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SEO blog posting is one of the leading methods of homepage promotion. Adsy blog posting service offers you the best conditions to submit a guest post. There, you will find moderate prices, a wide range of topics from business and digital marketing to fitness and health. Choose any of the listed platforms and send your text to one of the best blog posting services. 

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Blog posting effectiveness 

Blog advertising has a number of advantages. The most prominent benefit is its outcome. A blog is a personal online diary and readers trust everything that an owner publishes in it. Even an ordinary post at the end of the main text can bring in many targeted visitors. That is a good reason to submit a blog post on such a platform. Therefore, the blogosphere is an excellent platform for various advertising campaigns.

The ability to comment, expressing your opinion about what has been written, makes blogs highly visited platforms on the Internet. Various studies and developments have shown that the audience of blogs that deal with products, mostly consists of those segments of the population that belong to the financially sound groups of consumers. 

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Why you should consider submitting a blog post

A guest post differs from an advertising post in that it is ordered, or rather offered, by some bloggers to others. Guest post is a special kind of article written on the topic of the blog where it is posted, which is sent by a third-party author.

The main purpose of writing a guest post is, first of all, to attract a new audience that has not read your blog before. After all, if your post is written interestingly and vividly and contains useful information, then, with a high probability, readers will go to your blog and see what else you can write. In addition, it is considered a common courtesy, when the author of the post responds to the comments of the audience. Thus, having the opportunity to establish new connections and draw attention to your personality.

Typically, bloggers use different social networks to promote their resources and have their own circle of communication within it. Naturally, they will post announcements of the upcoming articles. This way, even more people will learn about your talent and, hopefully, will visit your blog. Well, if it contains decent information, then they will become your regular subscribers. 

Adsy provides you with the opportunity to submit blog posts to the best Google blogs. It is another chance to increase the link mass. Since you only are in charge of creating the content, nothing prevents you from inserting a couple of links in the text to give some information about your blog. Naturally, you should implement a reasonable approach.

How to write a good guest post 

Guest posting is a highly effective way to promote any web platform. In order to get the most out of this, your copy must be properly written. The best option is to share your own experience about the topic you will be writing about. Try sharing some problems you have faced, along with possible solutions. However, do not try to impress the readers by sounding book-smart: they are looking for real-life stories! Provide clear, understandable, and easily applicable instructions. Let us reveal the subtleties of writing such a text:

  • Use common words. If you want people to be able to read and understand your message quickly, then try writing as clearly as possible;
  • Write thorough posts with practical tips. When you have your topic, sit down and write down all the steps to achieving your goal. Then repeat, working through them in more and more detail.
  • Insert links. Add lots of internal and external references to your text. Bloggers do not mind it.
  • Create a discussion. Ask questions throughout your post that will encourage readers to think and answer.
  • Prove that you are competent. Fill your post with research and statistics that support your point of view and show readers that you are an expert on the subject.
  • Create eye-catching titles. Finally, concentrate on creating truly compelling headlines. So far, this is the most important detail. 

It is also worth taking some time to optimize your texts for search engines. Choose one or two queries for your post. Preferably, it should be of low frequency. Even despite the fact that the main traffic will go to another blog, there are still links to yours. The visitors who come to the homepage where you posted the guest post will go to you. So, the time that you spend on SEO optimization will pay off with an influx of your guest article’s readers.

There is another point worth mentioning - write for the target audience of a blog you are cooperating with. These are the people who, one way or another, will rate your post. Read a couple of the most popular blogs on the liked platform and start creating suitable content.

How to submit a guest post to Adsy 

Having done the procedure of signing up for our service, you can start looking for a blog. In our platforms collection, you will find the following topics: 

  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Wedding
  • Mommy and child
  • Government
  • Ecommerce
  • Finance

The system contains exclusively high-quality sites with real traffic. By virtue of convenient filters by country, language, category, traffic, and SEO parameters it is easy to select the one suitable for sending articles. As a result, you get not only valid SEO references that will enhance your rating position, but also affect targeted traffic. In addition, you order advertising of your product on thematic sites for moderate prices.

Eventually, the submission of a guest post is not just about promotion. This is your investment in the forthcoming results. You present yourself as a specialist in the chosen topic. The main advantage of these posts is that once you spend time on proper writing, you reach the desired goal. It should be appropriate and useful for those who will read it. Only in this case, you can get a rewarding outcome.

What You Get Using Adsy
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    Get DA40+ sites to link back to you and bring you organic as well as referral traffic.

  • Boosted amount of referral traffic

    Up to 80% referral traffic boost by placing blog posts about your company on the most relevant websites.

  • Increased number of customers

    Direct sales and expanded target audience thanks to creating and placing content on relevant resources.

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