Created on August 28, 2023 | Updated on March 15, 2024

Get High-DR Press Release Backlinks for SEO

Press Release Backlinks

Press release backlinks are links from genuine news sites, online magazines, and websites with real journalists. Lots of businesses struggle with getting the right publicity, but not everyone can get their sites on the news for the right reasons. Worse, there are different kinds of press release backlinks, and they don’t all have the same benefits. How do you know the difference? Keep reading to find out.


Got some questions? We’ve got you covered.

Why are press release backlinks so valuable for SEO?

Generally, good news sites make posts regularly, get tons of visitors frequently and also have better search rankings. PR backlinks are great for increasing the visibility of your content, protecting your brand reputation, driving referral traffic to your website, and building citations for local SEO. So, a couple of press release backlinks are not only good for brand exposure but can have a positive impact on your SEO.

What kinds of PR backlinks are not good for SEO?

Not every news site ticks all the boxes for a good backlink. For example, avoid news sites with tons of automated posts riddled with ads and those with bots instead of real human visitors. You know, the kind that churns out hundreds of clickbaity articles or badly researched articles just to get clicks is also a poor choice. Usually, people catch on to these tricks and start avoiding them.

Any backlinks you get from these sites will not help your search rankings. Chances are that the referral traffic you get is likely from bots, and this can trigger the search engine algorithm to blacklist your site.

Are all press release backlinks dofollow?

Not always. When media outlets and websites publish articles about press releases and link to your website, you get incredibly valuable dofollow backlinks, which are essential for SEO. Still, this rarely happens, as most news sites and media outlets use nofollow links. But this does not mean they can't benefit your SEO efforts and help your website ranking.

Many visitors do click on the hyperlink to learn more, and this means more referral traffic for you. If they love what they see and share those links, that's a bonus for your backlink profile. Discoverability results in more traffic.

Can I use only press release backlinks to boost my business?

Press release backlinks from reputable high-domain sites are like the holy grail of links. But even the best types of backlinks need good sidekicks, and that’s exactly what happens with your backlinks profile. Much like balanced diets, you need a good combination of the different types of backlinks, preferably high-quality, to create an impressive, strong, natural backlinks profile that has a positive impact on your search rankings and web performance.

Can press release backlinks help my new business generate leads?

Press releases can serve as a great way for new or established businesses to generate leads and drum up publicity for new product launches or events. You are able to reach and target hundreds or thousands of people at once. Even big brands still rely on this approach to create a buzz for their new products or services. But remember that you'll need to ensure you are using media sites that get the right pull to achieve the best results. Most people use special services like Adsy to get the desired outcome.

How do I buy press release backlinks cheaply?

It takes a lot of hours and effort to pull off the kind of press release backlinks that bring the maximum benefits like increased traffic, leads, conversions, etc. But if you utilize the expertise of a credible service provider from the Adsy Marketplace, you'll be able to see the results you desire quickly and affordably. What’s more? The safety measures in place guarantee that you are able to get satisfactory results or a full refund.

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