Created on August 28, 2023 | Updated on February 7, 2024

Get Backlinks From Medium That Can Improve Your Rankings

Backlinks from Medium

Backlinks from Medium are considered a big deal even though they do not have a direct impact on search rankings. In the context of SEO and digital marketing, backlinks are one of the main ingredients for presenting your blog or online store to the right audience. Still, the effectiveness of this tactic will depend on how well you play your cards.


Got some questions? We’ve got you covered.

Are Medium backlinks still worth it in 2024?

Medium backlinks pack a lot of punch when it comes to driving referral traffic to targeted sites. The best part is their cost. They are less costly than many other types of backlinks, while they also indirectly boost your site’s credibility. How? Lots of people use Medium to check non-salesy value-driven content. This means you can build trust for your brand by doing the same. Besides, since Medium posts do appear in search results, you might use this perk to get people to discover your website.

Can guest posts from Medium help my brand grow?

As Medium is one of the most popular online publishing platforms, its backlinks are a good opportunity to create a buzz around your brand. With each Medium guest post, you are strategically positioning your brand as the authority or main character in your niche. It is also a great way to meet other people in your niche and related industries who you might want to reach out to for backlinks. The end result for you is sustainable brand growth and more sales.

How hard is it to get quality backlinks from Medium for my SEO?

Though you can’t consider Medium backlinks dofollow, since they do not really transfer any link equity, you still shouldn’t underestimate them. A couple of quality backlinks from Medium can really boost your natural backlink profile, and that’s in addition to other benefits. The only thing is that you need a carefully crafted strategy to really get the most out of it. Otherwise, you can end up putting in so much effort for a very negligible result.

What’s the easiest and most reliable way to get the best Medium backlinks?

If you want to skip the uncertainties and stress that come with Medium backlinks building while not compromising quality, you'll need to have a specific kind of skills. You'll also require time on your hands, which might be even more difficult depending on your business type. Most people bypass the entire what-ifs by simply outsourcing the tasks to expert providers.

How do I get an expert service provider?

Trying to find a service provider who has the right blend of experience to get the required turnaround doesn't need to be difficult. You just have to leverage the Adsy Marketplace to find your SEO service provider. The filter options help you really narrow down the criteria so you get the right candidate. You also have the option to use the message feature to vet potential candidates and establish common ground before you even sign up.

What perks does Adsy Marketplace offer?

When we were creating Adsy Marketplace, we had three main objectives in mind – vast variety, proper quality, and a result-driven approach. Looking at the feedback we get from our clients, that’s something we managed to do. One of the best things is that you either get the results you expected (maybe even better) or you receive your money back. As simple as that. So, trying to work with us won’t hurt your wallet.

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