperating with some company, make reviews for their products from time to time.

Yet, try to be honest, because people always feel when you lie to them.


It doesn't really matter what your blog is about. To make some money on it, you generally, can turn it into commercial product. Attract visitors with engaging content, build their trust by regular updates of some useful information, provide them with relevant products or services, and don't forget to offer presents in exchange for their emails. All you have to do is to work hard on content and make sure you offer people something valuable.

Got any other ideas on how to get paid for your blog? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!

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