Created on August 23, 2023 | Updated on February 7, 2024

Find the Best Directories for Backlinks

Directory backlinks

Web directory backlinks are one of the perfect techniques to drive organic traffic to your website and boost your search rankings. You just must submit your site to some of these online resources, and if you're listed, you gain a quality dofollow link that leads prospective customers to your web page. But all directories are not created equal, and finding the ones that will promise you quick results can be more tricky than you think. 


Got some questions? We’ve got you covered. 

What are the best backlink directories in 2024? 

Since directories can play a huge role in shaping your search rankings and online visibility, you want to ensure that you're only going with the best. But which ones are those? You might be thinking of big names like Yelp, Google My Business, etc, but there are tons of options out there. The best directories for backlinks are those that can boast high traffic, good trust scores, high DR, clear guidelines, and policies that are transparent. Of course, you'll find that several of them may require some form of payment before you can get listed. 

Can I submit my site numerous times to get more web directory backlinks?

You may be thinking that the more backlinks you get, the better, and you may reach even greater results by submitting your site to directories not once, but multiple times. Although it may seem logical, the approach may backfire you. With web directory backlinks, excessive submissions can lead to serious penalties. After all, it looks like trying to manipulate search rankings. However, you can and should submit to more than one directory. Just be sure you're not doing this on low-quality or spammy directories. Remember to keep a balance so you don't cross the line of too many submissions.

How do I spot worthless backlinks?

The truth is there will be tons of those online, especially if you're hoping to reach mostly free web directories and the cheapest you can find. Keep your eyes open for web directory backlinks that are not relevant to your niche, as those will be worthless to you. Check out the review process for the directory, and if they appear to let anyone sign up, then it’s possible that you are not going to get many benefits from being listed there. When in doubt, seek the assistance of an experienced service provider.

How do I find the best backlinks directories for an affordable price? 

It's not a problem to find different types of directories online. All you have to do is use Google. The only problem is that there's no way of knowing if you're looking at a reputable source or taking a big gamble. So, those in the know opt for a different method. By going to the Adsy Marketplace, you can concentrate more on your goals instead of trying to figure out how to spot fake and spammy directories. Adsy gives you easy access to many credible service providers, including the ones that will help you find the best backlinks directories submission list and handle every part of the task for you.

Is Adsy Marketplace affordable and trustworthy?

Quality can never be too cheap, but it doesn’t mean it has to be unaffordable, either. This is the idea behind the services of Adsy Marketplace. So, while you may not use a quality backlinks directory for the price of a cup of coffee, you also do not have to break the bank to see tangible, measurable results within a short time. Our service providers are ready to work within the budget you have to help you achieve the SEO goals of your brand.

What do I need to do after my Adsy service provider gets the directory backlinks?

If you're using a third party to submit your website to credible directories, congratulations – you're already on the right track. But there's still one more thing you should do every time. Always track the progress of your submissions and keep a record of dates and approval status so that it will be easy for you to fix any issue that may come up in the future. You must monitor your links, too, and you want to ensure that they're still active. This proactiveness is essential if you hope to build a successful backlinks profile.

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