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Do you possess a well-established website database that counts tens if not hundreds of sites available for guest posting? Then register as a publisher, add your sites to inventory, and get clients fastly & easily with Adsy!

See How It Works
  • Register as a publisher and choose the “List of websites” option to add multiple sites.

  • Pass moderation and get an email notification. Then you’ll be able to set prices and choose a category for each site.

  • Receive the task for content placement or content creation & placement.

  • Check if the task fits you, and accept it if everything is okay. After this, you get the funds reserved on your balance.

  • Publish a guest post and after it’s online, send the URL to your client.

  • Get approval from the client (or automatic approval after 14 days). Then your funds move from reserved to main balance and become available for withdrawal.

  • Withdraw your earnings easily via PayPal.

Our guarantees:
  • You are the one to set prices for your services. We take only a 7.9% commission during withdrawal

    4% is PayPal’s commission, and 3.9% the one from Adsy.

  • You can reject an article placement. That ensures you publish only content that fits you.
  • You can communicate with the buyer within our service. That eases and speeds up all processes.
  • You can count on our client support service or arbitrage when any controversy arises.

Earlier, you could hardly imagine you were able to get paid to blog and make money online, just sitting on your couch. But in times when you spend most of your time on the Internet, you can use this web space to make a living. 

Today, people write about anything they want and get paid to blog. So, if you are eager to write articles from home and make money on it, discover how to get paid to write a blog even about your life or anything you are into.

Here we will guide you through the concept of using your interests and writing skills to create and sustain the money inflow. Read on to learn how to build and launch your website and get paid for what you love.

How To Create Your Income-Earning Blog

Get a website for free, run it with pleasure by writing about anything that inspires you, and get paid to blog regularly - sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? However, that is the reality of thousands of people who decided to turn their hobbies into a stable source of income.

The best thing about the world of blogging is that you can write literally about anything. Whether it is about your life, recipes, cars, crocheting, or roofing - any topic that is close to you will find its audience. So how can you get paid to blog? 

First, design your website. In 2022, WordPress works as one of the top choices for those who want to get paid to blog. It powers over 40% of all websites you can find on the Internet. WordPress is a free, open, and flexible system that allows you to create the website of your dreams, fully customizable. Feel free to get creative and design a space that aligns with your ambitious ideas.

Second, build and grow your authority. Your results and the amount of money you get with blogging depend drastically on your website’s performance. The better you fulfill this step, the more effectively will the next strategies work. Here is what you can do first to drive more traffic to your blog:

  • Know your target audience and use your content to satisfy their interests and solve their problems.
  • Take care of the quality of your content, make it informative, useful, engaging, and comprehensive.
  • Complement the information in your blog with visual elements.
  • Create unique content that is easy to consume and share (including a user-friendly design interface).
  • Learn and implement the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Promote your content on various platforms.

Third, monetize your blog. To write content that works for you, there is no need to move mountains. In 2022, multiple tactics are actionable for everyone who wants to work online and get paid to blog. We have gathered the best of them and compiled the 4 most effective tactics of blog monetization.

How To Get Paid To Blog: 4 Proven Ways

1. Be Open To Guest Posting & Link Building 

Whether they are newbies or pros, bloggers all around the globe appreciate the opportunities for link building. This tactic allows them to get visible for Google and improve their rankings, and they all hunt for authoritative websites to buy a backlink or guest post there.

As a publisher, you can enjoy all benefits of guest posting and link building, too. On the one hand, you can fill your website with additional quality content. You can also improve the lives of your readers by advertising products that would be useful for them. On the other hand, every guest post or a backlink on your website will have its price.

How much will you get from this kind of blog monetization? Generally, people pay from $50 to $200-300 for a guest post. Depending on the website’s performance, blog hosts occasionally get up to $1000 per post. 

2. Let Google Help You

Another way to earn some income online by getting paid to blog is by adopting Google AdSense in your strategy. Just create an AdSense account, add a piece of code on your web page, and then your visitors will see an ad banner there.

This system works on a cost-per-click basis, so you will get from $1 per click on an ad on your website. In 2022, Google places ads of the content on your blog or based on the visitors’ previous searches. In such a way, targeted ads increase your chances to earn more on this simple strategy.

3. Participate In Affiliate Programs 

Whether you run a blog to sell your products or simply to share content, you can become an affiliate marketer to get paid to blog. Your role here is to advertise other brands’ goods to your audience.

All you need to do is to accept the partners’ offer to publish their product or a review of their service or product in a way that would catch the attention and interest of your readers. People follow the link and pay for the promoted product or service, and you will get a partnership fee (usually, 2.5-5% or higher). 

4. Get the Process Automated

Each of the listed tactics has its advantages, but all of them require your effort and have possible risks for you. To avoid them, you can choose a service that provides a publisher’s toolkit to automate the lion’s share of monetization work. 

Using Adsy, you will have a bunch of work done thanks to a clear and safe system for buyers and publishers. Choose the content you want to place on your website or create and place it on your blog to earn money on it. With full control over your content and prices, you can enjoy all the benefits of paid content writing without taking any risks.

Start Your Journey

Blog monetization is all about interaction with other bloggers and business owners and keeping up with the latest trends of digital marketing. No wonder that many people spend considerable time getting paid to blog and invest great effort as if it were their main source of income. 

With Adsy, you can automate this complex process and still enjoy the benefits of making money on what you enjoy and admire. It is hard to burn out when you get sufficient support from professionals, so you will surely enjoy your passion and inspiration to its fullest.

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